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Feb 27 21:00:00 toddc Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1

Feb 27 21:00:14 toddc star-date 64605.4

Feb 27 21:00:18 toddc +1

Feb 27 21:00:29 LostPenguin +1 LMAO

Feb 27 21:00:37 toddc Our Team leader is johnc 4510 but he is unavailable for a while so I am filling in on nights when I am available.

Feb 27 21:00:52 toddc If any one else would like to help and fill in or take over or??? please step up we are behind on the web page, launchpad and should be doing more events/ party's

Feb 27 21:01:05 toddc Our launch pad site

Feb 27 21:01:07 toddc https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-arizona

Feb 27 21:01:09 toddc Our web site is azloco.com

Feb 27 21:01:18 toddc Anyone here new tonight please introduce yourself  and tell us a little about yourself?

Feb 27 21:01:34 toddc Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting

Feb 27 21:01:54 toddc Here is new news from ubuntu news:

Feb 27 21:02:07 toddc Cononical to donate 25% Ubuntu One revenues to Gnome Foundation

Feb 27 21:02:19 toddc http://www.muktware.com/b/25/2011/792/canonical-donate-25-ubuntu-one-revenues-gnome-foundation

Feb 27 21:02:34 toddc Ubuntu 10.10 desktop Customization Guide

Feb 27 21:02:36 toddc http://news.softpedia.com/news/Ubuntu-10-10-Desktop-Customization-Guide-186408.shtml

Feb 27 21:02:48 toddc Ubuntu is the 4th Most Popular linux Distribution on web servers and continues to grow faster

Feb 27 21:02:49 toddc http://www.techdrivein.com/2011/02/ubuntu-is-4th-most-popular-linux.html

Feb 27 21:03:01 toddc Ubuntu Globbal Jam April 1-3

Feb 27 21:03:03 toddc http://www.linuxsouls.com/node/32

Feb 27 21:03:16 toddc Over 50 Ubuntu based Distributions-----WOW! And they missed a few

Feb 27 21:03:18 toddc http://akgraner.com/?p=895

Feb 27 21:03:32 toddc Why every ubuntu user must install ubuntu tweak!

Feb 27 21:03:34 toddc http://www.muktware.com/a/23/2011/787/why-every-ubuntu-user-must-install-ubuntu-tweak

Feb 27 21:03:46 toddc HOWTO: Easy, simple GUI setup of smb file server

Feb 27 21:03:48 toddc http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1685718

Feb 27 21:04:02 toddc Navisurfer II brings Ubuntu Linux to your car

Feb 27 21:04:03 toddc Ubuntu based gps mapping system for your car

Feb 27 21:04:05 toddc http://www.ubergizmo.com/2011/02/navisurfer-ii-ubuntu-linux-car/

Feb 27 21:04:28 toddc Check and comment on the flyer at

Feb 27 21:04:29 toddc http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10502578#post10502578

Feb 27 21:04:46 toddc LostPenguin has made some contacts at UofA computer sciences Dept for a installfest 04/02/2011

Feb 27 21:04:57 toddc I have emailed TFUG Tucson's linux/unix user group and invited them

Feb 27 21:05:17 toddc current plans are for me to drive to Tucson 4/2/2011 with my van to carpool leaving Azmills at 7:00AM

Feb 27 21:05:19 LostPenguin me too, no response

Feb 27 21:06:04 toddc if you get close I might be able to pick you up for the local drive

Feb 27 21:06:19 toddc re there any interests in doing any other group projects--installfests or server projects?

Feb 27 21:06:34 toddc Plug planning meeting have been canceled due to lack of attendance

Feb 27 21:06:57 toddc PLUG DEVEL meeting Thursday march 3 at UAT room 203 at 19:30

Feb 27 21:07:11 toddc Installfests are last Saturday of the month at UAT 48st and baseline in Tempe right off the I10 and across from Fry's electronics from 10am to 4pm

Feb 27 21:07:53 toddc Thanks to scott_ev for updating azloco and wiki for the Tucson installfest

Feb 27 21:07:56 yourwhiteshadow +1 (sorry)

Feb 27 21:08:09 toddc np glad you made it

Feb 27 21:08:30 toddc Check and comment on the flyer at

Feb 27 21:08:31 toddc http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10502578#post10502578

Feb 27 21:08:50 toddc are we on the 9th or 13th floor?

Feb 27 21:09:31 LostPenguin 9th I belive, but I'm not 100% the rooms been booked yet, told her too but she hasn't responded

Feb 27 21:09:53 LostPenguin yeah, atrium on the 9th

Feb 27 21:10:10 toddc just need to know before I print the flyer's and would like to get them out soon

Feb 27 21:10:39 LostPenguin you got the map I sent you right?  Don;t need it for the flyer but would be good for azloco.com

Feb 27 21:10:46 toddc ok I will make the changes any other changes or comments?

