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 1. Rest of agenda goes here  1. Annoucements
 1. Change of Meeting Time and Day
 1. Team Reports
     * Membership
     * Newsletter
     * Web Design
     * Education
     * Server
     * Computer Recycle
 1. Agenda for Next Meeting



  1. Introductions
  2. Annoucements
  3. Change of Meeting Time and Day
  4. Team Reports
    • Membership
    • Newsletter
    • Web Design
    • Education
    • Server
    • Computer Recycle
  5. Agenda for Next Meeting


18:01 * johnc4510 says it doesn't look like we have an agenda for tonight, but we can wing it if ok with everyone?
18:01< bluecat9> ok
18:01< bluecat9> are we going to go over what we need to do/change to get official?
18:01< bluecat9> ..as in "loco"
18:02< johnc4510> well, i am still working on it ,  this hospital thing has ground it to a halt, am only about 2/3 's done with it
18:02< johnc4510> sorry
18:02< bluecat9> gotcha
18:03< johnc4510> i am behind in everything right now,
18:03< johnc4510> hopefully i will get caught up this wk
18:03< johnc4510> :P
18:03< bluecat9> Q: do we have a deadline for becoming a loco or can we qualify at any time?
18:03< johnc4510> I do want to talk about changing the meeting time though
18:03< johnc4510> anytime
18:03< johnc4510> no deadline
18:03< bluecat9> cool
18:04< johnc4510> bluecat9: has slick been around
18:04< johnc4510> ?
18:04< bluecat9> i think, ~a day ago
18:04< bluecat9> or last night
18:04< johnc4510> k
18:04< bluecat9> would have to check my logs
18:05< johnc4510> no that's ok
18:05< johnc4510> just wondered
18:05< johnc4510> _NoX_: you here?
18:05< johnc4510> chucks: you here?
18:05< johnc4510> dx00: you here?
18:05< johnc4510> pepse: you here?
18:05< johnc4510> slofgren: you here?
18:06< johnc4510> thedeviantone: you here?
18:06< johnc4510> brb
18:06< thedeviantone> ya
18:07< johnc4510> thedeviantone: cool, nice to meet ya
18:07< johnc4510> welcomw
18:07< johnc4510> welcome
18:07< thedeviantone> nice to meet you
18:07< thedeviantone> thanks
18:07< johnc4510> np
18:08< thedeviantone> i'm having trouble getting the right SCSI drivers installed into my kernel to support an old PERC2/sc controller card for install
18:09< johnc4510> !SCSI
18:09< ubotu> Sorry, I don't know anything about scsi - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi
18:09-!- dx00 [n=ssjgolle@ip70-190-146-74.ph.ph.cox.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:09< johnc4510> thedeviantone: sorry, am not familiar with that
18:10< thedeviantone> yep
18:10< johnc4510> !kernel
18:10< ubotu> kernel is the core of the Ubuntu Operating System (named 'Linux') - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel.  You shouldn't have to compile one, but if you're convinced you do, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild
18:10-!- SloggerKhan [n=SloggerK@dhcp-80c4c2f5.rescomp.arizona.edu] has joined #ubuntu-arizona
18:10< bluecat9> elo SloggerKhan
18:11< SloggerKhan> hi
18:11< thedeviantone> cool
18:11< johnc4510> thedeviantone: you might try one of those web pages
18:11< thedeviantone> thanks
18:11< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: hi
18:11< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: hows it going?
18:11< SloggerKhan> Alright
18:11< johnc4510> school out
18:11< SloggerKhan> how you all?
18:11< johnc4510> better now thanks
18:12< dx00_> sorry guys
18:12< bluecat9> hehe
18:12< dx00_> irssi is acting funny
18:12< johnc4510> dx00_: no prob
18:12< dx00_> so no agenda?
18:12< dx00_> i got some server news
18:12< johnc4510> dx00_: sorry no
18:12< br24> johnc4510, I am here
18:13< johnc4510> k, we will hear it a little later k
18:13< johnc4510> br
18:13< dx00_> k
18:13< johnc4510> br24: hi
18:13 * br24 is back (gone 23:08:15)
18:13< johnc4510> greetings
18:13< dx00_> hi br24
18:13< br24> hey dx00_
18:13< br24> hope I havent missed much
18:13< johnc4510> nothing yet
18:13 * johnc4510 calls meeting to order
18:14< bluecat9> here here
18:14< johnc4510> first i want to talk about meeting time
18:14< johnc4510> from the thread here:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=451429
18:14< johnc4510> looks like most are in favor of sundays only later
18:15< johnc4510> is that what you all got from it?
