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Welcome to the Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #12 for the week August 15 - August 22, 2007.

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  • Wednesday-August 15, 2007

Next meeting: Sunday August 26, 2007 9:00PM Server: Freenode: IRC Channel #ubuntu-arizona


We had four new members join our Arizona Ubuntu Team last week, donchriscoe, indigoshift, shaanM, and yamyogurt. Donchriscoe has used linux for a short amount of time and has Ubuntu on two Dell machines. Donchriscoe also lives in Flagstaff and we are seeing a growing population up there! Indigoshift was the second person to introduce himself and he has been using Ubuntu for about a year and a half, and has 4 Ubuntu machines, 3 Windows machines, and 2 Amigas machines. Idigoshift lives way down in Sahuarita, with is south of Tucson. ShaanM uses Linux mainly for compiz fusion and lives in Scottsdale, close to Cave Creek. And yamyogurt was not around when we were doing the introductions for new members, so if you see him in the channel make sure you welcome him to the team!

Make sure that everyone checks out Cafe Press for all the cool gear with our logo on it! Its a great site and has some awesome gear for our team.

Vorian is working on a new bot for the US Teams and it is looking like it will be a good one with lots of new plug-ins for us to use.

Johnc4510 now has his blog syndicated to Ubuntu Planet Ubuntu Planet. He had his first post to the planet on Sunday and the syndication to the planet is a perk of Ubuntu Membership.

Summary of Team Meeting on August 12, 2007

First topic was the newsletter team, and I have to apologize to everyone, I was absent. My router seems to not like my lap top or my PS3 for some reason. Lately I haven't been able to connect to the internet and I am doing the newsletter at work. Hopefully I will have it fixed soon and will be back in the channel. Thank you for your patience.

The groups' server should be up and running here soon. DX said that the CDROM should be installed last week, and since he wasn't in the chat we believe that maybe something went wrong with it. John will be emailing him about it to see what the tie up is.

We are still working hard to get Team Approval and all members that are either new or have yet to do so, please look at the following links for our Local Ubuntu Team. The first site Team Approval Outline is where you can see the goals that our group needs to meet in order to get team approval from the national Ubuntu group. The second site Team Approval Resources is where you will find all the different areas we need people to volunteer to help get the local team ready for approval. Any help big or small would be appreciated.

We are also working on getting CD's and informational flyers out to people to spread the word about Ubuntu, SloggerKhan is going to try and have a prototype of the flyer ready by next week for the whole team to look at, comment on and see if that is something we want to use. And we are still in need of people to help burn CD's.

The Massachusetts Team is getting case badges together for all the US teams. You can find them at Case Badges. If there is another 1000 commitments we can get the badges for $0.62 each plus a $15 setup and postage fee. If we can get another 2500 commitments we can get the badges for $0.34 plus the setup and postage fees. The team voted for the badges and it passed 5 yes to 1 no. The members came up with $117 in personal donations to purchase 300 computer badges.

Thank you for a great meeting and make sure you say hello to any new members that show up in the channel! See you Sunday.

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