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== Agenda ==
 1. Introductions
 1. Announcements
 1. TBA
 1. TBA
 1. TBA
 1. Agenda for next week

If you have additions to the Agenda, please post them here after confirming with JohnCrawford or CraigAEddy


*Note: Seemed to be an informal meeting without johnc4510, so this is what i figured would be kinda worth posting :).
21:04 < tyche> OK, important announcement:  johnc4510 will be delayed, tonight.  His mother is doing poorly, tonight.  He hopes to join the channel about 9:30 PM
21:04 < matthewmpp> Sorry, to here that.
21:04  * xHans == matthewmpp
21:05 -!- SlickMcRunFast [n=mark@ip24-255-46-64.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-us-az
21:05 < matthewmpp> xHans: ?
21:06 < matthewmpp> Hi SlickMcRunFast
21:06 < xHans> matthewmpp: just saying that I agree with your sentiments
21:06 < matthewmpp> xHans: ok
21:07  * br24 comes back
21:07  * br24 gives tyche a wedgie
21:07 < matthewmpp> So, tyche are you running the meeting tonight?
21:08 < SlickMcRunFast> hi
21:08 < tyche> Nope.  I have no idea what he had in mind, nor any idea of what information he has for us.  We'll have to wait.
21:08 < br24> hello all
21:08 < tyche> For those that may have missed the announcement:  johnc4510 will be delayed, tonight.  His mother is doing poorly, tonight.  He hopes to join the channel about 9:30 PM
21:09 < xHans> we can play werewolf while we wait
21:09 < tyche> Werewolf?  THERE wolf.
21:09 < br24> who wolf?
21:09 < matthewmpp> brb sb
21:10 < todd3737> call the meeting to order then make it up from there
21:10 < tyche> todd3737: I'm not that creative.
21:10 < br24> why not tyche?
21:10 < tyche> I don't know.  That's just the way I'm designed.
21:11 < todd3737> just ask about the Tucsan Install fest
21:11 < xHans> tyche's an undercover femmebot from the Bionic Woman
21:12 < br24> are you playing dressup again tyche?
21:13 < tyche> Maybe xHans should lead the meeting.  He definitely shows remarkable creativity by thinking that there's ANYTHING bionic about me.
21:14 < todd3737> who got tickets to Jacksons funeral?
21:14 < xHans> let's start with a group singalong
21:14 < xHans> tyche: do you have a link to the Ubuntu theme song lyrics?
21:14 < tyche> WHAT Ubuntu theme song?
21:14 < hobbet1> there is a theme song lol
21:15 < xHans> tyche: there isn't one?
21:16 < tyche> Well, if there is, no one taught it to me.
21:16 < hobbet1> ubuntu cant even handle color, i hate the color scheme, all earth tone ugh, song yea right
21:16 < xHans> hmm, OK, you write one while I cover upcoming events :)
21:17 < tyche> hobbet1: I solved the problem of earth color.
21:17 < tyche> http://www.flickr.com/photos/22090195@N03/3618924602/
21:17 < hobbet1> that would be better
21:18 < xHans> PLUG east side meeting is this Thursday night
21:18 < xHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/131
21:18 < xHans> mathewmpp will be starting his series on Mozilla products by covering Firefox
21:18 < xHans> the next security hackfest is this Saturday
21:18 < xHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/658
21:19 < hobbet1> can anybody go?
21:19 < xHans> the topic this month should be the topic I announced last month since it was supposed to be for this month rather than for last month
21:19 < xHans> hobbet1: yeah, all PLUG meetings are no cost and open to the public
21:20 < xHans> even when we go for food you don't have to buy anything. it's there if you want, but we don't set an obligation
21:20 < hobbet1> ok
21:21 < xHans> Steven Kaplan will be covering FreeIPA, which is an integrated security information management solution
21:22 -!- kirllz [n=mos@home.rubicon.cx] has joined #ubuntu-us-az
21:22 -!- kirllz_ [n=mos@home.rubicon.cx] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:23 < xHans> the Avondale Free Software Stammtisch is next week, but the Tempe Free Software Stammtisch is in two weeks
21:23 < xHans> I believe the Prescott Free Software Stammtisch is a week from Tuesday, slofgren can confirm that
21:25 < xHans> matthewmpp is changing the schedule for the BlenderCAD workshops, they will now be the 3rd Saturday of the month, so the next one is on the 18th
21:26 < matthewmpp> xHans: will you be adding that to the calendar?
21:26 < xHans> next Sunday's ABLEconf meeting will be full-size, so please join the ABLEconf discuss list and join us for our 20:00 meeting ( the hour before the LoCo mtg )
21:27 < xHans> matthewmpp: we need to make sure you have access to update the event
21:27 < xHans> that's all the news I have
21:27 < matthewmpp> Yeah that sounds good.
21:27  * xHans turns it back over to tyche for the new Ubuntu song ;-)
21:28 < tyche> Tell me, xHans:   Have you EVER heard me sing?
21:28 < word> [21:01] [CTCP] Received CTCP-PING request from matthewmpp to channel #Ubuntu-US-AZ, sending answer.
21:28 < word> :-/
