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  a. WINE/VM   a. WINE/VM - Propose change to Education team (["br24"])


Ubuntu-Arizona LoCo Team - The Hottest LoCo on Earth

If you have additions to the Agenda, please post them here after confirming with ["Johnc4510"] or ["IanMcewen"]


This meeting will be a test run of a new moderated-channel format.

  1. Introductions
  2. Team Reports
    1. Membership
    2. Newsletter
    3. Web Design
    4. WINE/VM - Propose change to Education team (["br24"])
    5. Server
  3. Computer Recycling/Localization Rehash
  4. Forum Sticky Thread (["Azteech"])
  5. IRC channel statistics by http://ubuntustats.homelinux.org

  6. Moderated Channel Re-vote
  7. Agenda for next week


This will be posted after the meeting.

Parent pages: ["ArizonaTeam/Meetings"] ["ArizonaTeam"]


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