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Ubuntu AndroidU1 0.4.4b available for testing


  • Will it cost me money?
    • The software is free, however if you are not using WiFi connection, carrier charges may apply.

  • I had one of previous versions of AndroidU1. Do I have to uninstall it before I install a newer version?

    • If you have been using one of pre-alpha or alpha versions, yes -- it is advisable.
    • You don't need to uninstall previous version, unless stated otherwise.
      • However, if you'd like to see all changes in detail, a fresh install will do great.
  • The spinner is spinning, but nothing is happening, what should I do?
    • Unless you're downloading a bigger file, which may take time, you can navigate to Menu > Stop sync and try again.

    • If that doesn't help, check Ubuntu One Service Status - file sync can temporarily be down.

  • After 'Fetching items' I see 'No items', but I know some of my files are there!
    • It may happen that you'll see 'No items' for a short bit before your items will start loading, but it could happen only in rare cases, such as slow connection or high server load.
  • I downloaded a file, but AndroidU1 removed it by itself! Why is that?

    • Since AndroidU1 yet doesn't support sync, when it verifies that a file you have previously downloaded has been changed (say, on your PC), it doesn't want you to open it's old version. That is why it removes the file in order to download an up-to-date version when you want to open it next time.

  • Why doesn't AndroidU1 show hidden files?

    • There's an issue with short-living temporary swap files of programs, we're looking into it. That is why AndroidU1 doesn't show hidden files.

  • What is the Send logs option in Settings screen?

    • If you have any problems with AndroidU1 and install LogCollector, you can provide me with valuable logs that will help to pinpoint your problem and fix it in future vesions of AndroidU1! Thanks for your support!

  • My question has not been listed here, I need help.
    • Feel free to email me from Menu > Settings > Contact developer

    • or join us on IRC (i) #androidu1 on irc.freenode.net (or click here to join using your browser).

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