Mar 06 20:59:54 fuzzyvader +1
Mar 06 21:00:11 toddc Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1
Mar 06 21:00:21 toddc +1
Mar 06 21:00:21 LostPenguin +1
Mar 06 21:00:44 toddc star-date 64605.4
Mar 06 21:00:57 toddc Our launch pad site
Mar 06 21:00:59 toddc https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-arizona
Mar 06 21:01:00 toddc Our web site is azloco.com
Mar 06 21:01:06 kennymc0 +1
Mar 06 21:01:13 toddc Anyone here new tonight please introduce yourself  and tell us a little about yourself?
Mar 06 21:01:26 toddc hi kennymc0
Mar 06 21:01:32 kennymc0 hi toddc
Mar 06 21:01:41 toddc Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting
Mar 06 21:01:52 kennymc0 10-4
Mar 06 21:01:55 toddc Here is new news from ubuntu news:
Mar 06 21:02:09 toddc Ubuntu manual Project opening Job listings
Mar 06 21:02:11 toddc http://itigloo.com/2011/03/04/ubuntu-manual-project-job-openings/
Mar 06 21:02:24 toddc Holes in ubuntu Kernal
Mar 06 21:02:26 toddc http://www.zdnet.co.uk/news/security-management/2011/03/04/holes-found-in-linux-ubuntu-kernel-40092027/
Mar 06 21:02:35 toddc this was fixed late last night fast!
Mar 06 21:02:47 toddc Ubuntu 10.10 desktop Customization Guide
Mar 06 21:02:57 toddc http://news.softpedia.com/news/Ubuntu-10-10-Desktop-Customization-Guide-186408.shtml
Mar 06 21:03:11 toddc Ubuntu is the 4th Most Popular linux Distribution on web servers and continues to grow faster
Mar 06 21:03:13 toddc http://www.techdrivein.com/2011/02/ubuntu-is-4th-most-popular-linux.html
Mar 06 21:03:23 toddc Ubuntu Globbal Jam April 1-3
Mar 06 21:03:25 toddc http://www.linuxsouls.com/node/32
Mar 06 21:03:41 toddc Over 50 Ubuntu based Distributions-----WOW! And they missed a few
Mar 06 21:03:43 toddc http://akgraner.com/?p=895
Mar 06 21:03:54 toddc Why every ubuntu user must install ubuntu tweak!
Mar 06 21:03:56 toddc http://www.muktware.com/a/23/2011/787/why-every-ubuntu-user-must-install-ubuntu-tweak
Mar 06 21:04:06 toddc HOWTO: Easy, simple GUI setup of smb file server
Mar 06 21:04:08 toddc http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1685718
Mar 06 21:04:18 toddc How to sync windows with ubuntu one
Mar 06 21:04:20 toddc http://www.howtogeek.com/news/sync-your-windows-computer-with-your-ubuntu-one-account-desktop-client/3776/
Mar 06 21:04:32 toddc Spotlight on Linux: Puppy Linux 5.2
Mar 06 21:04:34 toddc http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/spotlight-linux-puppy-linux-52
Mar 06 21:04:45 toddc Ubuntu 11.04 will include upgrade option on live disk
Mar 06 21:04:47 toddc http://www.webupd8.org/2011/03/ubuntu-live-cd-will-let-you-upgrade-to.html
Mar 06 21:04:59 toddc current plans are for me to drive to Tucson 4/2/2011 with my van to carpool leaving Azmills at 7:00AM
Mar 06 21:05:01 toddc Dazed_75 will be with me anyone else?
Mar 06 21:05:26 toddc Are there any interests in doing any other group projects--installfests or server projects?
Mar 06 21:05:39 toddc Thanks to azmike he has posted over 30 flyer's for the Tucson installfest
Mar 06 21:05:56 toddc PLUG EAST SIDE meeting mar 10 7-9
Mar 06 21:05:57 toddc http://plug.phoenix.az.us/node/227
Mar 06 21:06:12 toddc Hack fest march 12 noon to 3 this will be a cable modem mod class
Mar 06 21:06:12 FernHans oi, Tucson Installfest is April 2nd?
Mar 06 21:06:14 toddc http://plug.phoenix.az.us/node/3885
Mar 06 21:06:23 toddc yes
Mar 06 21:06:31 FernHans same day as ABLEconf :(
Mar 06 21:07:44 LostPenguin how come no one knew that when we set the date?
