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Ubuntu-Arizona LoCo Team - The Hottest LoCo on Earth


We are the Membership Team of the Ubuntu-Arizona Loco Team; we are concerned with:

  • Promoting and distributing Ubuntu (Membership in the Ubuntu Community)
  • Converting those above, as well as people already part of the Ubuntu community in Arizona, into LoCo team members (Membership in the LoCo)

How to join our Team

Ubuntu [ Team Membership Registration Launchpad] Ubuntu [ Arizona Team Mailing List]

  • Join us in our Team channel:IRC channel #ubuntu-us-az (the server is freenode)

How to Contribute

  • Contact us for information on projects you may be interested in, or with a new project idea of your own. We'd like to know who you are, what you are doing, and what you are interested in. Ubuntu and Open Source are all about choice!


  • Cafepress shop
  • Craft shows
  • Distribution to libraries
  • Free CDs and test machines in local computer stores, libraries, and coffee houses
  • Schools and Edubuntu
  • Presence at local events
  • Probably some help for the Wiki team, since that's a central publicity area.
  • Your idea!



  • ["IanMcewen"] (Team Leader)

  • ["Polygon"]
  • ["Azteech"]
  • ["Slogger"]

Various other contact info

We should be in all the same places as ArizonaTeam. Contact us there or by above links.

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