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  1. Introductions
  2. Announcements
  3. Discussion: Changing Day of IRC Meetings
  4. Team Reports
    1. Membership
    2. Newsletter
    3. Web Design
    4. Education
    5. Server
  5. Computer Recycling/Localization Rehash
  6. IRC channel statistics by http://ubuntustats.homelinux.org

  7. Agenda for next week


18:20[notice(#ubuntu-arizona)] Meeting is starting (over)
18:20< johnc4510> i can copy and paste all day
18:20< johnc4510> or night
18:20< ianmcorvidae> Ok, first agenda item.
18:20< ianmcorvidae> Introductions. Do we have anyone?
18:20-!- Irssi: #ubuntu-arizona: Total of 16 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 15 normal]
18:20< johnc4510> jsonder: did you introduce yourself last week
18:20< johnc4510> can't remember
18:20< johnc4510> if not please do
18:21< ianmcorvidae> Also, _NoX_.
18:21< johnc4510> jsonder: you there?
18:21< johnc4510> ah
18:21< SlickMcRunfast> guess not next?
18:21< azteech> s;dp czc
18:21< azteech> also even
18:21< johnc4510> _NoX_: you there
18:22< jsonder> johnc4510: well I wasn't here so I could not have done so
18:22< johnc4510> jsonder: please, just a brief intro
18:22< ianmcorvidae> Yep.
18:22< jsonder> I'm an old person down in Green Valley.  I dink around with ocmputers and motorcycles
18:23 * johnc4510 like motorcycles
18:23< jsonder> Tha does it, no more laptop keyboard!
18:23< ianmcorvidae> johnc4510 is also an old person :P
18:23< ianmcorvidae> Anyway.
18:23< jsonder> We're running little Hondas
18:24< johnc4510> alright
18:24< ianmcorvidae> czc: are you there?
18:24< czc> Hi, I'm here but I'm working on something
18:24< ianmcorvidae> Would you mind a brief introduction, or too busy?
18:24< czc> why ?
18:24< czc> ah ok
18:25< czc> I'm a french guy in Flagstaff since 2005, my work involves playing with ubuntu
18:26< czc> never went to a LUG
18:26 * slofgren initiates czc with a wedgie
18:26 * johnc4510 welcomes czc  and  jsonder
18:26< czc> that's nice
18:26< slofgren> haha
18:26< ianmcorvidae> _NoX_: You there for an intro?
18:27< ianmcorvidae> (We have a bunch of new folks this week :) )
18:27< johnc4510> yes
18:27< johnc4510> don't know if pepse here or not
18:27< ianmcorvidae> pepse: You around for an intro?
18:27< ianmcorvidae> Yeah.
18:27< ianmcorvidae> Serialman: Are you around to give an intro?
18:28 * ianmcorvidae waits for a few seconds to see if any respond
18:28< ianmcorvidae> Ok.
18:28< ianmcorvidae> Next agenda item until we see more new folks return.
18:28< ianmcorvidae> 2, Announcement.
18:28 * johnc4510 says he has 3 and asks for the floor
18:28 * azteech slinks away for couple, to check on install, and take couple desktop screen shots .. 
18:28< ianmcorvidae> Go ahead john.
18:29< johnc4510> Everyone should have gotten an email from me on the proposed goal of applying for team approval. I will have the plan ready by the next meeting and then we can decide to accept it or not. This proposal and discussion will probably take up most of the meeting time on that day. I hope that everyone will attend and voice their opinions since this is a large undertaking.
18:29< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: please set aside all of next meeting for this
18:29< johnc4510> We have done some editing to the main wiki page here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam?action=show to help clarify and present a more professional looking page. br24 has also implemented a Spanish translation of this page, and we will be watching to see if we receive any feedback on this.
18:30< ianmcorvidae> Ok. We'll leave time for brief team reports, but no more than bare status, no questions.