21:28 < tyche> I didn't think so.
21:28 < xHans> tyche: something about asking where someone's troosers are
21:29 < matthewmpp> Hi word
21:29 < tyche> And now we wait and see if johnc4510 shows up.
21:29 < tyche> You only saw the lyrics.  You didn't hear me sing it.
21:29 < matthewmpp> The meeting has been more or less delayed.
21:29  * hobbet1 heard a screech
21:30 < word> matthewmpp: what was the ping for? :-/
21:30  * word feels violated
21:31 -!- [R] [n=rbox@unaffiliated/rbox] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:31 < matthewmpp> I pinged everyone on the channel at 9:00 for the meeting.
21:32 < matthewmpp> word: did not mean to offend, just wanted to wake anyone that was a sleep at their computers.
21:32 < tyche> Besides, word, it was only a LITTLE ping.  Hee hee
21:32  * hobbet1 sleeps with his dell
21:33 < tyche> hobbet1 is a farmer . . . in his dell?  I didn't think there was room in a computer for a person to sleep.
21:34 < matthewmpp> I took a look at the System 76 computers this weekend since I spend a lot of time waiting for my laptop to catch up, however, I will not be buying 1 just yet. (The one I wanted was just under $2grand.)
21:35 < hobbet1> ugh
21:35 < hobbet1> my hp was a grand, and even that i went ugh
21:35 < tyche> matthewmpp: You have expensive tastes
21:35 < matthewmpp> hobbet1: YEAH!
21:36 < matthewmpp> tyche: YEAH!
21:36 < hobbet1> i didnt know better at the time lol
21:37 < hobbet1> dont get me wrong i am happy with it, but man
21:37 < matthewmpp> tyche: Is there anything you can tell us about the news letter?
21:37 < tyche> Which newsletter?  Team or UWN
21:38 < matthewmpp> Team (What is UWN?)
21:38 < tyche> UWN = Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter
21:38 < matthewmpp> Give us the highlights on both.
21:39 < tyche> The team newsletter is a summary of what happens at the team meetings, taken from the IRC logs
21:39 < tyche> As for the UWN, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue149
21:39 < matthewmpp> and the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter.
21:40 < tyche> matthewmpp: the link I gave you is better than a highlight.  It's the whole latest issue
21:41 < word> matthewmpp: i usually just read backlogs, as do a lot of irc people...in the future it'd probably be best just to ping the people who you know. :-/ Not trying to be mean here, i was just watching a good show. :(
21:41 < matthewmpp> word: Thanks for the info.
21:42 -!- [R] [n=rbox@unaffiliated/rbox] has joined #ubuntu-us-az
21:50 -!- [R] [n=rbox@unaffiliated/rbox] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:53 < matthewmpp> tyche: How do I sign up for the UWN?
21:54 < matthewmpp> xHans: Did you get the email with just the presentation?
21:55 < tyche> matthewmpp: RSS feed is http://fridge.ubuntu.com/uwn/feedhttp://fridge.ubuntu.com/uwn/feed
21:56 < matthewmpp> can you re-paste that?
21:56 < tyche> And the wiki is sequential.  Just keep adding 1 to the previous number.
21:56 < tyche> http://fridge.ubuntu.com/uwn/feed
21:56 < tyche> Sorry, my finger must have stuttered.
21:57 < matthewmpp> thanks
21:57 < tyche> Also, it's announced in #ubuntu-news and #ubuntu-news-team, and you can get on the ubuntu-news mailing list and have it sent to you.
21:58 < hobbet1> tyche i could have sworn i signed up with loco az
21:59 < tyche> It's also announced on the Planet-Ubuntu.
22:01 < xHans> matthewmpp: no, I just got the zip file
22:02 < matthewmpp> xHans: I sent it about 10 min ago.
22:02 < tyche> hobbet1: You are signed up for the Team newsletter.  You should be getting it every Wednesday (unless I forget and don't send it out until Thursday)
22:02 < tyche> If there's no meeting, there's no newsletter.
22:04 < tyche> You can also reach it from http://www.azloco.com, where a short version is on the front page followed by the link to the whole thing.  Latest one is issue #98
22:04 < tyche> Look for the Siamese Cat.  That's Tyche.
22:04 < hobbet1> tyche i tried signing into website, but i cant
22:05 < hobbet1> i use 2 different passwords for everything i have and 1 username, so i dont know whats wrong, i wanted to take poll lol
22:06 < tyche> You'd have to ask johnc4510, kennymc0, slofgren or jeff_martin to sign you up.  I don't have the knowledge of how to do it.
22:06 < tyche> johnc4510 or kennymc0 would be the best options.
22:06 < hobbet1> ok, thanks tiche
22:06 < tyche> NP
22:06 < hobbet1> oops sorry tyche lol
22:06 < hobbet1> man typos today
22:07 < tyche> That's part of what I'm here for (as in deference to a minister:  it's what he's hereafter.)
22:09 < hobbet1> i am tempted to go to tucson installfest, i think that is next one, i can install 8.10, but cant get 9.04 to work, maybe they can for me
22:10 < hobbet1> i was just reading that on az loco website

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