September 18,2011 Meeting


[21:01] toddc   Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1
[21:01] toddc   +1
[21:01] toddc   Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.
[21:01] toddc   Anyone here new tonight please introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself?
[21:01] toddc   I will also be in tonight if you want to talk or see me.
[21:01] -->|    dennisk (~dennisk@ has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ
[21:01] toddc   news
[21:02] dennisk +1
[21:02] dennisk Just us?
[21:02] toddc   How to install oracle Java in Ubuntu
[21:02] toddc
[21:02] toddc   Ubuntu Switching to Monthly Release Cycle Like Firefox?
[21:02] toddc
[21:02] toddc   How to Convert Videos with Transmageddon in Ubuntu Linux
[21:02] toddc
[21:03] toddc   Torrent download Cloud appliance
[21:03] toddc
[21:03] toddc   Ubuntu web site launched to encourage application developers
[21:03] toddc
[21:03] toddc   24 Days till 11.10 will be released on October 13
[21:03] toddc   Oneiric 11.10 is now our in Beta 1 for testing and seems stable on my test after two weeks
[21:04] dennisk Monthly, that's effectively a rolling release cycle.
[21:04] toddc   till two hours ago I crashed two of them!
[21:04] toddc   preety much I see lots of small changes if they go to that
[21:05] toddc   I now have access to set up email address so if you would like one please contact me!
[21:05] toddc   At
[21:05] toddc   JOB LIST
[21:05] toddc   server admin
[21:05] toddc
[21:05] toddc   Cable ONE
[21:05] toddc   Desktop Support
[21:06] toddc   Solutions Specialist I
[21:06] toddc
[21:06] toddc   TEAM SERVER NEWS
[21:06] toddc   Current plans are to add BigBlue Button to also a link to the Ubuntu classroom Training Page as soon as Drupal is updated. So, if someone has time /skill please let me know
[21:06] toddc
[21:06] toddc   Thugal is looking at to see what needs to be done
[21:07] toddc   we may be starting this week if all goes well
[21:07] dennisk FYI, the wifi driver for rtl8192se is in F16 alpha so should be in the next Ubuntu kernel as well. That chipset is used in Lenovo ThinkPads.
[21:07] toddc   good to know, a lot of laptops use that chipset
[21:07] toddc   TEMPE INSTALLFEST
[21:08] toddc   Azloco/plug installfest is Sept 24 at UAT 48st and Baseline road Tempe across from
[21:08] toddc   Fry's Electronics 10AM to 4M 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Room 208
[21:08] toddc   The last several installfests have been very busy so if you have time or want to meet any of us or have problems feel free to show up.
[21:08] toddc   FUTURE EVENTS
[21:08] toddc   We are planning a 11.10 Release party for the October 29 installfest stay tuned for more info
[21:09] toddc   xHans are you around?
[21:09] xHans   yup
[21:09] dennisk That's on a school night
[21:09] toddc   oct 29 should be a saterday
[21:10] xHans   according to my calendar it is
[21:10] toddc   would you like to do the plug events?
[21:10] xHans   me thinks dennisk is looking at Sep 29
[21:10] xHans   toddc: sure
[21:10] dennisk so it is
[21:10] xHans   Free Software Stammtisch is Tuesday at 19:00
[21:10] toddc   adreed
[21:10] xHans
[21:11] xHans   Before the Stammtisch there will be an in person ABLEconf meeting at 18:00
[21:11] xHans   both are at Iguana Macks
[21:11] xHans   you already covered the Installfest, so that covers the week
[21:11] toddc   nothing on the west side?
[21:12] xHans   I don't know
[21:12] xHans   we need someone to help rebuild the west side activities
[21:13] toddc   I heard it died out there so we will look for someone that can get it going!:)
[21:13] dennisk By the way, MCCD is moving to Canvas FOSS CMS
[21:13] toddc   Thanks xHans for keeping us up to date on Plug events and ableconf
[21:14] xHans   bitte
[21:14] toddc   dennisk: cool addition
[21:14] dennisk Also, demo'ed BBB for CTL @ MCC yesterday.
[21:14] toddc   how did they like it?
[21:15] toddc   that is all I have any questions or comments or other news or ideas?
[21:15] dennisk Loved it. Especially the white board. Does Banditti have that? I didn't see it.
[21:16] toddc   he is hosting it for us yes
[21:16] toddc   we do plan to add it to when we rebuild it over the the next few weeks
[21:17] toddc   white board is part of BBB stock and there are other options that we have not tested yet
[21:18] dennisk Yes, I tried it out on the BBB then showed our setup
[21:19] dennisk Now if BBB would judt get rid of flash
[21:19] toddc   it has a drupal plugin and a lot of login options and can be set up for mutable classrooms with built in scheduling
[21:19] dennisk We done? I have to get back to my homework.
[21:19] toddc   that seems to the only issue
[21:20] toddc   thanks for coming tonight but I will be here a while if anyone needs help or has a question
[21:20] dennisk Loggin out

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