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 * Your idea!
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 * ["IanMcewen"]  * ["IanMcewen"] (Team Leader)


We're the subteam of ArizonaTeam concerned with spreading Ubuntu and converting people to it.

How to Contribute

  • Contact us for information on projects you may be interested in, or with a new project of your own. Don't let us stop you, though -- we'd like to know what you're doing and maybe move in general the same direction, but self-motivation is a great thing too!


  • Figuring out what we're doing. Some ideas:
  • Craft shows
  • Distribution to libraries
  • Free CDs and test machines in local computer stores
  • Schools and Edubuntu
  • Presence at local events
  • Probably some help for the Wiki team, since that's a central publicity area.
  • Your idea!



  • ["IanMcewen"] (Team Leader)

  • ["Polygon"]
  • azteech

Various other contact info

We should be in all the same places as ArizonaTeam. Contact us there or by above links.

Parent pages: ["ArizonaTeam"]