Mar 13 21:00:09 toddc Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1
Mar 13 21:00:11 fuzzyvader +1
Mar 13 21:00:15 toddc +1
Mar 13 21:00:21 scott_ev +1+1
Mar 13 21:00:22 toddc 9.00
Mar 13 21:00:24 ravitejavad +1
Mar 13 21:00:27 LostPenguin +1
Mar 13 21:00:28 FernHans moin moin, dual-meetinging
Mar 13 21:00:43 toddc Our launch pad site
Mar 13 21:00:45 toddc https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-arizona
Mar 13 21:00:47 toddc Our web site is azloco.com
Mar 13 21:01:16 toddc lot of stuff tonight so let me know if I need to go over anything
Mar 13 21:01:28 toddc ravitejavad is new tonight so say hi and welcome him
Mar 13 21:01:34 fuzzyvader yo
Mar 13 21:01:35 scott_ev welcome
Mar 13 21:01:41 ravitejavad hi everybody
Mar 13 21:01:41 toddc Anyone here new tonight please introduce yourself  and tell us a little about yourself?
Mar 13 21:01:58 scott_ev what does that nic mean?
Mar 13 21:02:00 toddc be nice!
Mar 13 21:02:06 ravitejavad it is my name
Mar 13 21:02:16 scott_ev ok, cool
Mar 13 21:02:23 scott_ev where are you?
Mar 13 21:02:35 ravitejavad i live in tempe,az but am from Indiaq
Mar 13 21:02:40 ravitejavad *India
Mar 13 21:02:40 scott_ev excellent
Mar 13 21:02:45 toddc I live in Tempe also
Mar 13 21:02:49 ravitejavad cool
Mar 13 21:02:50 scott_ev which part of India?
Mar 13 21:03:02 ravitejavad the southern part
Mar 13 21:03:10 toddc Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.
Mar 13 21:03:14 scott_ev ok, thanks fort answering
Mar 13 21:03:16 ravitejavad sure
Mar 13 21:03:29 toddc Here is new news from ubuntu news:
Mar 13 21:03:43 toddc Ubuntu manual Project opening Job listings
Mar 13 21:03:45 toddc http://itigloo.com/2011/03/04/ubuntu-manual-project-job-openings/
Mar 13 21:03:57 toddc Quick Ubuntu install using minimal installer
Mar 13 21:04:10 toddc http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2011/03/speed-up-your-ubuntu-install-with-ubuntu-minimal/
Mar 13 21:04:21 toddc Ubuntu cancels 11.04 UNR since Unity interface is the same. Netbook remix
Mar 13 21:04:32 toddc Ubuntu 11.10 to be named Oneirc Ocelot
Mar 13 21:04:47 toddc Ubuntu is the 4th Most Popular linux Distribution on web servers and continues to grow faster
Mar 13 21:04:49 toddc http://www.techdrivein.com/2011/02/ubuntu-is-4th-most-popular-linux.html
Mar 13 21:05:16 toddc ATI full support will be included in 11.04  I am using it ATM
Mar 13 21:05:16 * Eric-A (~eric@184-98-16-177.phnx.qwest.net) has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ
Mar 13 21:05:37 toddc hello eric-A
Mar 13 21:05:44 Eric-A hello
Mar 13 21:05:53 toddc Ubuntu Globbal Jam April 1-3
Mar 13 21:05:55 toddc http://www.linuxsouls.com/node/32
Mar 13 21:05:57 toddc any interest in doing a group event or getting involved?
Mar 13 21:06:09 toddc Why every ubuntu user must install ubuntu tweak!