18:30< johnc4510> yes
18:30< johnc4510> This coming week, starting tomorrow, we are going to start using the ubuntu-us-az mailing list to send the Newsletter and other announcements. This means that if you haven't registered here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-az you will not be receiving loco news and announcements. I encourage all to register here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-az so that you can keep up with the loco happen
18:30< johnc4510> ings. :) I would put the link in this announcement again, but I'm sure everyone knows that this is the link: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-az  Please don't throw things at the announcer, he is poorly paid as it is. :)
18:30< johnc4510> hee hee
18:31< ianmcorvidae> heh.
18:31< ianmcorvidae> Those are your announcements, john?
18:31< johnc4510> just trying to make a point
18:31< ianmcorvidae> Yep.
18:31< johnc4510> yes
18:31< ianmcorvidae> Ok. Just a brief question, who all is actually *here*
18:31< ianmcorvidae> ?
18:31< ianmcorvidae> We seem underpopulated.
18:31< jsonder> me
18:31< SlickMcRunfast> here
18:31< johnc4510> johnc4510: i am
18:32< ianmcorvidae> Hmm, well.
18:32< jsonder> hahahahha
18:32< ianmcorvidae> Small meeting, but that's ok.
18:32 * johnc4510 asks if we have enough for next item
18:32< ianmcorvidae> I would say not.
18:32< ianmcorvidae> john, will you create a forum thread on that?
18:32< seamless> here
18:32< bluecat9> here --sort of
18:32< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: be glad to
18:32< czc> ok i'm here
18:32< ianmcorvidae> We're going to discuss changing the day we do IRC meetings, partially by request of tapH20guru.
18:33< SlickMcRunfast> mayebe it should be a thread on the forums
18:33< ianmcorvidae> However, we're missing a good chunk of our folks, so yeah.
18:33< ianmcorvidae> Slick, that's what john will do :)
18:33< ianmcorvidae> Next, Team Reports.
18:33< johnc4510> SlickMcRunfast: yes
18:33< SlickMcRunfast> i'm slow
18:33< ianmcorvidae> First team, Membership, which is me.
18:33< ianmcorvidae> No worries, Slick.
18:33< johnc4510> SlickMcRunfast: np
18:33< ianmcorvidae> Membership hasn't done anything new since last week. I'll want to talk to all the Membership team members sometime. Unfortunately, I'm the only one currently here.
18:33< ianmcorvidae> So, hope for a better report next week.
18:34< ianmcorvidae> johnc4510: Newsletter team report, please?
18:34< johnc4510> k
18:34< johnc4510> rsthree will be taking over the Ubuntu-Arizona Newsletter this week. I know Royal will do a great job, and I am looking forward to reading the loco news this week. Also as I haven't reminded everyone for a few minutes, please register here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-az so that you will continue to receive your copy.  :) :) hee hee
18:34 * johnc4510 makes point again  :)
18:34< ianmcorvidae> heh
18:34< ianmcorvidae> Any questions for john? (Or, I guess myself... not much to ask there, though)
18:35-!- Irssi: #ubuntu-arizona: Total of 16 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 15 normal]
18:35< bluecat9> negatory
18:35< ianmcorvidae> Also, rsthree: do you have anything to add?
18:35< ianmcorvidae> (are you even here?  :P)
18:35 * azteech slinks back in, sits in back row
18:35< ianmcorvidae> azteech, I'll talk to you and hopefully Poly and Slogger later about Membership.
18:35< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: don't think he is back yet
18:35< ianmcorvidae> Ok.
18:36 * ianmcorvidae presumes we should move on, then.
18:36< johnc4510> yes
18:36< ianmcorvidae> Web Design? Whoever's making that report?
18:36< ianmcorvidae> Slick.
18:36< johnc4510> next
18:37< ianmcorvidae> Ok.
18:37< ianmcorvidae> Education.
18:37< ianmcorvidae> br24: Are you here?
