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== Anthony Hook ==

//This picture is quite old.

Greetings, welcome to my Wiki. Here is a few ways you can get a hold of me.

 *Email: <<MailTo(anthony.hook3 AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)>>
 *Google Hangouts: <<MailTo(anthony.hook3 AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)>>
 *IRC: h00k on Freenode
 *Twitter: anthonyrhook
 *Personal site:
 *Launchpad site:
 *OpenPGP key: [[|A647A28B]] //I'm not sure I have the private key for this anymore. Contact me if you really need something.

== Personal History ==

I am an IT Professional with a wide range of capabilities. I have used many Linux distros, Open Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, but I find my loyalty with Ubuntu and always return. My first Ubuntu was 5.10 Breezy Badger, and I have been using Ubuntu since. Windows, VMware, and OSX user by day.

== Current Memberships ==

 *Ubuntu Member
 *Ubuntu Wisconsin LoCo Team Member
 *Free Software Foundation
 *The Linux Foundation

== Contributions ==

 *Gathering momentum for the [[WisconsinLoCo|WisconsinTeam]] as the Team Contact (2008? Or so? I forget exactly - 2015)
 *Established monthly LoCo meetings (2008? Or so? I forget exactly - 2015)
 *Launched the Ubuntu Wisconsin domain
 *Planned and executed a Release Party for the Wisconsin LoCo in Superior, WI
 *Planned and executed a Release Party for the Wisconsin LoCo in Madison, WI
 *voicecheck application //old and moldy
 *Converse with community on #ubuntu-offtopic and #ubuntu-us-wi a few hours each week
 *Edited [[Hour|Ubuntu Hour]] documentation for clarity

== Plans ==

 *Attend monthly LoCo meetings and participate, time willing
 *Plan and collaborate with the [[|Minnesota LoCo]]
 *Continue a presence on IRC

=== Testimonials ===

 * Anthony is level-headed, good at support, and has demonstrated his commitment to the IRC community and adherence to the Code of Conduct in the time we've shared in #ubuntu-offtopic and other Ubuntu channels. I believe his addition to the #ubuntu-offtopic and #ubuntu operator lists would benefit these channels, and thus support his application to both. -- [[LaunchpadHome:robertwall]] <<DateTime(2010-04-08T00:31:21-0800)>>
 * Anthony is definitely silly enough to be an op in #ubuntu-offtopic! -- [[LaunchpadHome:funkyhat]] <<DateTime>>
 * Anthony is a great asset in all the channels I see him in and I believe would be a perfect fit for an op in any Ubuntu channel. -- [[LaunchpadHome:amaranth]] <<DateTime(2010-04-08T12:22:27-0600)>>

== Activities ==

 *November 6th, 2009 Release Party [[|Pictures]]
 *November 6th, 2009 Release Party [[|Details]]
 *Ubuntu Hours [[|Impromptu Hour 1]]
 *Blog Activity [[|Preview of Lucid Lynx]] and [[|More tagged "Ubuntu"]]

== Testimonials ==

 * <exigraff> speaking on behalf of h00k, from what I've seen working with him over the last five years, he more or less embodies the philosophy of Ubuntu. he's worked hard to further the open-source, open-community mindset in every environment he's been in, and regularly "converts" people to the foss platform without having any conscious intent to do so. :) I'm looking forward to seeing his work as leader of the US-Wisconsin LoCo.

 * <[[TonyYarusso|tonyyarusso]]> as the team contact for a neighboring LoCo (-us-mn), I've had the chance to work with h00k quite a bit lately on loco issues, and saw him organize a Karmic Release Party that was rather awesome. As it took place in Superior, which is a border city with Minnesota, is was a sort of joint event attended by people from both of our LoCos. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but his Google Voice / libnotify app looks pretty cool, and I'm hoping we can work together to get that packaged for Karmic (I don't know if his wiki mentions it - he expressed an interest in packaging as a future plan)

 * <[[LasseHavelund|MenZa]]> I can only +1 exigraff's "he more or less embodies the philosophy of Ubuntu." I've had the chance to share the #ubuntu-offtopic sphere with h00k for quite a while now, and he often contributes greatly to discussions held, and is very welcoming of new users in the channel.