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 {*} [:ArizonaTeam/Teams/Education/WebBrowsers: Web Browsers]


Ubuntu-Arizona LoCo Team - The Hottest LoCo on Earth


The Education team is here to help new users on using Ubuntu by providing education on how to install and configure Ubuntu, as well as teach commonly used applications.

Whenever help is needed, you can always click on any of these links in finding an answer:


This section will discuss how to install and configure Ubuntu.

Open-Source Software

This section will give details on application/software packages available on Ubuntu.

  • Ubuntu [:ArizonaTeam/Teams/Education/VM: Virtual Machines]

    Ubuntu [:ArizonaTeam/Teams/Education/WebBrowsers: Web Browsers]

Project Ideas

Do you have any ideas on what you would like to see? Reply to the [ Education team] thread, and I will post them here.



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