Approval Application for Argentina LoCo (ubuntu-ar)

The Argentina LoCo is looking forward to join together the knowledge of all Ubuntu users and contribute substantially to the development of the Ubuntu project. We have many very active and eager members and wish to channel all that energy into places where no work is being done at all, or progress is very slow. We also would like to help to reach out to spanish speaking users which in one way or the other are being alienated because of there lack of understanding of english.

Key Details


Here you should provide a list of things you plan on doing. Include links to where these are discussed online and on mailing lists.

  • Ubuntu Friendly Hardware - We want to contact local retailers and help them setup PCs and laptops that are 100% Ubuntu friendly and help users find them easily. We plan to participate actively in:

  • Support network for beginners - Setup a team of people dedicated to helping newcomers to Ubuntu from windows or other distribution to get them started.

  • Ubuntu Marketing - We are currently drafting very simple and direct videos oriented to Windows users by graphically showing them how easy Ubuntu is, even compared to Windows. We plan to work as closely as possible with the Ubuntu marketing team on this. Discussed in:

  • Help distribute shipit CDs locally - We plan to offer our help to distribute shipit CDs locally adding 2 o 3 strategical geographic points to make it as cheaper and easier as possible for CDs to reach users. This is currently a big problem due to customs retaining a big percentage of shipments.

  • Organize Talks and Installfests - We want to keep on organising informal meetings and talks about Ubuntu to help everyone understand the inner workings of the Ubuntu project. We already have 2 big talks about Ubuntu planned within the next months in local linux conferences to be given by [MartinAlbisetti Martin Albisetti]

IRC meetings

All meetings: 2006-11-30 2006-12-19 2007-03-01 2007-03-30 2007-05-10


  • Distribution of "Powered by Ubuntu" stickers - We have been distributing for months the stickers provided by System76 all over the country to users, LUGs and we've been to conferences so they could distribute them among attendees.

  • Translated the Ubuntu Code of Conduct - We translated the Ubuntu Code of Conduct for all users who speak spanish (and maybe not enough english) to be able to understand and follow it.

  • Forum up and running - Currently we are the most active LoCo forum. There is a lot of activity and members help out others to solve problems on a daily basis.

  • Mailing list up and running - We provide extensive support in our mailing list:

  • IRC channel up and running - We provide active support in our IRC channel, setup in #ubuntu-ar on freenode

  • Website up and running - We've got our website setup and have 400+ visitors per day

  • Participated and organized Ubuntu installations in the "Flisol InstallFest" in over 80 PCs, giving away Fiesty Fawn CDs, "Powered By Ubuntu Stickers" and offering post-installation support in our mailing lists and forums:

  • Participated in an open source conference by having a booth and giving away Ubuntu stickers, CDs (Feisty and Dapper), informing about the LoCo groups existence and activities, and answering and technical or general questions involving Ubuntu.

  • Actively enganged other LUG groups around the country to offer any help we could provide to promote Linux in general, and Ubuntu specifically between their current members.
  • Participated and setup a booth in an open source conference. Five of us from the LoCo team traveled 400km, printed up a but 1.5m Ubuntu banner, burned over 100 copies to give away together with stickers. We stayed their two days and answered all kinds of questions, invited users into our forums and mailing lists, and guided some school sysadmins into implementing edubuntu:


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