Mar 13 21:06:11 toddc http://www.muktware.com/a/23/2011/787/why-every-ubuntu-user-must-install-ubuntu-tweak
Mar 13 21:06:19 scott_ev I can't commit to that
Mar 13 21:06:34 toddc How to sync windows with ubuntu one
Mar 13 21:06:36 toddc http://www.howtogeek.com/news/sync-your-windows-computer-with-your-ubuntu-one-account-desktop-client/3776/
Mar 13 21:06:50 toddc Spotlight on Linux: Puppy Linux 5.2
Mar 13 21:06:53 toddc http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/spotlight-linux-puppy-linux-52
Mar 13 21:07:05 toddc Ubuntu 11.04 will include upgrade option on live disk
Mar 13 21:07:06 toddc http://www.webupd8.org/2011/03/ubuntu-live-cd-will-let-you-upgrade-to.html
Mar 13 21:07:22 toddc Are there any interests in doing any other group projects--installfests or server projects?
Mar 13 21:07:40 ravitejavad interested.
Mar 13 21:07:57 toddc Job list
Mar 13 21:07:59 toddc AMD hiring over 1000 IT/linux engineers
Mar 13 21:08:01 toddc http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=OTIwNA
Mar 13 21:08:16 toddc Free open source auction site bunfu.com
Mar 13 21:08:19 toddc http://www.buntfu.com/
Mar 13 21:08:21 scott_ev hey
Mar 13 21:08:32 toddc YO
Mar 13 21:08:37 scott_ev you need to slow down and let people answer your question
Mar 13 21:08:39 ravitejavad any news about Nvidia optimus technology support on 11.04?
Mar 13 21:09:00 scott_ev ravitejavad: said yes, interested and you just kept going
Mar 13 21:09:19 toddc I have not seen anything on it but I usually only check when I run into a problem
Mar 13 21:09:30 ravitejavad oks
Mar 13 21:10:06 scott_ev does that mean we'll be discussing installfests/server projects later?
Mar 13 21:10:18 toddc any ideas on what and hoe to participate in it?
Mar 13 21:10:33 toddc yes
Mar 13 21:10:34 scott_ev I'll be at teh installfest
Mar 13 21:10:53 toddc Tucson or Tempe or both
Mar 13 21:10:53 scott_ev unless something happens that I can't get out of
Mar 13 21:11:00 scott_ev both
Mar 13 21:11:08 toddc cool
Mar 13 21:11:14 scott_ev I plan on starting to attend monthly at UAT like before
Mar 13 21:11:20 fuzzyvader when's tempe?
Mar 13 21:11:43 scott_ev fuzz, I need to talk to you after the meeting
Mar 13 21:11:45 toddc Azloco/plug installfest is this Saterday at UAT 48st and Baseline road Tempe across from Fry's Electronics 10AM to 4M 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Room 208
Mar 13 21:11:51 fuzzyvader scott_ev: cool
Mar 13 21:12:04 fuzzyvader crap I can't make it...
Mar 13 21:12:17 fuzzyvader I might try for tucson, but that's a hike for me
Mar 13 21:12:25 toddc this saterday is the server installfest nesxt week is the normal installfest
Mar 13 21:12:53 ravitejavad toddc: i will attend normal installfest.
Mar 13 21:12:57 ravitejavad at tempe
Mar 13 21:13:02 fuzzyvader hmm I could prolly make next sat... this sat wife and I are celebrating anniversary
Mar 13 21:13:17 toddc TUCSON INSTALLFEST NEWS
Mar 13 21:13:18 toddc current plans are for me to drive to Tucson 4/2/2011 with my van to carpool leaving Azmills at 7:00AM
Mar 13 21:13:20 toddc Dazed_75 will be with me anyone else?
Mar 13 21:13:35 fuzzyvader possibly
Mar 13 21:13:55 fuzzyvader will keep you posted
Mar 13 21:14:04 ravitejavad maybe, but will confirm later
Mar 13 21:14:04 toddc no hurry but let me know before the 2nd
Mar 13 21:14:20 toddc cool the more the merrier
Mar 13 21:14:37 toddc Thanks to azmike he has posted over 30 flyer's for the Tucson installfest
Mar 13 21:14:59 ravitejavad toddc: will the Tucson be a server installfest
Mar 13 21:15:06 toddc so we should have a good showing for the Tucson installfest
Mar 13 21:15:48 toddc normal but will answer questions and help if we can
Mar 13 21:16:11 ravitejavad toddc: thanks
Mar 13 21:16:41 toddc on servers since they usually take more time and are usually set up differently
Mar 13 21:17:34 toddc I will be out of town next Saterday and miss the Server event
Mar 13 21:18:06 toddc but will be at the normal and Tucson events
Mar 13 21:18:35 toddc TEAM SERVER NEWS
Mar 13 21:18:37 toddc The team servers needs updating at Devry so the plans are to get together some Saturday and update and rebuild both as a group event and will be lead by Shane Lofgren  AKA slofgren but we need a date and a list of who is interested in this.
