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* 19 May – AZLOCO Team meeting chaired by Rex Bouwense
 * 5 attendees
 * Disseminated Linux news links and information on Linux job opportunities and future AZLOCO and state LUG events.

* 02 May - Tempe Ubuntu Hour hosted by Paul Kairis

  • 7 attendees
  • Troubleshoot a laptop that was unable to boot only to discover that it had a bad SSD card.
  • Demonstation of jackit intercepting wifi, keyboard/mouse.
  • Discussed a possible future project: how to build a pxe server
  • Discussed the Big Blue Button setup
  • Discussed and non-profit donations

* 04 May - AZLOCO/CLUG Installationfest

  • 14 attendees
  • 2 installs (both Xubuntu)
  • Required preparations for a dual boot with Microsoft Windows 7 were discussed.
  • Distributed Ubuntu stickers, lanyards, and pins as well as information about Free and Open Source Software, AZLOCO, and the local Linux group.

* 05 May - AZLOCO Team Meeting

* 09 May - Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour hosted by Rex Bouwense

  • 9 attendees (1 new individual)
  • Discussed the lessons learned from the 04 May Installfest After Action Report.
  • Discussed the reasons why bad install media can result from a good download. Members were reminded to check the hash of the download and that DVDs should be burned at the lowest possible speed to ensure a good burn.
  • Discussed the possible reasons for Open Office to malfunction in a Microsoft Windows environment. The member was reminded that Windows does not automatically update applications that you install.
  • Announced the topics for the future free lectures at the University of Arizona South. Among them are the Dark Web, Bitcoin, Blockchain, and 5G.

* 19 May – AZLOCO Team meeting chaired by Rex Bouwense

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