Ideas for new Apport symptoms

Window decorations/animations and workspace management

  • metacity vs. compiz vs. mutter
  • followup questions about 3D support -> driver issue?


  • distinguish linux, bluetooth and bluez-* packages

A/V codecs

The symptom could ask which codec the user is trying to open, like quicktime for example. Or, the perhaps a file could be given as argument and the magic number used to determine this information automatically.

After that, the totem package hook for this case should call the symptom instead of just assigning everything to "gstreamer".


  • many bugs about Flash are reported against "ubuntu".
  • check which flash package you have installed (proprietary/swfdec/gnash)


  • linux vs. lirc?
  • Needs more technical expertise for fleshing this out


Input devices

  • touchpads (synaptic), tablets (wacom), touchscreen (xorg), mice, keyboards, multimedia buttons (udev)


  • packages specific to Brother, HP (hplip)
  • filters (ghostscript, foomatic)
  • scheduler (cups)


  • linux (driver) vs. UI (cheese/totem/empathy)

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