Feb 27 21:12:08 toddc at this time I have two members of ax loco that say they will be there and four from plug

Feb 27 21:13:02 * tagumcity has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Feb 27 21:13:02 LostPenguin definatly want to get the reservation nailed down this week so we can start full scale promoition

Feb 27 21:13:32 toddc I think if every one show we should be ok but we may pick up some students there to help and and added the rsvp so we can get a rough Idea

Feb 27 21:13:55 * tagumcity (~tagumcity@ has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ

Feb 27 21:14:51 toddc scott_ev will also be ordering 10.10 cd's and get us access to all sites and pages so we should be back up to full speed in the next week

Feb 27 21:15:07 toddc welcome tagumcity

Feb 27 21:15:35 toddc xHans if you are here do you have any news for us?

Feb 27 21:15:52 toddc Anyone here new tonight please introduce yourself  and tell us a little about yourself?

Feb 27 21:16:09 yourwhiteshadow what about ubuntu based distros, that aren't "official"

Feb 27 21:16:33 toddc I lokked at the list and found a lot that they missed

Feb 27 21:16:42 toddc looked

Feb 27 21:17:13 soldats IMO bring any distro you have just in case

Feb 27 21:17:18 toddc I thought the custom guide was cool and did a few of them

Feb 27 21:18:23 toddc I have a server that has most major distro (iso) on it that we can write to usb drives as needed or burn cd's

Feb 27 21:18:44 yourwhiteshadow that sounds cool, i'll just bring a grip of usb drives

Feb 27 21:18:46 soldats thats awesome

Feb 27 21:18:49 toddc I also hace 20 fedora 14 disks

Feb 27 21:19:34 LostPenguin your server have PPC stuff?

Feb 27 21:20:25 toddc doing the monthly installfest we should have everything we need and also we will have the ubuntu banner and if I have time I plan to make some sandwich boards to direct people to your area

Feb 27 21:20:38 toddc PPC?

Feb 27 21:20:57 LostPenguin PowerPC processor, macs use them

Feb 27 21:21:10 LostPenguin instead of x86/x64

Feb 27 21:21:17 scott_ev sorry, +1

Feb 27 21:21:28 toddc I have a few and most of the 64bit distros

Feb 27 21:21:44 toddc np scott glad you made it

Feb 27 21:22:07 scott_ev toddc: I'll be skipping 10.10 since 11.04 isn't that far off

Feb 27 21:22:21 LostPenguin I know you probably have x86 and 64, but if you don;t have PPC I'll make a pont too copy y 10.10 ppc

Feb 27 21:22:31 toddc last time in tucson we did 1 mac install

Feb 27 21:22:34 scott_ev unless I can get 10.10 disks before installfest

Feb 27 21:23:03 toddc ok I ment 11.04  but misstyped

Feb 27 21:23:11 scott_ev kk

Feb 27 21:23:47 toddc I have 10.10 on usb three 1 unr 1 I386 1 64bit

Feb 27 21:24:19 toddc we should be fine also larry has most of them on cd already

Feb 27 21:25:01 toddc Eric is also planning on going down so we will have several experts for any problem pc's

Feb 27 21:25:59 toddc let me know when the roon is finalized so I can start printing and shipping flyers

Feb 27 21:26:15 toddc any other questions?

Feb 27 21:27:10 yourwhiteshadow let's plan for lunch?

Feb 27 21:27:19 yourwhiteshadow since we'll be there from 10-5 or w/e

Feb 27 21:28:05 LostPenguin Student union is close and has a lot of food. and plenty of places will deliver pizza

Feb 27 21:28:32 toddc at normal installfests I rarley ever have time for lunch but maybe we will get lucky--I do plan on a ice chest with water

Feb 27 21:28:56 toddc and may bring a few snacks just in case

Feb 27 21:29:54 toddc last time we went out to dinner after wards and that may be a better idea than leaving all the computers in the lobby

Feb 27 21:30:46 LostPenguin We're all prety intelegent people, I'm sure will figure out shiftes, send a runner, w/e

Feb 27 21:31:38 toddc np we can play it by ear and see what happens --I may have a better ides after we get some rsvp's back

Feb 27 21:32:49 scott_ev definitely bring drinks & food

Feb 27 21:33:08 scott_ev there won't be time to go out or send someone out for lunch

Feb 27 21:33:25 toddc if some one has time uofA had a ubuntu image that they recommended last time as a download we should get familier with it they may want it installed

Feb 27 21:33:31 bj0 was there an installfest yesturday

Feb 27 21:33:36 bj0 ?

Feb 27 21:33:37 toddc yes

Feb 27 21:33:50 bj0 wow i type really really slow when my hands are cold

Feb 27 21:34:54 toddc we helped 4-5 new users was a little slower than normal but they they we all problem pc's so I keep busy

Feb 27 21:35:51 yourwhiteshadow should we do classes or something for people who want to learn some stuff?