Mar 06 21:07:54 toddc yes we had tried for later in the month but thoughts were that the students at UofA would be too close to finals if we waited
Mar 06 21:07:56 toddc  
Mar 06 21:08:16 toddc I did not have it on my calender at the time
Mar 06 21:08:54 toddc and am still working on access to azloco calender
Mar 06 21:09:24 FernHans toddc: why no access to calendar?
Mar 06 21:09:46 toddc FernHans did you see my comment that the date is not on the front page of ABLEconf
Mar 06 21:10:04 kennymc0 if it's the google calender i might have access to where i can give it to you toddc
Mar 06 21:10:07 kennymc0 let me check
Mar 06 21:10:27 FernHans toddc: hmm, it was
Mar 06 21:10:34 toddc google calender and no password but we are working on it----cool
Mar 06 21:10:36 FernHans guess that was an article that dropped off
Mar 06 21:11:39 kennymc0 what's your email so I can add you?
Mar 06 21:12:08 toddc toddc@azloco.com
Mar 06 21:12:15 kennymc0 k 1 sec
Mar 06 21:12:37 toddc thanks one more challenge met thanks again
Mar 06 21:13:13 kennymc0 you now have access and even can give other people access that might need it
Mar 06 21:13:41 toddc thanks that will help a lot--will update tonight
Mar 06 21:13:49 kennymc0 :)
Mar 06 21:13:50 toddc PLUG DEVEL meeting Thursday march 3 at UAT room 203 at 19:30
Mar 06 21:14:04 toddc Installfests are last Saturday of the month at UAT 48st and baseline in Tempe right off the I10 and across from Fry's electronics from 10am to 4pm
Mar 06 21:14:21 toddc AZLOCO.com needs some updating or willing to help me with drupal or???
Mar 06 21:14:31 FernHans that dev meeting was last week :)
Mar 06 21:15:06 toddc droped from notes then
Mar 06 21:15:23 kennymc0 I can help some with the site. during the week i'm really busy, but during the weekend when i'm not looking for a house I'm free
Mar 06 21:15:39 toddc FernHans anything else that you have for us tonight/
Mar 06 21:16:17 FernHans PLUG east side meeting this Thursday
Mar 06 21:16:21 FernHans http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/227
Mar 06 21:16:26 FernHans Hackfest security presentation this Saturday
Mar 06 21:16:31 FernHans http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/3885
Mar 06 21:17:18 FernHans east valley Free Software Stammtisch a week from Tuesday
Mar 06 21:17:19 FernHans http://www.LuftHans.com/Free_Software_Stammtisch#East_Valley
Mar 06 21:17:46 FernHans ABLEconf IRC meeting next Sunday at 21:00
Mar 06 21:21:30 FernHans that's it for tonight
Mar 06 21:22:12 toddc I have done some updating to the wiki and and will do a lot more this week so let me know if I miss something or messed up anything
Mar 06 21:22:24 toddc Thanks FernHans for keeping us up to date
Mar 06 21:22:37 FernHans apparently not well enough :)
Mar 06 21:22:48 toddc any other questions or comments?
Mar 06 21:23:19 toddc if there is nothing else?
Mar 06 21:23:30 toddc thanks for coming tonight but I will be here a while
Mar 06 21:24:06 kennymc0 that was a short meeting
Mar 06 21:24:16 toddc kennymc0 do have acces to the lanchpad account/
Mar 06 21:24:34 kennymc0 let me check. dont know if i had gotten that or not
Mar 06 21:26:16 kennymc0 nope unfortunately not
Mar 06 21:27:12 toddc any Ideas for that?  thought about trying to get with john when I go to Tucson
Mar 06 21:27:30 kennymc0 might have to. checking now to see who else has admin access to it
Mar 06 21:28:32 kennymc0 yep he's the only one other than the person that created it, whom i have never talked to or met before and wouldnt know how to contact him
Mar 06 21:28:43 toddc scott_ev and talked about keeping 4 active admins so this does not happen
Mar 06 21:29:13 toddc scott and I
Mar 06 21:29:30 kennymc0 before john had to back away he was starting to do that, but i guess he hadnt gotten to the launchpad site
Mar 06 21:30:38 kennymc0 i think craig might have had admin access but he left a while back
Mar 06 21:31:03 toddc we also thought about contacting conical about it but I may wait and email john about the installfest and see if I can talk to him there

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