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 * Polygon  * ["Polygon"]


We're the subteam of ArizonaTeam concerned with spreading Ubuntu and converting people to it.



Various other contact info

We should be in all the same places as ArizonaTeam. Contact us there or by above links.

How to Contribute

  • Contact us for information on projects you may be interested in, or with a new project of your own. Don't let us stop you, though -- we'd like to know what you're doing and maybe move in generally the same direction, but self-motivation is a great thing too!


  • Figuring out what we're doing. Some ideas:
  • Craft shows
  • Distribution to libraries
  • Free CDs and test machines in local computer stores
  • Schools and Edubuntu
  • Presence at local events
  • Probably some help for the Wiki team, since that's a central publicity area.