Feb 27 21:37:11 toddc based on normal installfests no they each come in with individual needs but I have thought about running a few into slide shows

Feb 27 21:37:57 * tagumcity has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Feb 27 21:38:29 * tagumcity (~tagumcity@wsip-68-14-225-33.ph.ph.cox.net) has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ

Feb 27 21:38:49 toddc last time at UofA there several normal installs and a lot of questions like how to install SQL from students others were just normal installs

Feb 27 21:40:31 toddc keep in mind that they use ubuntu on most of the school servers and recommend students to use ubuntu so we will get a wide range of questions from sudent but some of them will have a lot of ubuntu knowalage also

Feb 27 21:41:33 toddc any other questions or comments?

Feb 27 21:41:56 tagumcity hi Todd, this Dwayne

Feb 27 21:42:30 toddc hello Dwanye how are you tonight

Feb 27 21:43:12 toddc thanks for coming tonight but I will be here a while

Feb 27 21:43:24 yourwhiteshadow maybe we can advertise it as a demo too, and do demos?

Feb 27 21:43:48 bj0 i have a question

Feb 27 21:43:55 bj0 http://www.pythonchallenge.com/

Feb 27 21:43:56 bj0 lvl 6

Feb 27 21:44:01 toddc you are more than welcome to if you have any ideas

Feb 27 21:44:01 bj0 :)

Feb 27 21:45:30 toddc and yes the install fest we answer a lot questions and wal around looking at what everyone is running /using they are always fun

Feb 27 21:45:41 toddc walk

Feb 27 21:46:24 toddc I wish I knew more about python that looks like fun

Feb 27 21:46:58 tagumcity Todd did that install finish up okay?

Feb 27 21:47:47 toddc I will be looking around this week for flyers I had some other cool ones in the past and will bring some training Q&A flyer's

Feb 27 21:48:11 bj0 it's almost more riddle than python knowledge

Feb 27 21:48:54 toddc I ended up with puppy linux and a remote usb wifi but have since found the problem and will try to get with him this weekend

Feb 27 21:49:08 toddc next weekend

Feb 27 21:50:42 toddc dell laptop need to change bios to SATA vs AHCI? then install linux but grub legacy did work fine

Feb 27 21:51:23 LostPenguin how much space does it take to make a cannnical mirror?

Feb 27 21:51:29 toddc but every time I went into windows 7 from grub2 it wiped out grub2 due to bios

Feb 27 21:52:09 tagumcity that was unusual or what?

Feb 27 21:52:46 toddc good question I saw a guide on it mirror but did not see the size needed I would need to look around

Feb 27 21:53:32 LostPenguin I can look for it if no one has it on had, might be something good to have for installfests if we can cojure up the space

Feb 27 21:53:42 toddc tagumcity seems to be common on several newer dell models that reported the same problem

Feb 27 21:54:51 yourwhiteshadow anyone wanna recommend an automated backup server software and a client side software?

Feb 27 21:54:59 toddc most of the installfest have very good bandwidth and you need to redirect the updates as I recall but yes if you have time let me know

Feb 27 21:56:01 toddc I use bacula and rsynce to my usb hard drive and soon to my servers

Feb 27 21:57:16 toddc some other often used docs I also use ubuntu one since it is free 2 gb and I can access it from anywhere or any computer

Feb 27 21:57:36 yourwhiteshadow i see, they have windows clients? bacula?

Feb 27 22:01:26 toddc well I do have windows but seldom use it so never back it up I also use clonezilla to copy a generic ubuntu install to test computers

Feb 27 22:03:00 yourwhiteshadow and these backup to a server?

Feb 27 22:04:07 toddc yes I understand rsynce can do windows and linux to server back ups and only backs up files that have changed

Feb 27 22:06:58 LostPenguin 25gb a of 2007

Feb 27 22:08:13 toddc http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rsync

Feb 27 22:09:48 toddc since ny servers are only in a testing mode right now I do not use it a lot but once installed I want to nightly back ups with it between servers

Feb 27 22:15:22 * tagumcity has quit (Quit: Bye)

Feb 27 22:15:44 * tagumcity (~tagumcity@wsip-68-14-225-33.ph.ph.cox.net) has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ

Feb 27 22:17:16 toddc several of the UAT students will be testing (hacking) my server this weekend  that should be cool to see how weak it is

Feb 27 22:20:45 tagumcity yes very much so, it will be interesting to see what comes from it

Feb 27 22:21:33 tagumcity what is loaded on that server right now? is that the atom box?

Feb 27 22:22:42 LostPenguin unless there is something else ya'll need from me I'm gonna head to bed

Feb 27 22:23:34 LostPenguin I'll take that as a no, GN all

Feb 27 22:23:45 * LostPenguin has quit ()

Feb 27 22:26:06 toddc yes I need to reload it but atom d510 with ubuntu 10.04.1

Feb 27 22:26:35 toddc reloading as we speak

Feb 27 22:27:04 toddc working on the raid 1 ATM

Feb 27 22:33:02 * tagumcity has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Feb 27 22:33:38 * tagumcity (~tagumcity@wsip-68-14-225-33.ph.ph.cox.net) has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ

Feb 27 22:35:04 yourwhiteshadow night all 


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