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We are the Membership Team of the Ubuntu-Arizona Loco Team; we are concerned with:

  • Promoting our LoCo Team and increasing its membership

  • Promoting and distributing Ubuntu

How to join the AZ LoCo

How to Contribute

Roadmap(Future Projects)

  • Contact libraries in the state to promote adding Ubuntu CDs to their catalogue.
  • Free CDs and test machines in local computer stores, libraries, and coffee houses
  • Establish contact with the State Board of Education to promote the use of Ubuntu in schools
    • Highlight the fact that in addition to the cost savings of the distribution and software, they could also benefit from the cost savings of not having to purchase new hardware to run the OS.
  • Help with the planning for team events to insure that the proper information is present on flyers, CDs, etc. showing contact and support information.


  • ["IanMcewen"] (Team Leader)

  • Join us in our Team channel:IRC channel #ubuntu-us-az

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