18:37< br24> yes
18:37< br24> I am doing some testing on VMware and should be posting an update on this project soon
18:37< azteech> johnc4510, am here.
18:38< johnc4510> k
18:38< ianmcorvidae> br24: Any news on possible additional projects, or not moving there yet?
18:38< br24> I also urge anyone to post their ideas and suggestions
18:38< ianmcorvidae> Ah :)
18:38< br24> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=4e39713b9574b76a449fbe7d7459aa15&t=442792
18:38< br24> I am thinking up some ideas myself
18:38< johnc4510> good
18:39< br24> such as little tweaks to Ubuntu and its sw
18:39< br24> such as speeding up Firefox
18:39< johnc4510> i saw something on dx00 team page about vm  are you two working on this together?
18:39-!- vorian [n=grrr@ubuntu/member/Vorian] has joined #ubuntu-arizona
18:39< br24> I have not heard from him in a couple weeks
18:40< johnc4510> vorian: welcome to meeting in progress
18:40< johnc4510> k
18:40< vorian> hello
18:40< johnc4510> when he gets back, please talk to him about this
18:40< ianmcorvidae> Any further questions for br?
18:40< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: i have dx report
18:40< ianmcorvidae> Ok.
18:40< johnc4510> on server team
18:40< ianmcorvidae> Go ahead, then.
18:41< ianmcorvidae> Presuming no further questions.
18:41< johnc4510> y
18:41< johnc4510> DX00 is still out of town, but he sent me an email and here it is: I'm still out of town and won't be back until Monday or Tuesday. I don't have any news on the server team but I will get it rolling once again when I get back. I did receive an e-mail from one of the DeLug people saying that he knows someone that works a lot with VMWare stuff and that he is looking into the server specks to see what Virtualization we can do with th
18:41< johnc4510> e server and maybe what updgrades we need to make.
18:41< ianmcorvidae> Excellent.
18:41< ianmcorvidae> Any questions can be directed to DX00 when he returns.
18:41< johnc4510> br24: this is why you should get with dx   ok
18:41< ianmcorvidae> Slogger's not here, skipping next item on agenda.
18:42< ianmcorvidae> IRC statistics are now being done by me.
18:42< bluecat9> I have an idea that falls into the Education team and the Computer Recycle team..
18:42 * johnc4510 thinks he is padding stats
18:42< ianmcorvidae> So, go to http://ubuntuarizonairc.thruhere.net to read channel statistics, if you care :P
18:42< ianmcorvidae> bluecat, go ahead.
18:42< bluecat9> ty
18:42 * azteech nods head in total agreement with johnc4510 
18:42< bluecat9> When we do get computers to give away...
18:42< bluecat9> We could talk to the libraries
18:43< bluecat9> and get a meeting room
18:43< bluecat9> annouce that we are giving away free computers
18:43< bluecat9> the library will post it
18:43< bluecat9> using their mediums
18:43< slofgren> where will these come from?
18:43< bluecat9> ppl will come and register
18:43< bluecat9> 1s
18:43< bluecat9> there will be a class
18:43< johnc4510> bluecat9: not bad, what about using that for
18:43< bluecat9> ubuntu basics
18:44< bluecat9> taught for the ppl who will be getting the computers
18:44< br24> hmm, classroom-like environment eh?
18:44< bluecat9> this way we are giving ubuntu on pcs and educating
18:44< johnc4510> showing off ubuntu and what it can do
18:44< bluecat9> we can do this w/o giving away PCs
18:44< bluecat9> but i think it will have more draw with free PCs
18:44< slofgren> but will it be thre right draw
18:45< ianmcorvidae> bluecat9, that seems like a great idea. I'll contact you about attending whenever we do a Membership team meeting.
18:45< bluecat9> as mentioned before to Ian, i have some weight with TPPL
18:45< ianmcorvidae> Yep :)
18:45< johnc4510> bluecat9: not bad, bud wouldn't we have to have a lot of computers?