18:15< dx00_> yeah
18:15< dx00_> around 8/9
18:15< bluecat9> i agree
18:15< johnc4510> like 8:00 or 8:30
18:15< bluecat9> 8:30 or later
18:15< bluecat9> preferably later
18:15< bluecat9> ..get the kids to bed..
18:15< dx00_> i would vote 9
18:16< bluecat9> 9 ftw
18:16 * johnc4510 asks if 9:00 is too late or not?   
18:16< johnc4510> doesn't matter to me
18:16< johnc4510> though
18:16 * johnc4510 asks those present to speak up please
18:17< br24> 9 is fine for me
18:17< dx00_> i think 9 is fine
18:17< johnc4510> bluecat9: cat?
18:17< bluecat9> aye
18:17< bluecat9> 9
18:17< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: how about you
18:18< johnc4510> i know slofgren is in favor of 9:00
18:18< br24> then lets do 9
18:18 * johnc4510 says that meeting time is changed to 9:00 then
18:18< bluecat9> woohoo
18:18< johnc4510> i will post it in forum
18:18< johnc4510> and send out emails
18:19< bluecat9> good deal
18:19< johnc4510> and inform rs3 to put in newsletter
18:19< dx00_> great
18:20 * dx00_ claps
18:20< johnc4510> k, i don't have any announcements, so on with the team reports
18:20< johnc4510> i guess
18:20 * johnc4510 says dx00_ is only team reporting this week unless ianmcorvidae returns
18:20< bluecat9> we've sort of been lost without ya john.. drinking.. partying.. worshiping cows
18:21< johnc4510> bluecat9: again, i apologize
18:21< johnc4510> not of my choice  believe me
18:21< bluecat9> i understand
18:21< johnc4510> dx00_: can we hear from you on server?
18:21< dx00_> yeah
18:22< johnc4510> cool
18:22< dx00_> first, the delug guy bought the power supply that was missing and replaced it
18:22< johnc4510> really
18:22< dx00_> we schedule to go and set up the server yesterday
18:22< dx00_> and we did
18:22< johnc4510> cool
18:22< dx00_> bad news, we couldn't get ubuntu server or desktop installed
18:22< bluecat9> oooo
18:23< johnc4510> :(
18:23< dx00_> we kept getting corrupted data errors
18:23< johnc4510> from hd?
18:23< bluecat9> huh
18:23< dx00_> cd
18:23< johnc4510> ah
18:23< dx00_> so my cds might be bad
18:23< bluecat9> or server cd-rom drive?
18:23< dx00_> unfortunately i tested them on my laptop and they did work
18:23< dx00_> yeah, it might be the cd-rom drive
18:24< johnc4510> so do we need to replace?
18:24< dx00_> so we might go back tomorrow (if time allows) and try new cds and im taking another cdrom drive
18:24< johnc4510> cool
18:24< bluecat9> cool
18:24< dx00_> i have a spare cd-rom drive
18:24< johnc4510> so do i
18:24< dx00_> but i don't know if it will fit or work
18:24< dx00_> but we will see
18:25< dx00_> good news is that the server is in the rack
18:25< dx00_> and is hosted by ensynch
18:25< dx00_> i took some pictures
18:25< johnc4510> cool
18:25< johnc4510> post them please
18:25< dx00_> ill try to post them on the wiki tomorrow
18:25< bluecat9> dx00_, where does the server reside? geographically
18:25< johnc4510> tks
18:25< dx00_> or ill send them to johnc4510 if i can't
18:25< johnc4510> k
18:26< dx00_> im in phoenix
18:26< dx00_> thats all i got
18:26< bluecat9> gotcha
18:26< SloggerKhan> is meeting @ 9?
18:26< johnc4510> dx00_: let me know if you want me to check on cd-rom i have for size etc
18:26< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: tonight now,  from now on 9
18:26< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: is that ok
18:26< SloggerKhan> oh, sorry
18:27< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: is 9 ok with you?
