As a member of Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team, I'm creating this page for my activities and plan for our LoCo Community.

I'm currently working on:

  • LoCo team mentoring: MalaysianTeam LoCo Team Mentoring
    The idea of this mentoring is to guide junior LoCo member to contribute in LoCo Team and help them to get ubuntu membership. This is related to our Team's long term plan to increase official ubuntu members from our LoCo.

Previous task in LoCo Team:

Plan for team:

  • Ubuntu To follow LoCo Teams Best Practice and Guidelines as to make it smooth re-approval in the future.

    Ubuntu Planning a monthly LoCo meeting

    Ubuntu Todo list:

    • to assign person in LoCo team to be responsible for:

      • # Chair of meetings
      • Hold the monthly meeting, set the agenda ( create an agenda page under meetings and let people add to it ) process the agenda with the team.
      • Moderate the meeting

        # Web Admin

      • Maintain the LoCo's website

      • Maintain the LoCo's wiki

        # Forums Admin

      • Maintain the Forums website
      • Clear out the pending queue of messages
      • Moderate when needed.

        # Mailing list admin

      • Clear out the pending queue of messages
      • Moderate the mailing list and deal with policy violations over private email exchanges before escalating the issue to the team administrator

        # IRC Ops

      • Ensure the CoC is followed in #ubuntu* namespace.
      • Regulate bans, voice and ops ( if needed )

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