Mar 13 21:19:25 scott_ev I have to find out when shane is available and he won't know until after he talks to devry
Mar 13 21:19:43 toddc ok so hold this a while?
Mar 13 21:20:40 toddc The last several installfests have been very busy so if you have time or want to meet any of us or have problems feel free to show up.
Mar 13 21:20:59 scott_ev just let people know that we will be doing it
Mar 13 21:21:17 scott_ev and when I get more info from shane I'll report back to the team
Mar 13 21:22:00 toddc I will need to read more about the global JAM unless anyone knows more about it and what or how to participate in it
Mar 13 21:22:39 scott_ev I've been involved before as an individual
Mar 13 21:22:51 scott_ev but am uncertain how a team participates
Mar 13 21:23:11 ravitejavad toddc: we could ask other LoCo teams who have registered
Mar 13 21:23:36 scott_ev ravitejavad: would you be willing to do some research for us?
Mar 13 21:25:26 toddc if not I can check this week and bring it up at the next meeting
Mar 13 21:27:20 sloggerkhan I'm kinda a here...
Mar 13 21:27:26 * slofgren (~slofgren@unaffiliated/slofgren) has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ
Mar 13 21:27:37 ravitejavad toddc: i will fo some research on it and contct the other teams
Mar 13 21:27:41 toddc hello and welcome
Mar 13 21:27:41 scott_ev sloffy
Mar 13 21:28:04 scott_ev we were just discussing upgrading the servers as a team event
Mar 13 21:28:16 toddc thanks I am here or toddc@azloco.com
Mar 13 21:28:54 toddc The team servers needs updating at Devry so the plans are to get together some Saturday and ####update and rebuild both as a group event and will be lead by Shane Lofgren  AKA slofgren but we ####need a date and a list of who is interested in this.
Mar 13 21:30:20 toddc we put this on hold till we know more about when from you slofgren
Mar 13 21:31:25 toddc here are a few events from plugaz
Mar 13 21:31:39 toddc East side free software Stammtisch Tuesday at Iguana Macks 7:00PM 1371 N Alma School Rd Chandler AZ 85224
Mar 13 21:31:39 * ChanServ sets modes [#Ubuntu-US-AZ +o slofgren]
Mar 13 21:31:50 * slofgren sets modes [#Ubuntu-US-AZ +o scott_ev]
Mar 13 21:31:59 @slofgren howdy
Mar 13 21:32:13 toddc hello are with us now?
Mar 13 21:32:51 @slofgren kinda
Mar 13 21:32:52 @slofgren lol
Mar 13 21:32:59 @slofgren eatting cereal
Mar 13 21:33:53 toddc np we table the server stuff till we hear about when you are availible and can get access
Mar 13 21:34:04 * SlickMcRunFast (~mark@host-86-116.aztegmo.clients.pavlovmedia.com) has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ
Mar 13 21:34:30 toddc hey slick
Mar 13 21:34:31 @slofgren you can always email me slofgren @ gmail
Mar 13 21:34:36 toddc ok
Mar 13 21:34:51 @slofgren I will try to be here for 9pm meetings
Mar 13 21:34:52 toddc West side free software Stammtisch Thursday at Sals Tusan Grill 7:00PM 13291 W. McDowell Rd Goodyear AZ 85395
Mar 13 21:35:25 toddc that is all I have anyone have anything else?
