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  * Email: [mailto:geekboy geekboy AT angrykeyboarder DOT com]
  * Yahoo!: angrykeyboarder
  * Windows Live (MSN): angrykeyboarder
  * Email: geekboy AT angrykeyboarder DOT com]
  * Jabber: angrykeyboarder, angrykeyboarder & angrykeyboarder
Yahoo! Messenger: angrykeyboarder
  * Windows Live (MSN) Messenger: angrykeyboarder
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  * Jabber: angrykeyboarder, angrykeyboarder & angrykeyboarder
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  * Skype: angrykeyboarder
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  * Website: []
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=== World Wide Web ===
  * Main Website: []
  * (Primary) Weblog: []
  * Numerous [ other places]

Greetings K/X/Ed/Ubuntu-ites!

I'm Scott (a/k/a angrykeyboarder).

Linux Experience

I've been a Linux user and enthusiast (on and off) since 1999. I started first with [ Mandrake] (now known as [ Mandriva]), then [ RedHat] and [ SUSE]. Then I went on a "hiatus" for a few years came back in 2004 starting off on [ Fedora Core 3] and after that, [ Ubuntu] and [ Kubuntu] Hoary and have upgraded to every new version since. I have also used [ Debian] (both [ "Unstable" -a/k/a: "sid"] and [ Testing)] ) and [ Fedora] in recent times.

This all just reinforces what a great distribution (K)Ubuntu is. Although the geek in me likes to toy around, so I'll probably end up adding something later to the mix. Regardless, I can't see myself abandoning Ubuntu/Kubuntu. There is too much going for it. Frankly one of the best things is the unbeatable community. They are great.

I'm not a coder or programmer, but I enjoy answering new users' questions and try to help out when I can in the [ forums] and on the [ mailing lists] (and a bit less often on the IRC channels).

I have also begun dabbling in compiling Linux software from source code and building Debian (Ubuntu) packages (allthough I admit to "cheating" with [ "CheckInstall"] Wink ;) ).

As of this writing (28 May 2007) I'm running Feisty (with Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu desktops installed). I spend most of my time in either KDE and GNOME. I can't decide which of the two I like better, so I decided not to decide. Wink ;-) I would say that I do generally lean toward KDE. I also dual-boot with [ Windows Vista Ultimate] (upgraded from XP in February 2007) because well...there are a few things that Windows still does better and I actually hold no ill will toward the OS. It's pretty good actually (shh..keep that on the DL. It goes [ against the grain] of a lot of Linux people)..

I've never used an Operating System that I didn't (dis)like. Smile :)

In any event, the geek in me likes the flexibility you get with Linux. I spent more of my computer time in Linux than Windows.

My Box

Speaking of dual-booting, this is the [ box] I'm talking about.

And knowing me, I may end up with another couple of Linux distros, FreeBSD & (Open)Solaris on it as well (when I get around to it Wink ;) ). Besides, I have got more hard drive space than I know what to do with (and I keep adding more).

Launchpad Teams

[ Arizona LoCo],[ Bugsquad],[ Kubuntu Users] & [ Xubuntu Users].

I am not on the Ubuntu Users team because it is for official Ubuntu Members. I am not (yet) an Ubuntu member.

Wiki Contributions

Other Community Contributions

I am a regular on these mailing lists:

And in the [ web forum] as well.


Computers, Software, Internet, Theatre, Music, Politics, Current Events, [ Commercial Aviation]. I blog/journal quite a bit (although I go through phases were I'm not in the mood.). You will find links to some of my various blogs/journals and so forth on my [ web site] (which I desperately need to update).

Since this is a Wiki, that reminds me, probably the best "bio" I have on the [ Internets™] at the moment is on [ Wikipedia]. It is my [ User Page].

My Job (or lack thereof)

I am presently unemployed (for reasons you can read about on my [ Wikipedia Page] but eventually I hope to go to school and get some training and/or a degree in the IT field. I'd like to work in said field in some capacity (I am nmot sure what I would be doing at this point). Most of my previous work experience (20 years worth) has been in the travel/call center industry. That is an industry I am no longer interested in (so IT Help Desks would be out of the question Smile :) ).

Contact Info

  • Email: geekboy AT angrykeyboarder DOT com]
  • Jabber: angrykeyboarder, angrykeyboarder & angrykeyboarder

  • Yahoo! Messenger: angrykeyboarder
  • Windows Live (MSN) Messenger: angrykeyboarder
  • AIM: angrykeyboarder
  • Google Talk: angrykeyboarder
  • Skype: angrykeyboarder
  • ICQ: 277439129
  • IRC: angrykeyboarder or angrykeys

World Wide Web


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