I, Ante Karamatić, apply for MOTU.


Ante Karamatic

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Who I am

I'm a 30 years old Linux sysadmin and all-around Linux guy. After working for others since 1999., I've started a small company providing Linux solutions in 2007. Now I work for a small, unknown company called Canonical. I live in Varaždin and on the island of Murter, but work in Zagreb. All three in Croatia. That's due the fact that I own another company, located on the mentioned island, completely unrelated to IT.

I've been Debian user since 1997., and Ubuntu user since 2004. I own an outdated RHCE and can say that I do have expertise for any Linux or BSD distribution. Windows, not so much.

My Ubuntu story

I'm an Ubuntu contributor since 2004. Real development work started in 2005., when I've contributed to ongoing C++ transition. I've also packaged wifi-radar and meta java package. Sine then I've concentrated on server related packages. I've joined Ubuntu Server team which then included just a handful of people. With time I've designed/worked on Ubuntu mail stack with Scott Kitterman, bacula backup system and numerous cluster related packages. Later I've took over maintaining cloud-live project. I've been a MOTU before, but due unfortunate series of events, my membership expired. Since then I've kind of postponed reapplying until now. Before expiring, I've had plans on applying for core dev or at least per-package rights.

My involvement

Ubuntu member since June 2005. founder and member of Croatian LoCo team since 2005. Member of Server team sine 2005. I became MOTU in 2005, but that membership expired in 2011, IIRC.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

I'm very happy with the state of cluster stack in Ubuntu. Except with packaging, I've been working with upstream on upstreaming some ubuntu/upstart related features. We also have close cooperation with Debian maintainers, and all of this work makes Ubuntu a viable cluster platform. This can be seen by the number of questions on LinuxHA mailing lists.

I'm also proud of mail stack, which brings completely working mail solution with a simple apt-get. All the hard work of configuring multiple services is done automatically, and everything is based on experience of multiple sysadmin that maintain mission-critical mail systems all over the world.

Cloud-live is another example, but I've just took over maintaining this project.

Areas of work

I've worked on cluster related packages with Andres Rodriguez and various server related packages with Chuck Short, Scott Kitterman, Soren Hansen and various others.

Things I could do better

Monitor expiring notifications and better organize my time Smile :)

Plans for the future


Pick up where I left of with mail stack - provide juju charms for different mail server scenarios. In general, come up with more 'all in one products/solutions' (like mail-stack), instead of bunch of services (like postfix, dovecot, amavis...).

What I like least in Ubuntu

I feel some of these all-in-one setups would provide added value for Ubuntu server. Every distribution has packages; having prepackaged products/solutions would lower the learning curve and expand Ubuntu market share on servers.


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Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

General feedback

Ante was a MOTU before and has been doing fantastic work in the server space since then. I would definitely trust him with MOTU and server upload rights.

Specific Experiences of working together

The only upload I sponsored 'recently' was the one below, but I remember we worked together before that.


General feedback

Ante has been around forever, was a MOTU in the past and has done a load of important server work. This should be a no-brainer. I have no reservations recommending he gets his upload privileges back.


General feedback

Ante has always been around and he was a MOTU before I even became one. In fact, he was my Mentor when I was in the process of earning. I've worked with him in several packaging aspects but mainly in the HA Cluster Stack. I strongly recommend him to get his upload privileges back.


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