October 02, 2011 Meeting


[21:01] toddc   Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1
[21:01] dennisk +1
[21:01] toddc   +1
[21:01] Yorokobi        +1
[21:01] toddc   Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.
[21:02] toddc   Anyone here new tonight please introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself?
[21:02] toddc   news
[21:02] toddc   Ubuntu 11.10 will sync your installed apps across computers
[21:02] toddc   http://liliputing.com/2011/09/ubuntu-11-10-will-sync-your-installed-apps-across-computers.html
[21:02] spinrage        +1
[21:03] toddc   A Grab Bag of Resources for Getting to Know the Next Ubuntu
[21:03] toddc   http://ostatic.com/blog/a-grab-bag-of-resources-for-getting-to-know-the-next-ubuntu
[21:03] toddc   Rebooting vs. Stop/Start of Amazon EC2 Instance
[21:03] toddc   http://cloud.ubuntu.com/2011/09/rebooting-vs-stopstart-of-amazon-ec2-instance/
[21:03] toddc   apt-dater - Terminal-based remote package update manager
[21:03] toddc   http://www.ubuntugeek.com/apt-dater-terminal-based-remote-package-update-manager.html
[21:04] toddc   cool tool to update several computers
[21:04] toddc   Ubuntu restores Xen, adds Juju to version 11.10
[21:04] toddc   http://www.readwriteweb.com/cloud/2011/09/ubuntu-restores-xen-adds-juju.php
[21:04] toddc   Ubuntu One Sync App Released for Windows
[21:04] toddc   http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/?p=21165
[21:05] dennisk I think many of the (Windoze) faculty at MCC don't understand how easy it is to use Linux across multiple computers. No CoA, registration, EULA.
[21:05] toddc   Add a ‘Force Quit’ Applet to Ubuntu’s Unity Launcher
[21:05] toddc   http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/10/force-quit-applet-unity-launcher/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+d0od+%28OMG%21+Ubuntu%21%29
[21:06] toddc   dennisk: agreed we could do some demonstrations?
[21:06] toddc   11 Days till 11.10 will be released on October 13 2011
[21:06] dennisk Pass out LiveUSBs
[21:07] toddc   Oneiric 11.10 is now our in Beta 2 for testing and seems stable on my test after four weeks
[21:07] toddc   JOB LIST
[21:07] toddc   NetApp Storage PSE
[21:07] toddc   recruitingtechies at gmail dot com.
[21:07] toddc   Software Test Engineer
[21:07] toddc   Web / Linux Developer
[21:07] toddc   recruiter@adonnetwork.com
[21:07] toddc   (602) 266-8138
[21:08] toddc   NOC Engineer
[21:08] toddc   http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/SubmitResume.action?id=8aa00506328ba3a401328cc64e301d2b&source=Craigslist
[21:08] toddc   Solutions Specialist I
[21:08] toddc   Cable ONE
[21:08] toddc   Desktop Support
[21:08] toddc   www.apsmsystems.com
[21:08] dennisk I have a student looking for a Linux intern position or similar
[21:08] toddc   UBUNTU TRAINING
[21:09] toddc   No classes this week
[21:09] toddc   Q and A with Amanda Brock Fri, November 18, 5:30pm – 6:30pm
[21:09] toddc   We are planning a 11.10 Release party for the October 29th installfest
[21:10] toddc   PLUG EVENTS
[21:10] toddc   Developer Meeting Thursday, Sept 1, 2011, 19:30 - 21:30 uat
[21:10] toddc   All are invited but topics are about software and hardware development with and/or for Linux.
[21:10] toddc   First Thursday of each month at 7:30PM at UAT
[21:10] dennisk FYI: I'm on the eLearning Committee for MCCD pushing the district toward FOSS and Open Standards.
[21:10] toddc   I think dennisk has some class stuff for us?
[21:11] dennisk Mesa Community College has three new daytime classes starting Oct. 17.
[21:11] dennisk CIS238DL Sec. 45256 Linux System Administration (Tuesday & Thursday 8:00am to
[21:11] dennisk 11:40am)
[21:11] dennisk Official Course Description: http://www.maricopa.edu/curriculum/A-C/042cis238dl.html
[21:11] dennisk CNT200 Sec. 46929 CNNP Route: Implementing Cisco IP Routing (Monday & Wednesday 1:00pm to 5:30pm)
[21:11] dennisk Official Course Description: http://www.maricopa.edu/curriculum/A-C/106cnt200.html
[21:12] dennisk MST155DA Sec. 46217 Microsoft Windows Server (2008 Server SR2)(Mondays 8:00am to 12:35pm)
[21:12] dennisk Official Course Description: http://www.maricopa.edu/curriculum/M-Z/102mst155da.html
[21:12] dennisk If you are interested in any class please email me off list. I can
[21:12] dennisk help you register with a minimum of red tape.
[21:12] dennisk Classes run for 8 weeks
[21:14] toddc   I have had several emails from out of state ubuntu users wanting us to hook up az friends and family at Installfests so our word is getting out there
[21:15] toddc   thanks dennisk I may try to get into one of those
[21:15] dennisk The family that Ubuntus together. . . .
