December 11, 2011 Meeting


[21:01] toddc   Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1
[21:01] toddc   +1
[21:01] toddc   Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.
[21:01] toddc   I will also be in tonight if you want to talk or see me.
[21:02] toddc   Let's start with the news till everyone gets here
[21:02] toddc   Ubuntu and Android Users Should Jump On New Firefox Updates
[21:02] toddc
[21:02] toddc   Indicate Mail Accounts On Your Desktop
[21:02] toddc
[21:03] toddc   Sick of smudges on your screen? Get a candle
[21:03] toddc
[21:03] toddc   For Ubuntu’s Mobile Endeavors, Android Has Some Bitter Lessons to Offer
[21:03] toddc
[21:03] toddc   Good Ubuntu History and the Search for Unity
[21:03] toddc
[21:03] toddc   How to Set Up an Ubuntu Web Server on a Remote Host
[21:03] toddc
[21:04] toddc   Some Common Linux Network Commands for Ubuntu / Debian
[21:04] toddc
[21:04] toddc   15 Things I Did After Installing New Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot
[21:04] toddc
[21:04] toddc   Ubuntu will now track Mozilla updates
[21:04] toddc
[21:04] toddc   Creating Your Own Distributable Ubuntu DVD
[21:04] toddc
[21:04] toddc   Thank Dazed_75 for the news tonight
[21:05] toddc   TEAM NEWS
[21:05] toddc   If you would like a email address please contact me at
[21:05] toddc   We would like to start several Ubuntu hour events at coffee shop or bars for quick get togethers
[21:05] toddc   if anyone would like to find a spot on the west or north please let us know?
[21:05] toddc   We now have 11.10 cd's please hook up with Dazed_75 or my self and pass out these and spread the word of Linux/open source and or installfests
[21:05] toddc   JOB LIST
[21:06] toddc   IT Technician - Cloud / SaaS Systems (Scottsdale)
[21:06] toddc   Technology Analyst (Mesa)
[21:06] toddc
[21:06] toddc   Systems Admin (Chandler, AZ)
[21:06] toddc
[21:06] toddc   no ubuntu classroom training this week
[21:07] toddc   FUTURE EVENTS
[21:07] toddc   December 25th meeting is canceled due to falling on Dec 25 Merry Xmas
[21:07] toddc   January 1st meeting will also be canceled due to the new year
[21:07] toddc   xHans if you are here do you have any news for us?
[21:07] xHans   woohoo! 2 weeks off!
[21:08] toddc   yep
[21:08] xHans   er, I'll miss everyone
[21:08] xHans   I've got a few things
[21:08] xHans   ABLEconf Call for Proposals deadline was extended to next Sunday
[21:08] xHans
[21:08] xHans   please get your proposals in
[21:08] xHans   Free Software Stammtisch is a week from Tuesday
[21:08] xHans
[21:09] xHans   There is an ABLEconf in person meeting at 18:00 before the Stammtisch
[21:09] xHans   and that's it for this week
[21:09] toddc   Thanks xHans for keeping us up to date on Plug events and
[21:09] toddc   that is all I have any questions or comments or other news or ideas?
[21:10] toddc   if there is nothing else?
[21:10] toddc   thanks for coming tonight but I will be here a while if anyone needs help or has a question

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