Welcome to the Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #20 for the week October 21 – October 27, 2007.

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=== Summary of the October 21, 2007 meeting ===

Johnc4510 opened the meeting at 9:05 PM.

The first order of business was the introduction of new members. kennymc0 is a student at DeVry, and will have a final exam on Monday Morning at 7:00. He has been using Ubuntu for about 2 years now. He also happens to be word's brother. paul928 introduced himself as Paul Westerman from Yuma. He's been using Ubuntu since Warty Warthog. Theou then introduced himself as Mark from Phoenix. A native. He has been using Ubuntu since just before 6.10 came out. We welcome our new members, and are glad to have you with us.

Next order of business was announcements. Johnc4510 asked us how many were using Gutsy Gibbon at this time. Most of us answered that we were. The few who weren't were planning to with the availability of hardware and time. Most people indicated that the installation went smoothly. The few problems there were had to do with video cards and wireless networking. And one member who's laptop installation was trashed by his brother. The general opinion of Gutsy was that it ran very smoothly, had lots of new toys to play with, and had a faster GUI than previous releases. John reported that the same opinion appears to be shared all around the world.

The next order of business was the report on the Education Committee. br24 held a meeting on Friday evening to help provide some direction for members to take. tyche has been working on re-categorizing the programs under the Applications menu, and has submitted a preliminary version to br24. tyche is using the database built into OpenOffice.org to simplify making changes and sorting the programs according to category. He has expressed his willingness to work with anyone who wants to use it, particularly br24 and jsonder. Polygon89 reported that, now that the kernel has stopped being updated on a daily basis, he has managed to get vbox working and will try to get some screencasts out. He is looking for suggestions on topics. jsonder reported that he has started working on the Guide, and has some ideas laid out, mostly drawing on the Ubuntu wiki (https://help.ubuntu.com/). Many things there are already done as screencasts. He hopes to have some information to br24 this week, as soon as he gets familiar with tyche's database and how to adapt it. br24 reported that he would try to have some preliminary material on the Team wiki this week. John thanked the Education Committee for their hard work.

The next order of business was the Server Team. slofgren was unavailable this evening so John filled in for him. The server address is John will be purchasing a Domain sometime this week. The domain name will be azloco.org, and John is considering getting azloco.com as well, to avoid possible conflict further on. azloco.org was decided on in previous meetings. There is a basic setup on it, and anyone wanting access should email slofgren at slofgren@gmail.com. He will provide you with ssh access. John and slofgren have been discussing getting a larger hard drive for the computer. Since they do not have physical access to the computer, it was decided to set this one up first and image it to a new (and larger) drive, then send the drive to be installed in the computer. That would reduce the interruption time with the computer. The DeVry LUG donated the use of the computer, which is why we don't have physical access to it. we plan to use it for team support and helping to bring the lugs of the state closer together and anything else we can think of down the road. Now that the server is up, we need to get a front page on it. John has requested help from the members in developing one, particularly those members with HTML and CSS knowledge and ability. SloggerKhan has already come up with one possibility, but he really doesn't like it. The mock-up he did can be seen at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=584696. John said that he would try to get some volunteers during the week. paul928 suggested the possibility of using nearlyfreespeech.net (https://www.nearlyfreespeech.net/) for hosting the site, as the cost is fairly minimal, and dependent on use, and instead of a flat fee. Their servers run FreeBSD, which, though not Ubuntu Linux, is at least FOSS. John asked him to email the information, and John would look it over. The server team was also organized to help the team members learn the basic principles of setting up a server and maintaining it.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:56 PM


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