18:27< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: you there?
18:27< SloggerKhan> yes
18:28< SloggerKhan> 9 is better
18:28< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: good
18:28< johnc4510> dx00_: well first hurtle of getting it in rack is done
18:28< johnc4510> we can work on other as it goes along
18:29< johnc4510> dx00_:anymore thoughts
18:29< dx00_> im done
18:29< johnc4510> k
18:29< dx00_> quick question
18:30< johnc4510> anyone else have questions for dx
18:30< johnc4510> k
18:30< bluecat9> no the now
18:30< dx00_> how do you send a message to a single user in irssi
18:30< bluecat9>  /msg <user> ?
18:30< dx00_> without opening a new window
18:31< johnc4510> dx00_: i think it is  /msg  <nick> <msg>
18:31< bluecat9>  /notice <user> ?
18:31< dx00_> ahh, yes, notice
18:31< dx00_> thx
18:31< bluecat9> np
18:31< johnc4510> !msg help
18:31< ubotu> Sorry, I don't know anything about msg help - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi
18:32< dx00_> is ubotu a bot?
18:32< johnc4510> dx00_: yes
18:32< dx00_> ahh
18:32< johnc4510> dx00_: go to ubuntu server channel and type /msg help  or /notice help
18:32< johnc4510> it will tell you how
18:32< johnc4510> moving on then
18:33< bluecat9> often typing /help in your client will display client commands
18:33< ianmcorvidae> John, switch that :P
18:33< bluecat9> elo ian
18:33< ianmcorvidae> It' /help msg and /help notice :)
18:33< johnc4510> br24: any news from education team or visit to other loco's?
18:33< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: hello
18:33< johnc4510> welcomw
18:33< ianmcorvidae> Heya.
18:33< johnc4510> welcome
18:33< johnc4510> homer says hi
18:34< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: meetings in future will be at 9:00pm on sundays
18:34< ianmcorvidae> Ok.
18:34< ianmcorvidae> I was actually asleep at 6, so I guess that's a good thing :P
18:34< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: read log for dx00_ on server already covered in meeting
18:35< ianmcorvidae> Ah, ok.
18:35< johnc4510> br24: you here?
18:35< br24> yes, was just waiting
18:35< johnc4510> br24: please go ahead
18:35< br24> I posted info on Kentuckys wiki
18:35< br24> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=9026bd42f8a5a8b775eb6126fad3ad88&t=461200
18:35< br24> as for Education, I am taking the info bluecat9 posted
18:35< br24> will start developing soon
18:35< bluecat9> cool
18:36< johnc4510> thanks, will read thread on kentucky
18:36< br24> again, I urge everyone to post any ideas on what you would like to see for Education
18:36< br24> that is all
18:36< johnc4510> br24: ? bluecat9  post
18:36< johnc4510> link
18:36< bluecat9> i think you guys have all my input already, no?
18:37< br24> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=9026bd42f8a5a8b775eb6126fad3ad88&t=442792
18:37< johnc4510> br24: ty :)
18:37< br24> 10-4
18:37 * johnc4510 asks if other ?'s for br24 
18:37< dx00_> nope
18:37< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: membership team?
18:37< ianmcorvidae> Uh, sure.
18:38< johnc4510> :P
18:38< ianmcorvidae> Haven't done anything, still :/
18:38< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: when are you leaving,  the 4th
18:38< ianmcorvidae> 5th, but yeah.
18:38< johnc4510> notes not handy
18:38< johnc4510> sorry
18:38< ianmcorvidae> No problem :)
18:38 * bluecat9 wonders if everyone uses gmail?
18:39< ianmcorvidae> I do, not sure who else does.
18:39< bluecat9> a shared google calendar for our loco would be great
18:39< br24> yep
18:39< ianmcorvidae> bluecat, it would.
18:39< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: are you going to work any from germany?  or should
18:39< ianmcorvidae> I will attempt to, but I probably won't make meetings.
18:39< ianmcorvidae> As they'll be at about 3 AM my time there :P
18:39< br24> where at ianmcorvidae?
18:39< ianmcorvidae> Not sure of exact numbers.
