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  2. Announcements
  3. Team Reports
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  4. Team Approval Process
  5. Case Badges through Massachusetts Team
  6. Agenda for next week


21:06[notice(#ubuntu-arizona)] Meeting is on.
21:06< ianmcorvidae> Note to everyone, we want you to talk. Preferably on topic. Thank you.
21:06< ianmcorvidae> AGENDA:
21:06< ianmcorvidae> 1. Introductions: donchriscoe, indigoshift, shaanM, yamyogurt
21:06< ianmcorvidae> 2. Announcements
21:06< ianmcorvidae> 3. Team Reports a. Newsletter b. Education c. Server d. Computers4Kids
21:06< ianmcorvidae> 4. Team Approval Process
21:06< ianmcorvidae> 5. Case Badges through Massachusetts Team
21:06< ianmcorvidae> 6. Agenda for next week
21:06< ianmcorvidae> So, time to start. Introductions.
21:07< donchriscoe> Ok I am new from Flagstaff.
21:07< ianmcorvidae> donchriscoe: Would you like to introduce yourself? Location, how you got into Linux, how long, et cetera.
21:07< ianmcorvidae> Go on.
21:07< donchriscoe> I have been in Linux for a short time . First several year back but did not like but like Ubuntu
21:08< donchriscoe> I set up two Dell with Ubuntu and both work perfectly.
21:08< johnc4510> nice
21:09< ianmcorvidae> Excellent
21:09< ianmcorvidae> Anything more you want to say, don?
21:09< johnc4510> donchriscoe: what city?
21:09< ianmcorvidae> Flagstaff - he said :)
21:09< johnc4510> ah
21:09< donchriscoe> Only problem was sound with Dell but forums fixed it .  I am located in Flagstaff
21:10< jsonder> donchriscoe: the forums are awsome
21:10 * johnc4510 welcomes donchriscoe to the Ubuntu Arizona team
21:10< ianmcorvidae> Indeed. Welcome :)
21:10< ianmcorvidae> indigoshift: Would you like to introduce yourself?
21:10< indigoshift> sure!
21:10< indigoshift> I'm in Sahuarita.  Got into Linux when a coworker suggested Ubuntu.
21:11< indigoshift> I now have 4 Ubunut machines in the house, 3 Windows machines, and 2 Amigas.  ;)
21:11< johnc4510> cool
21:11< johnc4510> lol
21:11< indigoshift> Been using Ubuntu as my primary OS for about 1.5 years now.
21:11< jsonder> wow a neighbor with more computers!
21:11< indigoshift> I hit the Windows box for work (photoshop) and video games.
21:11< donchriscoe> Where is Sahuarita?
21:11< indigoshift> jsonder, you're in Sahuarita, too?
21:11< jsonder> GV
21:12< indigoshift> Sahuarita's south of Tucson.
21:12 * johnc4510 indigoshift has been registered member for a long time now but his first meeting
21:12< indigoshift> I don't show up a lot, I'm afraid...I have 2 jobs.
21:12 * johnc4510 welcomes indigoshift to the Ubuntu Arizona team
21:12< ianmcorvidae> It's all good; we understand busy.
21:12< ianmcorvidae> Welcome, indigoshift :)
21:12< johnc4510> nice having you here adam
21:12< indigoshift> thanks!
21:12< ianmcorvidae> shaanM: Introduction?
21:13< shaanM> Hi My name is shaan I am from scottsdale  but I am near cave creek, I love linux and i only use it because of compiz fusion but I love open source
21:13< johnc4510> nice
21:13< shaanM> I am done.
21:13 * johnc4510 welcomes shaanM to the Ubuntu Arizona team
21:14< johnc4510> nice to have you here
21:14-!- bribri124 [n=bribri12@ip68-231-131-152.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-arizona
21:14< shaanM> thank you
21:14< ianmcorvidae> Welcome, shaan.
21:15< ianmcorvidae> yamyogurt: You around? And if so, want to intro yourself? :)
21:15< ianmcorvidae> yamyogurt said earlier he may not be around, so.
21:15< johnc4510> ah
21:15< ianmcorvidae> Well, I'm going to presume he isn't.
21:15< johnc4510> k
21:15< ianmcorvidae> Onward, then - Announcements.
