Welcome to the Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #75 for the week December 8, December 14.

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  • Wednesday-December 17, 2008
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Summary of the December 14, 2008 meeting

johnc4510 called the meeting to order at 9:04 PM

Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Meetings/08December14

johnc4510 told the team that he'd had news back from Shawn Nock at U of A. There is a computer lab (quite large, lots of power available) in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Building (30-40 people). This room is not under his direct control, we'd have to be very careful to leave it as we found it (or I'd never hear the end of it!). The lab is also open for general use at this time (no classes, but students in the department can use the lab). There are also a couple of conference rooms that are 'his' that would be more convenient to book, but would only provide power / room for around 15 people. It was determined that we need to find out if the conference rooms have internet access. The lab would, but might also have equipment in it that would conflict with our being able to set up installs. Also, with the conference rooms, we could set one up for installs and the other up for demos.

johnc4510 will be sending Ubuntu 8.10 disks to Phoenix by USPS, probably after the holidays so they won't get lost. He is still waiting for information from zach at ASU, as he didn't get an email off to him until Friday. As soon as information is finalized, the fliers will be completed for distribution. A short discussion was also held as to how to keep tyche out of trouble.

johnc4510 mentioned that the Team meeting for December 28th would be casual, and not a formal meeting, because of it being right after Christmas.

xHans then added announcements:

  • Both Stammtische this week: Tuesday in Tempe, Wednesday in Avondale. http://www.LuftHans.com/Free_Software_Stammtisch

  • It looks like the online Hackfest got lots of participation, hope everyone enjoyed it.
  • The OpenOffice.org class will be running again in the Spring.

  • Class information for GNU/Linux and other Free Software classes at the Maricopa Community Colleges should be going up on my site soon. http://www.LuftHans.com/Classes

  • If anyone knows about classes on Free Software topics anywhere in the state, please let me know.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:44 PM.


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