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Ubuntu-Arizona LoCo Team - The Hottest LoCo on Earth
## Delete the below line after the meeting has been held or the Agenda otherwise finalized.

If you have additions to the Agenda, please post them here after confirming with ["Johnc4510"] or ["IanMcewen"]
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  1. Introductions
  2. Announcements
  3. Team Reports
  4. Skype
  5. Domain Name
  6. CD Distribution
  7. Next Weeks Agenda


* johnc4510 calls meeting to order
<johnc4510> no new people, so on to announcements
<johnc4510> i guess
* johnc4510 says he is working on flyer to cd distribution
<johnc4510> should have a thread up this week for all to look over
<johnc4510> and comment on
* johnc4510 says Community Council meeting Tuesday at 6 am
<johnc4510> to early
<johnc4510> hee hee
<jacob2440> lol
<br24> will be there supporting you johnc4510
<johnc4510> br24: ty
* johnc4510 says ok let's discuss domain name for web server site when up 
<johnc4510> any ideas
<br24> I think we should stick to what other teams, minus CO, have done
<johnc4510> br24: example ?
<johnc4510> ubuntu-arizona.com  ?
<johnc4510> arizona-ubuntu.com
<br24> http://arizona.ubuntu-us.org 
* johnc4510 says ok, any others
<johnc4510> ideas?
<br24> I also agree with ubuntu-arizona.org
<SloggerKhan> I don't care much as long as it's reasonable.
<jacob2440> i like ubuntu-arizona.org
<jacob2440> its easier
* johnc4510 says ok, that's a couple of ideas,   I will start  a thread for all to comment on in forums
<johnc4510> next item
<br24> johnc4510, one question
<johnc4510> br24: k
<br24> do we have a projected date when we will start building our site?
<johnc4510> br24: no, not until server is up and running
<johnc4510> if that's ok
<johnc4510> with everyone
<br24> quite understandable
* johnc4510 says rs3 didn't get newsletter out this wk.   i will have to email him again i gues
<johnc4510> guess
<johnc4510> :(
<johnc4510> SloggerKhan: any news from comp4kids project
<johnc4510> ?
<SloggerKhan> Nope. I've accomplished nothing. :/ I guess I am just not as focused on it as I should be.
<johnc4510> k
* johnc4510 says bluecat9 had an idea  here: http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dcxmrqs7_4g4czgg&invite=5x9m68
<johnc4510> bluecat9: do you want to expand on idea here in channel?
<johnc4510> bluecat9: you here
* johnc4510 says he is not sure what to do. About team
<br24> johnc4510, what do you mean?
<SloggerKhan> We are delinquent, maybe?
* johnc4510 says he does think anyone is interest at the moment
<johnc4510> SloggerKhan: nah
<johnc4510> just not getting anything done
<johnc4510> ?
* johnc4510 asks if we should be going for team approval or not,   do we just want to be a social forum?
* johnc4510 asks: or is it just me or my problem?
<br24> johnc4510, I agree with you
<br24> I know the people who spend a lot of time in here want to see this team succeed
<SloggerKhan> I think you have point.
<br24> I will even throw myself in this category
* johnc4510 says he is not upset, just wants to know what everyone thinks
<jacob2440> i want to see the team succeed
<johnc4510> ty
<SloggerKhan> I personally have other commitments (RHA and UAITSAB) that have to come first. So I know I am not on top of things.
<br24> SloggerKhan, I am right there with you
<br24> I am trying to start my own business, work a part-time job, and get assistance from the state and VA
* johnc4510 says he knows everyone has other commitments, he is just asking if we should rethink, or not
* johnc4510 says he has other things going on too
<br24> but I have made my commitment on getting this team developed and able to strive in meeting our, and Ubuntus, goals
<br24> if anyone needs assistance on any team project, I am willing to help
<johnc4510> me too
<SloggerKhan> I'd prefer not be leading anything because I don't think I can be consistent of working on things right now.
* johnc4510 says maybe we should take a wk and think over commitment and meet up again next wk

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