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  • Wednesday-October 8, 2008
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Summary of the October 5, 2008 meeting

johnc4510 called the meeting to order at 9:01 PM

Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Meetings/08October5

johnc4510 began with his announcements:

johnc4510 then asked FernHans to make his announcements:

  • Hackfest this Saturday from noon until 15:00 at UAT, see PLUG site for more info. It's a security lab, so bring a laptop and be prepared to learn about a security tool and then use it.
  • ASULUG Installfest all day this Saturday, see ASULUG site for more info. Yup, they're the same day.
  • PLUG east side this Thursday.
  • The next quarter starts in a couple of weeks for part of MCC and maybe for EMCC. At MCC we'll be starting an intro class, a sysadmin class and a security class. The first two have been full for two months. The security class has room, so please sign up.
  • At ABLEconf I learned that the OOo class will be offered again next semester, watch for more info about that.

johnc4510 then began discussing the Intrepid Release parties. It was his opinion that the Team is doing pretty good at the organizing. He's ordered the bulk shipment of Intrepid CDs, so they should be in 2 weeks after the release date. That means we'll have them just in time for our installfest parties.

He sent emails to his two contacts at the universities. He didn't get them out until Friday, so probably won't hear back until this next week.

tyche made up a flier for the installfest (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=934547). He would like more people to comment on it. He has one comment already, which will be incorporated before it is finalized, and there are other adjustments that need to be made to make room for addresses.

It has been suggested that we use the Team fliers that were used at ABLEconf for information about the Team. johnc4510 felt that we could hand them out in conjunction with the installfest fliers. So that's done.

Now, we need to work on some sort of press release for geek radio, maybe college newspapers, and to email to the user groups. johnc4510 will work on the news release this week. Then, after we get confirmations on the locations, we can start using it. johnc4510 wants to hit this installfest/release party hard.

Next, tyche and johnc4510 discussed the leftover hardy cds we have. johnc4510 is going to try and visit a couple of places this week to see if we can set up a few to give out. One is a computer shop. Public libraries was another. azteech suggested University and College Book stores. johnc4510 said he'd check that out.

johnc4510 mentioned that slofgren said something about the server having some kind of problem. paul928_laptop said that he believed that the problem with the server is incompatible drivers for hardware RAID.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:28 PM.


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