21:16< ianmcorvidae> johnc4510: You take this part :P
21:16< johnc4510> i've got 3 small ones
21:16< johnc4510> Don't forget we have a CafePress Account now with all kinds of cool gear with our team logo printed right on it. http://www.cafepress.com/ubuntu_arizona
21:16< johnc4510> check it out
21:16< johnc4510> .
21:16< johnc4510> Vorian is working on a new bot for the US Teams and it is looking like it will be a good one with lots of new plugins for us to use.
21:16< johnc4510> .
21:17< johnc4510> I now have my blog syndicated to Ubuntu Planet. http://planet.ubuntu.com/  My first post to the planet was today, and syndication to the planet is a perk of Ubuntu Membership.
21:17< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: that's it for my announcements
21:17< johnc4510> :)
21:17< ianmcorvidae> Ok then.
21:17< ianmcorvidae> I think that's probably all.
21:17< ianmcorvidae> So, Team reports.
21:17< ianmcorvidae> Newsletter Team.
21:17-!- Irssi: #ubuntu-arizona: Total of 22 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 21 normal]
21:17< johnc4510> k
21:17< ianmcorvidae> John again ;)
21:18< johnc4510> jacob is still putting out the newsletter
21:18< johnc4510> he seems to be expanding a little
21:18-!- bribri124 [n=bribri12@ip68-231-131-152.tc.ph.cox.net] has quit [Client Quit]
21:18< johnc4510> as he gets up to speed
21:18< johnc4510> next edition out wed
21:18< johnc4510> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Newsletters
21:19< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: tis all on newsletter
21:19< ianmcorvidae> Ok.
21:19< ianmcorvidae> Education.
21:19< ianmcorvidae> br24: You around?
21:20< ianmcorvidae> Hmm.
21:20< johnc4510> he may be asleep at the keys
21:20< ianmcorvidae> lol
21:20< ianmcorvidae> We'll skip him for now, I guess.
21:20< johnc4510> lets move on to server and come back
21:20-!- Irssi: #ubuntu-arizona: Total of 21 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 20 normal]
21:20< johnc4510> yep
21:20< ianmcorvidae> Yep, server.
21:20< ianmcorvidae> I guess DX isn't here either :P
21:20< johnc4510> i'll take it
21:20< ianmcorvidae> johnc4510: go ahead.
21:21< johnc4510> i heard from dx earlier in the week
21:21< johnc4510> he said that they were suppose to install the cdrom this wk
21:21< johnc4510> i'm assuming that since he is not here
21:21< johnc4510> it either didn't get down
21:21< johnc4510> or didn't work
21:22< ianmcorvidae> Hehe.
21:22< johnc4510> i will email him this wk and try to find out
21:22< ianmcorvidae> Or, they're still there.
21:22< ianmcorvidae> Indeed, we shall see.
21:22< ianmcorvidae> Anyway. bluecat9, Computers4Kids
21:22< johnc4510> that's it
21:22< ianmcorvidae> bluecat9: You here?
21:22< johnc4510> he was?
21:23< ianmcorvidae> Hmm.
21:23< johnc4510> well the next item will take a while so
21:23< ianmcorvidae> Yep.
21:23< ianmcorvidae> Ok, team approval process.
21:23< ianmcorvidae> I'll start with that.
21:24< ianmcorvidae> So, here's the status on the Marketing Project.
21:24< ianmcorvidae> We're still working on it, but as always, more help is good - you can see progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Approval_Outline.
21:24< ianmcorvidae> One could volunteer at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Approval_Outline/Resources.
21:24< ianmcorvidae> This second page is also the recording place for materials donations; we will need donated CDs as well as use of printers/paper. 
21:24< ianmcorvidae> Additionally, anyone who is interested in helping to design is encouraged to come up with something. 
