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One section of Ubuntu that is used almost on a regular basis is the Internet. Everything that connects to the Internet, from web browsers to email clients, can be found here.




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Torrent Client

[; BitTorrent]

Bit-Torrent is a tool for distributing files. It's extremely easy to use - downloads are started by clicking on hyperlinks. Whenever more than one person is downloading at once they send pieces of the file(s) to each other, thus relieving the central server's bandwidth burden.


VoIP Client

[; Ekiga]

H.323 and SIP compatible videoconferencing and VOIP/IP-Telephony application that allows you to make audio and video calls to remote users with H.323 hardware or software (such as Microsoft Netmeeting) as well as SIP endpoints. VoIP stands for "Voice over Internet Protocol"


Web Browser

[; Firefox]

Firefox is a redesign of the Mozilla browser component. A fast and highly configurable web browser that is easy to add themes and plugins to. Written using the XUL user interface language and designed to be lightweight and cross-platform.


Internet Messenger

[; Pidgin]

Pidgin is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client that allows you to use all of your IM accounts at once. AIM/ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, IRC, Jabber, Napster, Zephyr, Gadu-Gadu, Bonjour, Groupwise, Sametime, and SIMPLE are some of the protocols available.


  • Ubuntu [:ArizonaTeam/Teams/Education/Internet/Chat: Chat Clients]

    Ubuntu [:ArizonaTeam/Teams/Education/Internet/Email: Email Clients]

    Ubuntu [:ArizonaTeam/Teams/Education/Internet/WebBrowswers: Web Browsers]

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