../../Personas/Alice or ../../Personas/House update an existing application, and publish the new version. ../../Personas/Mike gets the update on his device.

Primary story

  1. ../../Personas/Alice fixes a bug in one of her existing apps. After verifying the fix, she creates and signs a new package.

  2. ../../Personas/Alice signs in to the app store and uploads the new package.

  3. ../../Personas/Mike's device discovers that an updated version of the app is available, and asks ../../Personas/Mike if it should be downloaded and installed.

  4. ../../Personas/Mike confirms, and the download begins.

  5. When the download finishes, the updated is installed, keeping all of his old data in place.

Variation: New version, new fee

Variation: In-app translatable strings only

Variation: In-app content only

Variation: App metadata only

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