21:24< ianmcorvidae> For reference, here is the status of various elements of the project:
21:24< ianmcorvidae> LEGEND: ✔ - Complete | ✖ - Incomplete | ✚ - In Progress
21:24< ianmcorvidae> ✚ - Compile a list of member donations of materials
21:24< ianmcorvidae> ✖ - Compile a list of distribution locations
21:24< ianmcorvidae> ✖ - Approval from locations
21:24< ianmcorvidae> ✔ - Choose a version of Ubuntu
21:24< ianmcorvidae> ✖ - Design Jewel Case insert
21:24< ianmcorvidae> ✚ - Design flyer
21:24< ianmcorvidae> ✖ - Stands for CDs
21:24< ianmcorvidae> ✖ - Production and assembly of materials
21:24< ianmcorvidae> ✖ - Distribution of materials
21:24< ianmcorvidae> johnc4510: You can take it from there :)
21:24< johnc4510> is it done?
21:24< johnc4510> lol
21:25< johnc4510> ok, we still need people to burn cd's
21:25< johnc4510> and dvd's
21:25< johnc4510> we are working on the flyer
21:25< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: you around
21:25< johnc4510> o
21:25< johnc4510> ok
21:26< ianmcorvidae> Hmm, well then.
21:26< ianmcorvidae> Anyone other than johnc4510 and myself: Questions?
21:26< johnc4510> slogger has posted to forums this
21:26< johnc4510> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=521171
21:26< johnc4510> we need members to post thoughts about the flyer he has worked up
21:27< johnc4510> for the new members
21:27< johnc4510> please visit the two links to see what this project is about
21:27< donchriscoe> Ok I can do this.
21:27< johnc4510> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Approval_Outline/Resources.
21:28< johnc4510> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Approval_Outline
21:28< johnc4510> then you can decide what you would like to help with
21:28< johnc4510> ty
21:28< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: that's all from me
21:28-!- br24 [n=bribri12@ip68-231-131-152.tc.ph.cox.net] has quit [Connection timed out]
21:28< johnc4510> he did fall asleep
21:28< johnc4510> hee hee
21:29< ianmcorvidae> lol
21:29< ianmcorvidae> Sorry.
21:29< johnc4510> np
21:29< ianmcorvidae> Ok, well then.
21:29< ianmcorvidae> Case badges: john, you start.
21:29< johnc4510> Case Badges: The MassachusettsTeam is getting together an order for case badges. You can find the images here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/Projects/AluminiumCaseBadges  Toward the bottom of the page is a breakdown of costs.
21:29< ianmcorvidae> And everyone else, you'll have to wake up for this :P
21:29< johnc4510> yes
21:29< shaanM> im awake!
21:30< johnc4510> As it stands now, if they get another 1000 commitments, we can get them for $0.62 each plus a $15 setup and postage fee. If they get commitments for another 2500, we could get them for $0.34 each plus set up and postage.
21:30< johnc4510> .
21:30< johnc4510> So, we need to decide if we want them, how we are going to pay for them, and how many we want.
21:30< johnc4510> we'll give you a minute or so to look it over
21:31< jsonder> it just doesn't fit  see:  http://members.cox.net/so4plume/1.jpg
21:31< johnc4510> ah  nice
21:31< johnc4510> lol
21:32< ianmcorvidae> lol
21:32< johnc4510> jsonder: we'll get you one for your noggin
21:32< johnc4510> hee hee
21:32< indigoshift> ha
21:32< johnc4510> ok, everyone had a chance to look it over
21:32< johnc4510> ?
21:32< ianmcorvidae> I have, naturally.
21:32< indigoshift> yup
21:33< johnc4510> ok
21:33< shaanM> yup
21:33< ianmcorvidae> I'd personally say 100 flat; we have plenty of members who may want them on 1+ computers, and then we'll also be doing events.
21:33< johnc4510> are we interest in this  +1 for yes  -1 for no
21:33< johnc4510> +1
21:33< ianmcorvidae> +1
21:33< indigoshift> +1
21:33< donchriscoe> +1
21:33< shaanM> +1
21:34< johnc4510> ok
21:34< jsonder> -1
21:34< johnc4510> np
21:34< johnc4510> ok
21:34< johnc4510> how many do we want
21:34< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: ?
21:34< fredburger> ianmcorvidae: is it one design or the other or what
21:34< ianmcorvidae> Everyone, ignore fred.
21:34< ianmcorvidae> He's a bot.
21:35< johnc4510> yep
21:35< johnc4510> but
21:35< jsonder> If you do this, can I vote for the black base?
21:35< johnc4510> they haven't decided which one yet
21:35< ianmcorvidae> jsonder: May I ask why the no vote?