18:39< johnc4510> we make someone here sort of speak for you at meetings
18:39< johnc4510> ?
18:39< ianmcorvidae> Just outside of Cologne, br.
18:39< SloggerKhan> Germany is AWESOME....
18:40< ianmcorvidae> Yeah, anyone who's here from membership can talk :P
18:40< br24> wouldnt mind going to Koeln
18:40< johnc4510> k
18:40< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: please have a great time
18:40< johnc4510> :P
18:40< ianmcorvidae> I'll attempt to, lol.
18:40< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: we will miss you    :P
18:40< ianmcorvidae> And hopefully we can get something done while I'm gone.
18:41< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: gah
18:41< johnc4510> :P
18:41< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: i'll put homer on it
18:41< ianmcorvidae> Anyway, I'm done.
18:41< bluecat9> ianmcorvidae, blackberry + data plan + irc ;p
18:41< johnc4510> :)
18:41< ianmcorvidae> bluecat9: money :P
18:41< bluecat9> lol
18:41< ianmcorvidae> Got a laptop, though.
18:41< ianmcorvidae> Heh.
18:41< bluecat9> coo
18:41< ianmcorvidae> Anyway. Next.
18:42< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: anything on recycling and reservations?
18:42< bluecat9> i gotta run early
18:42< bluecat9> today
18:42< SloggerKhan> I think we have to give that up.
18:42< ianmcorvidae> later, blue.
18:42< johnc4510> slofgren: both or just one?
18:42< SloggerKhan> I haven't been successful in getting a real response.
18:42< SloggerKhan> About either one.
18:43< SloggerKhan> Which is too bad.
18:43< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: well, if res.  not interested,  we should try schools or needy school kids
18:43< ianmcorvidae> Indeed.
18:43< johnc4510> yes
18:43< SloggerKhan> I think schools.
18:43< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: k
18:43< bluecat9> SloggerKhan, what have we tried thus far?
18:44< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: this is a good project, it may just take some time to get started:)
18:44< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: just keep trying please
18:44< johnc4510> ok
18:44< SloggerKhan> I haven't gotten into schools.
18:44< SloggerKhan> I will do that next.
18:44< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: sounds good to me
18:44< bluecat9> SloggerKhan, I can probably track down some contacts for you if you want?
18:45< SloggerKhan> WIth the Navajo, I think they just have a lot of inertia and not exactly anyone of them wants to really make it their project as they have other things they want to address first.
18:45< SloggerKhan> Yes, I could use school contacts.
18:45< johnc4510> bluecat9: that would be great   thanks
18:45< SloggerKhan> However, I think we need to make very certain we know specifically what we would be providing them.
18:45< bluecat9> SloggerKhan, what is our objective with the schools?
18:46< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: i think we should feel them out on
18:46< johnc4510> whether they want in schools or for needy kids
18:46< bluecat9> SloggerKhan, I want to get more involved with this area but I want to know what we have thus far also. ;p
18:46< SloggerKhan> Well, we have to decide. Basically, we can either create a program to give Ubuntu comps to needy kids. Or we can see if schools are interested in a broader deployment of Ubuntu within their school.
18:47< johnc4510> bluecat9: i think we all want to help in this,   and we are feeling our way around at first here
18:47< johnc4510> :P
18:47< bluecat9> gotcha
18:47< bluecat9> just trying to suck out as much info before i leave
18:47< bluecat9> ;p
18:47< bluecat9> sorry gents, i have to run
18:47< bluecat9> carry on ;)
18:47< br24> comps for needy kids & families may be more successful
18:47< ianmcorvidae> See ya, blue.
18:47< SloggerKhan> See ya blue.
18:47-!- bluecat9 [n=bluecat9@ip70-171-253-76.tc.ph.cox.net] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:48< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: we might want to make it edubuntu with the school kids?
18:48< SloggerKhan> I tend to agree that needy kids and families is much better goal short term. It only involves 3 things: Getting computers set up, finding families, and getting word out.
18:48 * johnc4510 asks if anything else for SloggerKhan 
18:48 * johnc4510 agrees with SloggerKhan 
18:49< SloggerKhan> I am not certain whether Edubuntu would be best. I think it might depend.
