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* Establish a Cafe Press Store to augment the available Ubuntu merchandise available at Canonical. It would offer merchandise with our own team branding on it. (programmer317 - COMPLETED)

These are open projects that need your help. If you have the time select one and notify any Team Admin and your name will be added to the project.

* Provide assistance in the development of the Installfest web-app. (Nicholas Pscion)

* Locate a Data Center to host our servers. (Todd Cole)

* We have had requests to restart the Servers class. We just need someone to conduct one class per month. (On hold)

* Create and conduct high school demonstration to interest students in admin/programming fields. We have started talks with Azstrut to assist each other in this area. (Stephen Melheim)

* Locate a Central location in the Phoenix area (easy access for east and west side members) to hold a physical meeting. Burton Barr has been suggested. Would anyone like to organize a meeting?

* Need a volunteer to research the requirements to reserve and obtain an AZLOCO U-Tube channel. (Victor Montoya)

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