21:35< johnc4510> i don't think
21:35< ianmcorvidae> I figure we should have the chance to air opinions :)
21:35< johnc4510> k
21:35< jsonder> I can think of more useful places to put ~$500
21:35< jsonder> like cds
21:36< jsonder> demos
21:36< johnc4510> true
21:36< jsonder> etc
21:36< johnc4510> although i doubt if we spend that much
21:36< t00na> hello
21:36< t00na> there are a lot of people here...
21:36< ianmcorvidae> Well, the thing is, with their current number of orders, 100 would be something like 30 bucks plus the 15 dollar setup fee.
21:36< johnc4510> this is more of an extra   if you want to do it ok if not ok
21:37< ianmcorvidae> t00na: We're in the middle of a meeting - there should be :P
21:37< johnc4510> t00na: hi
21:37< t00na> oh, wrong channel...
21:37< jsonder> OK, not a problem then
21:37< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: how many do you think
21:38< ianmcorvidae> I'd personally say we get 100 at least.
21:38< johnc4510> k
21:38< johnc4510> anyone else
21:38< ianmcorvidae> Since, that would cost us .34*100+15=49 dollars.
21:38< indigoshift> I could definitely use...5
21:38< indigoshift> ;)
21:38< ianmcorvidae> Which isn't exactly much.
21:38< ianmcorvidae> :P
21:38< SloggerKhan> I could use 2, I gues.
21:38< SloggerKhan> *guess
21:38< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: hi
21:39< johnc4510> ok
21:39< donchriscoe> I would get 4.
21:39< johnc4510> hmm
21:39< SloggerKhan> (Does PMing you not work, John?)
21:39< jsonder> I'd want one for my mac mini
21:39< ianmcorvidae> SloggerKhan: You have to register and identify to send PM's on Freenode
21:39< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: i didn't get it
21:40-!- Vorian [n=Steve@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.active.Vorian] has quit []
21:40< johnc4510> ok
21:40-!- Vorian [n=Steve@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.active.Vorian] has joined #ubuntu-arizona
21:40< johnc4510> 100 cost $77
21:40< ianmcorvidae> Um, no.
21:40< johnc4510> if my math is correct
21:41< ianmcorvidae> They're at the 2500 level already, john.
21:41< indigoshift> Right on.  I'll take ten! :D
21:41< johnc4510> ah
21:41< ianmcorvidae> lol
21:41< SloggerKhan> ( ianmcorvidae: link to registration? )
21:41< johnc4510> then $49
21:41< ianmcorvidae> SloggerKhan: /msg nickserv help
21:41< ianmcorvidae> You can PM him.
21:41< ianmcorvidae>  /it, as nickserv's a bot
21:41< ianmcorvidae> Yep.
21:42< johnc4510> i'll chip in $25
21:42< johnc4510> that's half
21:42< ianmcorvidae> Ok, so, here's my thinking on this: We're an advocacy team - we'll want to have these not only for ourselves, but as an advocacy 'goodie,' in all likelihood.
21:42< ianmcorvidae> And, of course, for additional members.
21:42-!- Vorian [n=Steve@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.active.Vorian] has quit [Client Quit]
21:42< johnc4510> right
21:43< jsonder> ianmcorvidae: so go big and get 300?
21:43< ianmcorvidae> jsonder: We could do that, yeah; wanted to get approval from other folks :)
21:43< jsonder> I'll chip in too
21:43< shaanM> im getting very confused. What are we talking about again. Sorry i dont mean to be rude!
21:44< jsonder> computer case badges
21:44< ianmcorvidae> shaanM: Did you see the link about case badges? We're discussing how many/if we want to get them.
21:44< ianmcorvidae> Sorry.
21:44< ianmcorvidae> I'll certainly be chipping in :)
21:44< SloggerKhan> I can chip in.
21:44< ianmcorvidae> Might I suggest that any *members* that want badges can pay for their own personal ones themselves; the rest we can deal with by chipping in as we are?
21:45< SloggerKhan> I can do $10, $20 for extras.
21:45< ianmcorvidae> Just as a start.
21:45< ianmcorvidae> I'd be up for at least 20 to chip in.