18:49< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: ok
18:49< br24> if it is for schools or kids exclusive, edubuntu might be better
18:49< br24> if families, *ubuntu then
18:49< johnc4510> will leave that up to you
18:50< johnc4510> agreed
18:50< johnc4510> anything else?
18:50 * johnc4510 says that is all of teams he thinks, and announcements
18:51< johnc4510> agenda for next meeting?
18:51< br24> johnc4510, what about the goals
18:51 * johnc4510 hopes to have approval guide done 
18:51 * johnc4510 again apologizes for not having it ready :(
18:52< br24> johnc4510, do you have any info prepared for viewing?
18:52 * johnc4510 says put it on agenda for next time ianmcorvidae  please
18:52< johnc4510> yes
18:52< johnc4510> hang on a sec
18:52< ianmcorvidae> Ok.
18:53< johnc4510> br24: here is what i have so far,  still may be edited: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Approval%20Outline
18:53< br24> sorry, ianmcorvidae gave me that link
18:53< br24> was just saying that for those who didnt have it
18:54< ianmcorvidae> Yeah, that seems to be the one to give :)
18:54< johnc4510> right
18:54 * johnc4510 says just remember it is not complete and could change
18:54< johnc4510> :)
18:54< SloggerKhan> If anyone wants to discus CompsForKids further, I'd like to screen what I'm figuring we'd be orienting towards.
18:55< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: great   how do you want to do it?
18:55-!- Irssi: #ubuntu-arizona: Total of 13 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 12 normal]
18:55< SloggerKhan> First of, I figure with computers, we'd probably be setting minumum specs.
18:55-!- bluecat9 [n=bluecat9@ip70-171-253-76.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-arizona
18:56< SloggerKhan> I'm guessing 600mhz 256mb RAM CD-ROM drive, at least 1 USB port, and 15 gb hardisk would be about it.
18:56< johnc4510> bluecat9: wb
18:56< SloggerKhan> That is open for discussion
18:57< SloggerKhan> 2nd, I figure we would want to distribute comps w/ only optical mice.
18:57< SloggerKhan> (no ball mice.)
18:57< SloggerKhan> I'd prefer better specs, but I think we should have min specs.
18:58< SloggerKhan> 2nd, we need a way to identify families.
18:58< SloggerKhan> I think the best way is to ask for flyers we give to the school to be sent home with students.
18:58< SloggerKhan> And have a website.
18:58< br24> maybe American Cross might help?
18:58< br24> or some org like them
18:59< SloggerKhan> Lastly, I think we need to come up with a base install. I figure it should include special status kids account(s), filtering/content protection, and extra educational software.
18:59< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: the schools ought to be able to point us toward to right families
18:59< SloggerKhan> Agreed, John
19:00< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: nice ideas
19:00< SloggerKhan> They are also obligated to not give us such info, I am pretty sure.
19:00< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: do you have other people on your team yet?
19:00< SloggerKhan> So we can ask them to give info to people they think are appropriate.
19:01< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: then we might let them decide who they should go to?
19:01< SloggerKhan> Not really. I am not sure what my team is, technically.
19:01 * ianmcorvidae wanders off to eat. Back later.
19:01< SloggerKhan> brb
19:02< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: k, first you should define goals and objectives of team on a wiki page for all to look at and help with
19:02< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: then as those are defined and taking shape we should think about other team members to help out
19:03< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: does that sound right to you?
19:03< dx00_> i would love to help
19:04< dx00_> im all about helping out the kids :)
19:04< dx00_> specially when pushing new technologies
19:04< br24> I wouldnt mind helping either
19:04 * johnc4510 says he thinks this is something the whole team can work on and help SloggerKhan out with
19:04< dx00_> after all, they are the ones that will be dirving the next gen technologies
19:04< johnc4510> agreed
19:04< johnc4510> :P
19:05 * johnc4510 needs to hit head, brb     
19:05< SloggerKhan> sounds Good :)
19:05 * br24 is away: busy
19:06< dx00_> i gtg guys
19:06< dx00_> SloggerKhan: i will help with anything you need
19:06< dx00_> and that i can
19:06< SloggerKhan> ok, thnks all!
19:06< dx00_> ill talk to you all latter, bye
19:07< SloggerKhan> I guess I'd work on a wiki page ofter I finish my dinner.
