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This is the Ubuntu-Arizona Loco Server Team. The purpose of this team is for people who are interested in Linux server technologies, from set up to managing, to be able to learn and participate in a project that will not only help each member learn more about Linux/Servers but it will also help the Ubuntu-Arizona team to develop.

This team is a co-op project that's being shared with the Phoenix, AZ DeLUG (DeVry Linux Users Group). Shane Lofgren has donated the use of a server for our team to set up and test. DeLUG is hosting the connection.

New Server Donated to Team(02/04/09)

Shane Lofgren has just donated a new/used server to the team. It is a Dell PowerEdge 4600 with dual core 2.2 GHz xenon processors, 3 36GB hard drives on a raid array that features change on the fly capability, 2GB ram, CD drive, and 4 power supplies. The server is in perfect working order, and has Hardy Heron LTS installed.


Our mission is to install, and maintain an Ubuntu Server in order to educate and support the Ubuntu Arizona LoCo Team.


  • Establish a team web page
  • Install software needed to set up a team blog and assist members with personal wordpress blogs to host on the server.
  • Considered setting up a mail server
  • Use server in anyway possible to further assist the Arizona team in the advocacy of Ubuntu.

Collaboration Focuses

  • Consider offering assistance to any state lug that needs hosting space for their user group.

Contact and Member Information

  • IRC: #ubuntu-arizona (usually a server team member is there).

Ubuntu-Arizona Server Team Members


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