21:45< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: thanks
21:45< jsonder> I'll match john
21:45< johnc4510> jsonder: thanks
21:45< johnc4510> appreciate it
21:45< ianmcorvidae> Ok; that brings us to 80, I believe.
21:45< donchriscoe> I throw in $15.
21:45< indigoshift> I'll pitch in $20
21:46< shaanM> Sorry dont expect me to pay anything I am only a kid and I know my parent will say no! I am not trying to be rude or anything
21:46< johnc4510> i think we're at   at least 200 badges
21:46< ianmcorvidae> shaanM: Don't worry about it :)
21:46< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: is that right
21:46< ianmcorvidae> I'm calculating, one sec.
21:46< johnc4510> shaanM: don't worry about it
21:46< johnc4510> np
21:46< johnc4510> :)
21:46< jsonder> shaanM: you being here is a gift enough!
21:46< johnc4510> true
21:46< shaanM> thank you
21:46< ianmcorvidae> Almost 300, actually.
21:46< johnc4510> cool
21:47< ianmcorvidae> That's 115 dollars; I'll donate the extra two to get us to 300 badges.
21:47< johnc4510> how much more $ to 300
21:47< ianmcorvidae> two dollars, that I just donated :P
21:47< johnc4510> cool
21:47< johnc4510> ty
21:47< johnc4510> ok
21:47< ianmcorvidae> Ok. So, I'll put us on the page for 300, at least for the time being.
21:47< johnc4510> we will set up some way to collect the money and email everyone
21:47< jsonder> the unmarked bills go where?
21:47< donchriscoe> How do we get the monies to you?
21:48< ianmcorvidae> I think for now we wait.
21:48< johnc4510> jsonder: to me
21:48< johnc4510> :)
21:48< ianmcorvidae> Heh, yeah.
21:48< johnc4510> donchriscoe: we will set it up and let you know
21:48< johnc4510> ok
21:48< indigoshift> waiting's good...it'll give me time to get the bills cut properly. ;)
21:48< donchriscoe> ok
21:48< ianmcorvidae> Actually, I'll put us on the page for $117, whatever that may be at various cost levels.
21:48< johnc4510> hee
21:48< ianmcorvidae> Sound good?
21:48< johnc4510> indigoshift: i'm watching you  LOL
21:49< johnc4510> thanks guys   this is a good deal
21:49< indigoshift> nobody watches someone who counterfeits one-dollar bills.  ;)
21:49< SloggerKhan> I can give $3 to make it 120, which is a nicer sounding number.
21:49< johnc4510> i think
21:49< johnc4510> ok
21:49< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: anything else?
21:49< ianmcorvidae> Agenda for next week.
21:49< ianmcorvidae> I think that's all
21:49< johnc4510> ok
21:49< ianmcorvidae> SloggerKhan: 117 is exactly 300 badges :)
21:50< ianmcorvidae> That's why I did the extra 2 there
21:50< SloggerKhan> kk... but 117 is such a weird number
21:50< ianmcorvidae> Oh well.
21:50< johnc4510> thanks guys   nice meeting
21:50-!- Vorian [n=Steve@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.active.Vorian] has joined #ubuntu-arizona
21:50< indigoshift> it's a prime number...that makes it awesome.
21:50< johnc4510> Vorian: wb
21:50< SloggerKhan> That makes it a freak of the number world
21:50< johnc4510> jsonder: thanks :)
21:50< indigoshift> hahahahaha
21:51< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: johnc4510 does not like odd numbers either
21:51< johnc4510> :)
21:51< SloggerKhan> :)
21:51< johnc4510> meeting over
21:51< jsonder> indigoshift: are you an xkcd fan?
21:51< indigoshift> indeed
21:51< jsonder> ;)
21:51< indigoshift> xkcd's great
21:51< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: i ended the meeting     sorry
21:51< donchriscoe> Thanks and bye for now.
21:52< johnc4510> donchriscoe: bye
21:52< ianmcorvidae> THat's fine :)
21:52< ianmcorvidae> Yay, xkcd
21:52< ianmcorvidae> You should all join #xkcd on irc.foonetic.net :)
21:52< indigoshift> jsonder, you're a member of that GV linux club...?
21:52-!- donchriscoe [n=donchris@cm-24-121-127-157.flagstaff.az.npgco.com] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:52 * johnc4510 thanks all the new attendees

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