The Apps Brancher is currently hosted at What it does is simple. It goes through the relevant queues in myApps (pending review, review in progress, pending qa, needs information), downloads the submission and imports it into a bzr branch if possible, runs pkgme on it if necessary and pushes it to Launchpad.

This will give us everything in a canonical location, use one tool to get the source and exercise all the tools we want to use in the future of app review. This should make it much easier to contribute to completing an app by providing a few fixes and reviewing them together as a team, particularly with a growing ARB contributors team.

The list of branches is available at

Using apps branches

It's quite easy to review and improve any given app by just running:

bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-app-review-contributors/ubuntu-app-reviews/<appname>

Once you have reviewed and improved the app according to AppReviewBoard/Review/Guidelines you can simply push your branch to lp:~<yourname>/ubuntu-app-reviews/<appname> and put it up for discussion/vote.

Branch status

It might be a good idea to use the branch status Launchpad provides to indicate in which state the app is.

  • Experimental - Still under active development, and not suitable for merging into release branches.

  • Development - Shaping up nicely, but incomplete or untested, and not yet ready for merging or production use.

  • Mature - Completely addresses the issues it is supposed to, tested, and stable enough for merging into other branches.

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