02 January – Virtual AZLOCO/PLUG Installfest/Linux Workshop

  • 8 attendees
  • Cannon printer issue and general Linux Discussion

03 January – AZLOCO Team Meeting chaired by Todd Cole

07 January - Virtual Tempe Ubuntu Hour hosted by Paul Kairis

  • 2 attendees
  • Talked about Xubuntu, Lubuntu, virt-manager setup
  • Discussed guidelines to customize installs

14 January - Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour hosted by Rex Bouwense

  • 10 attendees (3 new people)
  • The new date for the Ubuntu 20.04.2 release is 11 February.
  • Linux Mint 20.1 was released 08 January. The ISOs have been downloaded and our install media has been updated.
  • A member asked why “apropos” would not work on the terminal of his laptop while it worked on both of his desktops. After further investigation, it was discovered that it did work. Lesson learned: Make sure you spell your command correctly when using the terminal.
  • A member asked if there was a different kind of a mouse he could use with limited feeling in his hand. A mouse with a track ball was suggested. Unfortunately, we currently have none in our Put and Take box but they are relatively inexpensive.
  • Mike gave us an update on his LLC project for kids. He will soon be ready for the us to install a Linux OS on his 10 computers. In addition we have 2 more computers that already have a Linux OS installed on them to donate to his project.
  • Discussed how to get on the mailing list and assisted 3 people in doing that.

14 January - Phoenix Ubuntu Hour hosted by Todd Cole

  • 2 attendees
  • Discussed rescheduling events, COC, and Ventoy as a multiboot program

16 January - Virtual AZLOCO/PLUG Installfest/Linux Workshop

  • 9 attendees
  • Worked on Samba server and file storage and sync options
  • Discussed Centos vs Fedora testing
  • Discussed IPfire partition space enlarge in kvm
  • Discussed Nextcloud upgrade paths

17 January - AZLOCO Team Meeting chaired by Todd Cole

28 January - Virtual Tempe Ubuntu Hour canceled because of Big Blue Button hardware failure.

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