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== Ubuntu Karmic Koala Support Pages == == Ubuntu Natty Narwhal Support Pages ==
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 * [[|Karmic Koala Guide]]  * [[]]
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== Arizona Team Support for Karmic Koala == == Arizona Team Support for Natty Narwhal ==
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== Ubuntu Karmic Koala Installation Guides == == Ubuntu Natty Narwhal Installation Guides ==
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 * [[|Installing Karmic Koala]]
 * [[|Upgrading to Karmic Koala]]
 * [[]]
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 * [[br24]]
 * [[jsonder]]
 * [[CraigAEddy]]
   * [[]]


The Education team exists help ease the transition of new members to Ubuntu. It should also consider how to assist existing members to find information. Providing guides on the current Ubuntu version, guides on installation of the Ubuntu operating system or Ubuntu derivitives, information on optional applications, and some basic terminal usage.

Ubuntu Natty Narwhal Support Pages

Arizona Team Support for Natty Narwhal

  • Please join our team channel in IRC: #ubuntu-us-az

Ubuntu Natty Narwhal Installation Guides

Installing software

This guide will show you how to install any kind of open source software, even those packages not in the repositories. It will also show you how to enable the extra repositories to have access to all the Ubuntu repositories. There are also a few other things covered in this guide such as changing file permissions, adding shortcuts to your desktop, and navigating the terminal.


This section will give details on application/software packages available with the basic Ubuntu Gutsy install. The type of application that it is is listed under "Category". The location in the menu is listed under "Found In".

Using the Terminal

  • Here is a PDF file of commonly used, terminal commands, that is put out by These commands are useful under a number of circumstances, such as File and Process management, SSH, Searching, and etc. The file is under the Creative Commons license, meaning that it can be shared and modified, under certain conditions. Please read the license to understand how it applies. This list may be amplified here at a later date.

  • The above is a starting point for new users. To learn more about using the command line terminal, refer to the man pages. You can access the man pages via the terminal by typing "man <command>". For example, if you wanted to know about command options related to ls, or list, you would type in man ls and it would show you all the command options for ls. You can also go here Linux Man Pages to find all of the man commands.

General Linux Instructions

Project Ideas

Do you have any ideas on what you would like to see? Reply to the Education team thread, and I will post them here.



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