18:45< bluecat9> getting the PCs is the problem/issue
18:45< ianmcorvidae> johnc4510: Not necessarily, we don't have to give out many.
18:45< ianmcorvidae> We can always say '5 PC's will be given to attendees after the class'
18:45< br24> maybe have a drawing
18:45< ianmcorvidae> And leave it at that; yeah, probably by chance.
18:45< br24> give tickets, pick the lucky numbers
18:46< bluecat9> the cheapest i know of are ~pIII ~333mhz for ~$5 from UofA auctions
18:46< bluecat9> just an idea
18:46< ianmcorvidae> Speaking of which, when are those again?
18:46< ianmcorvidae> Someone mentioned them.
18:46< johnc4510> i have an old mmx 166 i could donate
18:46< bluecat9> ianmcorvidae,  may 2nd i think
18:46< bluecat9> 22nd
18:46< johnc4510> may be for edubuntu
18:46< ianmcorvidae> Yeah.
18:46< bluecat9> i havw ~3-4 PCs to donate
18:47< johnc4510> i looked at u of a auction site,   several boxes
18:47< bluecat9> aye
18:47< ianmcorvidae> Yep, the 22nd.
18:47< ianmcorvidae> Just looked :)
18:47 * azteech askes fr addy of aution site
18:47< ianmcorvidae> Live and online.
18:47< bluecat9> I'm not sure how we get the PCs. but the giving them away and the classroom environment seems like a win win :)
18:47< ianmcorvidae> http://uaauctions.arizona.edu
18:47< bluecat9> ..for giving back.
18:47< ianmcorvidae> Indeed, bluecat.
18:48< ianmcorvidae> As I said, I'll get you information on the next Membership meeting.
18:48 * azteech notes ianmcorvidae on top of it as usual ... :P
18:48< bluecat9> ianmcorvidae, ty
18:48< bluecat9> that is all
18:48< johnc4510> bluecat9: ty
18:48< ianmcorvidae> Ok.
18:48< ianmcorvidae> john, you said you had an annoucement?
18:48 * azteech has add on for that
18:48< ianmcorvidae> Oh, wait.
18:48< ianmcorvidae> azteech, go ahead. John, you'll follow.
18:49< azteech> if, and when we get these pc's, who will be designated to test them, and ensure they will run Ubuntu, so we don't ahve a gates-type fiasco?
18:49< azteech> also, are we getting a whole pc, or just the box, and monitors available seperately?
18:49< ianmcorvidae> I suspect that would be a general team deal... depends also on how many computers/people we can get.
18:50< azteech> as well as what about other peripherals?
18:50< ianmcorvidae> azteech, no idea. Could be either.
18:50< ianmcorvidae> any of the above, I guess.
18:50< br24> will there be a CD included as well?
18:50< azteech> just a thought we need to be ready to tackle is all ..
18:50< bluecat9> note: you can get a lot of monitors for $5 at ua auction
18:50< bluecat9> if you have a truck..
18:51< ianmcorvidae> Hehe.
18:51< bluecat9> buy a lot i mean.. ~5-10
18:51 * azteech relinquishes floor to johnc4510
18:51 * johnc4510 says next weeks meeting is very important. Please tell everyone they need to attend as you meet up with them in the channel here. We will need to get off to a good start in order for approval project to be successful    Thanks
18:51< azteech> bluecat9, agreed
18:51 * johnc4510 says he is excited about new project
18:51< slofgren> johnc4510: are you changing the meeting time?
18:52< ianmcorvidae> Ok, I think most of everything is done.
18:52< johnc4510> slofgren: we didn't feel enough here to vote on it
18:52< ianmcorvidae> Next week's agenda is easy, heh.
18:52< ianmcorvidae> Yes, it will be on the forums.
18:52< slofgren> I would be in favor of it
18:52< slofgren> Sunday at 6pm is hard
18:52[notice(#ubuntu-arizona)] Meeting officially over.

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