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Summary of the June 8, 2008 meeting

johnc4510 called the meeting to order at 8:59 PM

The agenda for the meeting was at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Meetings/08June08.

johnc4510 began by announcing, "The Prescott Computer Society has invited us to give an Ubuntu Demo in September. This is thanks to slofgren, he will be in charge of the details. We will be discussing this as we get closer to the time."

johnc4510 then went on with the first order of business. "In case someone has been living in cave, the Arizona Team went before the Americas LoCo Board last Wednesday and we are now an officially recognized "Ubuntu Approved LoCo Team." Great work everyone!! I am _VERY_ happy to be a part of this LoCo and all the great work going on. The log of the meeting is posted here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/ApprovalApplication. One of the perks for approved LoCo teams is bulk shipments of Ubuntu CDs. I send in our request for our allotment. I'm assuming it will take 4-6 weeks to receive them. Between now and then we need to discuss how best to utilize them. The wiki says we get 400 assorted flavors of cds."

paul928 suggested that we donate many to public and school libraries. This was generally agreed on, with johnc4510 commenting that there is a new program forming up on open source in libraries. xHans asked, "are you interested in working with Kid Computers and maybe giving the CDs with the computers?" (http://www.kidcomputers.org/) xHans has contacts through a community college instructor and the guys at Red Seven. It's Phoenix area only for now, but if you can find someone in Yuma and Tucson to help organize it they can probably expand. johnc4510 then asked, "how about college book stores? for their counters?" tyche chimed in, "Don't forget senior centers." The possibility of retail computer stores was suggested, and xHans added, "there's a place in Mesa that wants to start selling GNU/Linux boxen and is mostly sold on Kubuntu." The name of the store is Motherboards and Upgrades.

johnc4510 added, "Another perk is a web address on the Ubuntu servers. We are still going to set up our own server, but this is an added way to gain web exposure for our team. In addition to the webpage we will be able to have out own planet syndicated. That means that we can have a blog page that every member with a blog can publish to. I'll have detailed instructions for the next meeting on how it works. Members can use it for team announcements, tutorials, etc. Note: This would be a monitored planet and content would have to be acceptable!!" Examples of team web site on the Ubuntu servers:

The next order of business was the open source conference. johnc4510 sent emails the Tucson lugs this week, and also to the Google representative in charge of open source in CA. It was Friday when he sent these and he hasn't yet received responses. As soon as he does he'll be letting everyone know. slofgren has sent emails to all the lugs he is associated with. xHans said that he would talk to his contacts in Phoenix. One RedHat person has expressed support for the project.

johnc4510 asked xHans if he had any good ideas for topics and speakers. xHans responded that they're going through topic ideas for LOPSA (http://lopsa.org/LOPSA-US-AZ) to use with OLF and SCaLE. He can bring in that list. He felt that the speakers should be local for this first time out. Possible sponsors include:

  • Google
  • Monster.com
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • RedHat

  • RedSeven

  • Motherboards and Upgrades
  • Motorola
  • Intel
  • AutoZone

Location of the event could be important. Currently, we are considering Arizona State University, through our contact with their LUG. The reason it's important is to consider the size of the facility and whether or not booths could be set up. johnc4510 will be talking to the president of the LUG, who he believes is a professor at ASU. johnc4510 felt that we should get good presenters and fill some tracks this time around. xHans agreed. Possible tracks include:

  • MythTV personal video recorder application

  • Asterisk Open Source PBX and telephony toolkit
  • Mame arcade machine emulator
  • Mint
  • Education

johnc4510 also said, "I was also thinking if we could get some merchandise donations, we could run a games booth and use the money to donate to a charity of some kind."

xHans mentioned that we need to start thinking about where to advertise it. Possible suggestions include:

  • Radio
    • KJZZ, 91.5 FM, NPR News Station
    • Gutsy Geeks radio show
  • Print, such as newspapers
    • Phoenix New Times
    • azcentral/Arizona Republic
    • Mesa Tribune
    • West Valley View
    • AZ Daily Star
  • Flyers - Possible logos include
    • Phoenix rising from the ashes
    • A saguaro in the sunset with a computer screen embedded
  • All LUG and Team web sites

xHans had some announcements to make before the meeting adjourned (information may also be seen at http://plug.phoenix.az.us/ and https://www.lufthans.com/):

  • Paintball this Saturday in Phoenix, let me know if you're interested
  • This Thursday PLUG will be starting the Ubuntu desktop class at our east side meeting. We'lll also be covering installing Linux on a PS3
  • In the fall we'll have Free Software classes at the community colleges
    • An online OpenOffice.org class

    • xHans will be teaching a shell scripting class
  • PLUG has upcoming presentations on MythTV, high availability, Hobbit Monitoring and surviving a DDoS

The meeting was adjourned at 9:58 PM.


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