Welcome to the Arizona LoCo Team Installfest planning page. The link below shows general guidelines and suggestions from Ubuntu on running this type of event.


  • This is a co-event in cooperation with the Phoenix Linux User Group (PLUG).
  • Initial plans are to have the Installfests every month with focus on recent Ubuntu releases and helping attendees with all things Linux and FOSS related.
  • Finding additional locations in Phoenix and elsewhere in Arizona is of major concern. Size is not of great concern, but internet access, plenty of outlets, bathroom facilities, solid tables, chairs, access to food and drink, and the ability to display some kind of signs, banners, or posters is necessary.
  • Advertising should be of importance if we want to have a successful event. Local radio, colleges, libraries, newspapers, coffee shops, etc. should be informed and/or small window posters distributed too.
  • We should consider looking into having some cheap silkscreen T-shirts made up for the team members to wear, making us visible to the people looking for help.
  • We have received an "Event Package" from Ubuntu that includes a banner and Display Table Cloth.
  • Dazed_75 (Larry) has built a PXE (Pre-boot EXecution server) for network booting of Ubuntu, derivative distros as well as a few other distributions of Linux. Come down and try it out.

Material Requirements

  • Manpower
  • Install Disks (Default and Alternate)
  • Power Strips & Extension Cords

  • Leaflets to pass out about our LoCo

  • Signs, banners, and/or posters
  • Some kind of cart to help people bring in the boxes
  • Cameras
  • GPG Key-signing materials(if we so decide)



Date: Jan-Oct Last Saturday each Month, Nov-Dec a Saturday early in Dec
Time: 10:00AM - 4:00PM

University of Advancing Technology (UAT)
2625 W. Baseline Rd
Tempe, AZ


We are always looking for idea to improve the event.
Arizona LoCo, in conjunction with the Phoenix Linux Users Group (PLUG), holds an install fest 11 times per year at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe. Wired and Wireless internet is available. The installfest takes place in an upstairs room, so the team is able to hang the team banner off the guardrail where it is highly visible to everyone entering the building. The team gets a fair turn out for installs, and lots of LUG folks attending to help as needed.
The event is a successful collaboration between the LoCo and PLUG, and everyone has a great time with lots of great inter-state cooperation between the team and the LUG's. So please come out for good conversation and a learning experience. Bring your ideas for improving the event.


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