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== Anthony Hook ==

Greetings, welcome to my Wiki. Here is a few ways you can get a hold of me.

 *Email: <<MailTo(anthony.hook3 AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)>>
 *IRC: h00k on
 *Personal site:
 *Launchpad site:

== About Me ==

I am a Junior at the University of Wisconsin - Superior studying Computer Science. I found Open Source in High School when my Intro to Programming teacher brought in a few Ubuntu CD's. It opened my eyes to free/open source software. Through some discussions at a company I worked for, a friend of mine convinced me to jump into FreeBSD from Windows XP. That day, I was compiling my own kernel (I needed SMP) and reading wiki's like we were running out of bandwidth. After falling in love with the Ports system, I decided to try something new and experiment with a few other distros over the years, but I find my loyalty with Ubuntu and always return.

== Current Memberships ==

 *Ubuntu Wisconsin LoCo Team
 *Awaiting approval at
 *Free Software Foundation

== Contributions ==

 *I have been an advocate around my University for Ubuntu and free/open source software.
 *I offer help and support on #ubuntu a few hours each week.
 *I have been quite successful in converting friends and family to Ubuntu.
 *In addition to converting them, I support their installs and educate them on its diverse nature, especially in an educational environment.

== Plans ==

I will start a Student Organization next semester (SFOSS - Students for Free/Open Source Software) on campus with the overall goal to educate and promote Ubuntu and the use of other open source software alternatives. In addition, I will advocate Free Software Day. I also plan to participate more on the Ubuntuforums and Launchpad.