Mar 13 21:36:27 toddc FernHans if you are here do you have any news for us? --I know he is in another meeting so he may not make it
Mar 13 21:36:45 @slofgren I spray painted my sandisk USB drive yellow and waiting for then to dry - all my news
Mar 13 21:37:03 * slofgren sets modes [#Ubuntu-US-AZ +o toddc]
Mar 13 21:37:06 @toddc ABLEconf.com is April 2 at UAT
Mar 13 21:37:08 @slofgren go nuts
Mar 13 21:37:17 @slofgren REALLY?
Mar 13 21:37:23 @toddc thanks it will help
Mar 13 21:38:09 @slofgren so is ableconf offical?
Mar 13 21:38:13 @toddc now I can get back at all those that kicked me out of here before
Mar 13 21:38:30 @toddc yes it is in it's third year
Mar 13 21:38:34 FernHans slofgren: yes, has been for months :)
Mar 13 21:38:59 @toddc http://www.ableconf.com/
Mar 13 21:39:02 FernHans toddc: the big thing is ABLEconf :)
Mar 13 21:39:14 FernHans as you said, it's the first Saturday in April at UAT
Mar 13 21:39:31 * slofgren feels bad for not being envolved
Mar 13 21:39:45 FernHans we've gotten confirmation from all but two presenters and will hopefully have the schedule up in a couple of days
Mar 13 21:39:50 @toddc due to my poor planning it is the same day as the Tucson Installfest
Mar 13 21:40:09 @slofgren cancel it
Mar 13 21:40:41 @scott_ev damnn, that's like choosing between Barak Hosein Obama and John the cripple McCain
Mar 13 21:41:03 @slofgren o.O
Mar 13 21:41:17 * scott_ev is always politically correct
Mar 13 21:41:18 @scott_ev haha
Mar 13 21:41:19 FernHans we have come cool talks this year: Local-Motors, Dell, accessiblity, several business talks, graphics, translation software, geneology, cloud computing, wikipedia, hackerspaces
Mar 13 21:41:32 @slofgren always as in never
Mar 13 21:41:33 @slofgren lol
Mar 13 21:41:39 @scott_ev agreed
Mar 13 21:41:57 sloggerkhan hmm what day ableconf vs tucson installfest?
Mar 13 21:41:57 @toddc looks like we are getting a lot of RSVP to the Tucson installfest and a lot of linux users are emailing me about it
Mar 13 21:42:10 @toddc april 2
Mar 13 21:42:14 @scott_ev FernHans: who's going to be the biggest players in cloud computing in the long run?  What do you think of Silicon Graphics?
Mar 13 21:42:25 FernHans so ABLEconf is looking good
Mar 13 21:42:52 FernHans we also probably have a keynote this year :). on renewable energy and Free Software
Mar 13 21:43:00 @scott_ev nice
Mar 13 21:43:37 @slofgren say cloud one more time...
Mar 13 21:43:48 FernHans scott_ev: BTW, does your startup want a table?
Mar 13 21:43:59 @scott_ev it is quite the buzz word this year
Mar 13 21:44:03 FernHans slofgren: we don't get to see them very often down here :)
Mar 13 21:44:08 @toddc some send me a live video feed from ableconf?
Mar 13 21:44:12 @scott_ev FernHans: We dissolved that entity, sorry
Mar 13 21:44:54 eeeThugal :(
Mar 13 21:45:05 FernHans scott_ev: ah
Mar 13 21:45:16 FernHans toddc: we might have that
Mar 13 21:45:22 @scott_ev in other words my partner went MIA after I quit shelling out the $
Mar 13 21:45:28 @toddc it would be used
Mar 13 21:45:40 FernHans toddc: ok, I'll hold you to that :)
Mar 13 21:46:03 @toddc I will show in Tucson if availible
Mar 13 21:46:37 @scott_ev brb
Mar 13 21:48:41 @toddc that is about all I have for the meeting to night but I will be here a while if anyone has questions or comments
Mar 13 21:48:44 @slofgren well I plan to be there unless the baby comes a month early
Mar 13 21:49:04 FernHans slofgren: ok
Mar 13 21:49:20 @toddc those come first!

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