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Greetings Ubuntu-ites!

I'm Scott (a/k/a angrykeyboarder).

Linux Experience

I've been a Linux user and enthusiast (on and off) since 1999. I started first with Mandrake (now Mandriva), then RedHat and SuSE. Then I went on a "hiatus" for a few years came back in 2004 starting off on Fedora Core 3 and after that, Ubuntu (and Kubuntu) Hoary followed by Breezy. I've also experimented with Debian (etch with lots of sid packages) and Fedora Core 4 in the past few months (as of late November 2005). That just reinforced what a great distribution Ubuntu is.

I'm not a coder or programmer, but I seem to be able to answer newbie questions quite well and try to help out when I can (forums, mailing lists etc).

I'm currently running Breezy (with ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-desktop and Fluxbox). I spend most of my time in either GNOME or KDE. I can't decide which of the two I like better, so I decided not to decide. Wink ;-) I do also dual-boot with Windows XP Professional because well...there are a few things that Windows still does better and I actually hold no ill will toward the OS. It's pretty good actually. But the geek in me likes the flexibility you get with Linux.

My Box

Speaking of Dual-Booting. I'm dual booting on My ABS "Ultimate M5" PC. The specs of which can be found [ here]

Wiki Contributions

Other Community Contributions

I'm a regular on these mailing lists:

And in the [ web forum] as well.


Computers, Software, Internet, Theatre, Music, Politics, Current Events, Commercial Aviation. I blog/journal quite a bit. You will find links to my various blogs/journals on my [ web site].

Place of Employment

I am presently unemployed but eventully I hope to go to school and get some training and/or a degree in the IT field. I'd like to work in said field in some capacity (what I'm not sure). Most of my previous work experience has been in the travel/call center industry.

Contact Info

  • Email: angrykeyboarder
  • Yahoo: angrykeyboarder
  • MSN: angrykeyboarder
  • AIM: angrykeyboarder
  • Jabber: angrykeyboarder
  • GoogleTalk: angrykeyboarder

  • ICQ: 277439129
  • Website:

  • IRC: angrykeyboarder or angrykeys


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