19:07< dx00_> good luck
19:07-!- dx00_ [n=ssjgolle@ip70-190-146-74.ph.ph.cox.net] has quit ["leaving"]
19:07< SloggerKhan> bye
19:07< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: does that seem right
19:07< johnc4510> bye
19:07< SloggerKhan> johnc4510: yeah, that sounds good.
19:07< johnc4510> k
19:08< johnc4510> thanks
19:09 * johnc4510 is back btw
19:16 * ianmcorvidae is back.
19:24 * bluecat9 is sort of back
19:25< bluecat9> i like the idea of Kids or Youth as our target audience
19:25< bluecat9> especially the kids without PCs
19:25< bluecat9> sort of like a OLPC ;p
19:26< bluecat9> i like the idea of minimum specs for PC give-aways but.. I'm afraid it may be hard to get our hands on such machines
19:26< bluecat9> i have several PII and PIII machines in the ~333-533mhz range to donate
19:27< bluecat9> and I will be happy to buy more of them at ~$5 a pop to donate in the dfuture
19:28< bluecat9> we need "Human Repo's"
19:29< bluecat9> places where we can drop off PCs and they will have Ubuntu installed on them
19:29< johnc4510> bluecat9: thanks   very generous
19:29< johnc4510> :)
19:29< johnc4510> agreed
19:29< bluecat9> cos i can always donate a PC or two a month.. but i don't have the time to work on em
19:29< johnc4510> drop offs in each town
19:29< bluecat9> aye
19:29< johnc4510> tucson, phoenix, flagstaff, etc
19:30< bluecat9> we also need a web page or something to keep track of our stock, etc
19:30< bluecat9> so we can set a number of machines to keep in stock, etc
19:31< bluecat9> to keep the flow going
19:31< bluecat9> even if it's 4 PCs a month
19:31< bluecat9> once we have something in effect like officially donating PCs to children w/o them.. i think we can get ppl to donate PCs to our cause
19:31< johnc4510> bluecat9: the wiki SloggerKhan is setting up should have that info tied into it
19:31< bluecat9> cool
19:32< johnc4510> bluecat9: if not, we can suggest it
19:32< bluecat9> I'm personally going to talk to my boss about it (donating old PCs)
19:32< bluecat9> ..he just gave away a bunch
19:32< johnc4510> bluecat9: good idea
19:32< bluecat9> we play musical chairs about once a year
19:32< johnc4510> bluecat9: that is tax deductable now btw
19:32< bluecat9> so ill try to get some of these.. but if not, maybe later
19:33< bluecat9> aye
19:33< bluecat9> he used to donate them to org's
19:33< johnc4510> cool
19:33< bluecat9> but now he is letting employees have em
19:33< bluecat9> which is nice for them
19:33< bluecat9> but bad for us
19:33< bluecat9> lol
19:33< bluecat9> i am already installing ubuntu on one of the machines ;p
19:33< bluecat9> that some lady got
19:34< bluecat9> pushing the Ubu at work.. priceless
19:34< johnc4510> cool
19:34< johnc4510> :)
19:34< bluecat9> you know..
19:34< bluecat9> all LoCo's should form PC Repo's
19:34< bluecat9> for old pc drop off
19:35< johnc4510> agreed
19:35< bluecat9> espeically now with vista coming out
19:35< johnc4510> yes
19:35< bluecat9> i think a lot of PCs are going in the trash or dropped off at those donation bin's
19:35< ianmcorvidae> Yeah.
19:36< bluecat9> i really like the idea of a "Computer Repo"
19:36< bluecat9> it could even be a wiki
19:36< ianmcorvidae> Hehe :)
19:36< bluecat9> that we can all add PCs to the repo as they are ready
19:36 * johnc4510 says maybe we ought to post a thread on forum about donating old pcs to loco's in their state?
19:36< bluecat9> ready = ubuntu installed
19:37< bluecat9> or we could start the model
19:37< bluecat9> then spread the word
19:37< bluecat9> ;p
19:37< johnc4510> nice idea
19:37< bluecat9> let's leave the word "old" out
19:37< bluecat9> just in case
19:37< bluecat9> we get lucky
19:38< johnc4510> bluecat9: this is a good idea for SloggerKhan to work on since it is his team.

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