[21:15] toddc   xHans if you are here do you have any news for us?
[21:15] Yorokobi        ... eventually switches to Arch Linux and lives happily ever after.
[21:16] dennisk Take the CIS238DL I need the students
[21:16] toddc   entry vs advanced
[21:16] dennisk I like Arch. Good way to learn.
[21:17] dennisk CIS238DL covers server stuff. CIS126DL is entry level Linux
[21:17] toddc   if anyone has ideas to get active users/members please let me know
[21:18] dennisk Ubuntu social event, perhaps?
[21:18] toddc   that is about all I have for tonight any questions or comments or other news or ideas?
[21:18] dennisk Release party?
[21:18] toddc   we should try a ubuntu hour get together somewhere
[21:19] toddc   release party will be oct 29 at the installfest
[21:20] toddc   Ubuntu recommends several 1 hour get together meets like at coffee shops to say and meet and ask questions
[21:20] dennisk Descend on a coffee shop and demo Ubuntu!
[21:20] toddc   but we set them up and post them on azloco
[21:21] toddc   and I always know where to find dennisk
[21:21] ACK-FIN +1
[21:21] toddc   welcome ACK-FIN
[21:22] ACK-FIN howdie
[21:22] toddc   dennisk want to help set one up there/
[21:22] toddc   I can help if they would let us
[21:23] ACK-FIN so, who's willing to b ring me some popsicles?
[21:23] toddc   ACK-FIN: tonight?
[21:23] ACK-FIN yes, now
[21:23] dennisk Best done when ASU is on break. Right now it's packed. Sat. am should work though.
[21:23] toddc   I will be in the hood around noon
[21:23] ACK-FIN I might not make it through the night without them
[21:24] Yorokobi        go to sleep ACK-FIN
[21:24] ACK-FIN ah, ok
[21:24] toddc   dennisk: saterdays are pretty full for me unless it is in the evening
[21:24] ACK-FIN but if I don't wake up you'll miss me
[21:25] ACK-FIN so are your saturdays?
[21:25] toddc   or any evening during the week would be fine for me also
[21:26] toddc   we should talk this week about more
[21:26] dennisk I'm sure we could show up any time.
[21:27] toddc   ok find a slow time and let me know and we will try to get it going on a regular basis
[21:28] ACK-FIN -1
[21:28] dennisk d'accord
[21:28] toddc   I was thinking like once a month in several places now for a west side or ???
[21:30] -->|    LuftHans (~lufthans@wsip-174-79-56-141.ph.ph.cox.net) has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ
[21:30] Yorokobi        What's most central? Tempe, perhaps?
[21:30] ACK-FIN e mesa
[21:30] Yorokobi        
[21:30] toddc   the place we are talking about is east Tempe
[21:30] ACK-FIN 153 n 58th st, mesa is the center of everything
[21:31] dennisk Dreamland Villa?!
[21:31] toddc   but we should have several west asnd Tucson or north PHX ?
[21:32] ACK-FIN dennisk: pretty close
[21:32] dennisk Best places are where they is wifi and people with laptops. That way we can demo
[21:32] ACK-FIN and THEY have started showing up again
[21:33] toddc   we have members all around the state but since I do not have a list of active members with addresses it is hard to say where the most members are located
[21:34] [R]     tempe
[21:34] [R]     north tempe
[21:34] dennisk Online
[21:34] toddc   plus the Idea is to spread the word and help so several small short events could work well
[21:35] dennisk Won't hurt to include Portable Apps.
[21:36] toddc   all are online but getting new users on IRC seems to be hard to do
[21:36] toddc   would not need to be ubuntu but general linux open source chat ect
[21:36] dennisk They just need an IRC app for their phone.
[21:38] ACK-FIN is anyone here interested in an extremely nice SKS cheap?
[21:38] toddc   I do like the demo idea and have wanted to do some for the installfest
[21:38] dennisk I remember being in Fry's or Best Buy and the salesman was explaining to the couple that M$ Office was NOT the OS. Most people know little about computers.
[21:38] toddc   hoping to get several simple slideshows
[21:40] dennisk No weapons on IRC please.
[21:41] toddc   well we should think about ideas and bring them up next week and see if we can get something going
[21:41] ACK-FIN huh?
[21:41] toddc   LuftHans did you have any comments or news?
[21:41] ACK-FIN I'm licensed
[21:42] dennisk It's not this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SKS
[21:42] ACK-FIN and bonafied
[21:42] ACK-FIN dennisk: similar, but it's shorter being a paratrooper and it taked ak-47 magazines
[21:43] ACK-FIN it's been heavily modified
[21:43] toddc   thanks for coming tonight but I will be here a while if anyone needs help or has a question I will be here a while
[21:44] ACK-FIN kk
[21:45] dennisk Gute Nacht
[21:45] <--|    dennisk has left #Ubuntu-US-AZ
[21:46] LuftHans        ABLEconf online meeting this Wednesday using the AZ LoCo Big Blue Button instance
[21:46] LuftHans        it's at 19:00
[21:47] LuftHans        PLUG devel is Thursday night at UAT

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