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||<rowbgcolor="#d9bb7a"> '''Name:''' || Aniol Garcia || || '''Name:''' || Aniol Garcia ||

About Me


Aniol Garcia





<aniolgarcia AT gmail DOT com>


aniogarcia on

Brief Description

I am a 15 years old autodidact Ubuntu user, and I'm a Free Software enthusiast. I began using Ubuntu when I get my first computer, near 4 years ago. Then, I installed Ubuntu myself, having no idea about technology (and I didn't destroy my windows partition!). Since then, I have learned a lot of new things: a bit of programming languages, a bit of network infrastructures, something about servers... and obviously, a lot about alternative operating systems, being Ubuntu my favorite one. As you can see, I also have been learning English, so, if you find any language mistakes, please report them to me!


I haven't got any contribution yet, but calm! Maybe in the future there will be some!

Well, I have some contributions in "divulgation" and "technical support" (such as installations and solving technical and non technical problems)

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