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 * Helps [[|indicator-keylock]] to be in a good shape, i.e. lintian clean, for uploading to Ubuntu. - [[ | LP: #1392283]]

=== Bug Fixes ===

About me

My name is Anthony Wong, Chinese name is 黃彥邦. I'm a GNU/Linux and open source software enthusiast. I joined Debian as DD in 1999, and have been working in the Linux industry for a long time. Now I'm working at Canonical and am responsible for hardware enablement in Ubuntu.

Packages in Debian and Ubuntu

  • Rifiuti2 - A MS Windows recycle bin analysis tool

  • ibus-cangjie - Cangjie and Quick input methods for IBus, mainly for Hong Kong and Taiwan people.

  • libcangjie2 - Cangjie input method library, which ibus-cangjie relies on.

  • python3-pycangjie - Python wrapper to libcangjie, as ibus-cangjie is written in Python and so needs a python library of libcangjie.

Ubuntu Work

Bug Fixes

  • Unity bug 830801 - This is my first patch to Ubuntu, at that time I was still not familiar with the Ubuntu bzr/merge request workflow and so I submitted the patch in the old style, i.e. attaching the patch to the bug.

  • Kernel bug 1231305 - Fixed a kernel bug that brightness adjustment does not work on Haswell ULT.

  • command-not-found bug 1029204 - Fixed a locale issue.

  • gnome-bluetooth bug 1312349 - Fixed a bluetooth bug which so that a certain type of bluetooth keyboard can be connected.

  • sudoku-app i18n bug - Cleaned up the sudoku-app so it handles i18n/l10n properly.

  • Merged branches can be found here.


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