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* Provide assistance in the development of the Install-fest web-app. (Nicholas Pscion) * Provide assistance in the development of the Installfest web-app. (Nicholas Pscion)

These are open projects that need your help. If you have the time select one and notify any Team Admin and your name will be added to the project.

* Provide assistance in the development of the Installfest web-app. (Nicholas Pscion)

* Locate a Data center to host our servers. (Todd Cole)

* We have had requests to restart the Servers class. We just need someone to conduct one class per month. (On hold)

* Create and conduct high school demonstration to interest students in admin/programming fields. We have started talks with Azstrut to assist each other in this area. (Stephen Melheim)

* Locate a Central location in the Phoenix area (easy access for east and west side members) to hold a physical meeting. Burton Barr has been suggested. Would anyone like to organize a meeting?

* Establish a Cafe Press Store to augment the available Ubuntu merchandise available at Canonical. It would offer merchandise with our own team branding on it.

* Need a volunteer to research the requirements to reserve and obtain an AZLOCO U-Tube channel. (Victor Montoya)

* A NW Phoenix middle school Science teacher has asked and received permission to convert all of the computers in his computer lab to Ubuntu. We need volunteers to assist him in the conversion.

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