I, Aron Xu, apply for Ubuntu Core Developers (core-dev).

Who I am

I am a Linux user since 2004 and started to contribute to Ubuntu since Feisty. I love the free software spirit and want to share it with more and more people all over the world.

My Ubuntu story

I was a translator from the very beginning of my contribution to Ubuntu (also upstream like GNOME/KDE/TP/Debian), I am leading Ubuntu Simplified Chinese Translators team as well as Launchpad Simplified Chinese Translators, and am a Ubuntu Translators Coordinators team member (not that active, though).

I've been a Debian Developer since May 2011, I maintain some packages, and do some sponsor work. Here are the bugs I have worked on. I've gained PPU for input methods related packages for Ubuntu earlier this year.

My involvement

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

In this application I apply for Ubuntu Core Developers as my work focus has moved to Ubuntu itself (especiall Desktop) rather than only a subset of it. I have PPU for input method related packages because a big proportion of my previous work are directly related to them. I have also been working on a quite wide range of packages as co-maintainer or sponsor.

Input methods is an important field I'm involved, and I tried to maintain compatibility of those packages between Debian and Ubuntu so that they can be directly synced without massive changes. I work in IME Packaging Team and I'm currently one of the most active member. I co-maintain Fcitx input method family, and work on important changes like input support in Multi-arch environment and reliable start-up of modern input method frameworks. All of them lead to my increasing involvement of IBus family and im-config.

As for other package, I maintain libxml2 and libxslt, sponsor quite some packages related but not limited to games and GIS, which make me feel confident to say that I'm an experienced developer to the tools and packages.

Things I could do better

Since my ongoing task is to work more on desktop stuff, I would need to get familiar with related people and policies/techniques.


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Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

General feedback

I sponsored a number of Aron's uploads and could see how he put a lot of his energy into fixing Ubuntu and Debian at the same time. He's a skilled developer and doesn't mind looking at hard problems. I support his application 100% and am glad he's involved in Debian and Ubuntu.

Specific Experiences of working together

ZhengpengHou (zhengpeng-hou)

General feedback

He came to me asking for sponsor upload his package in 2009 when he was a high school students, almost 4 years passed, he is still active around, being involved deeply into open source community, also I witnessed his contributions to the local developer community. I firmly support his application, not only for his existing contribution, but also for his persistent passion to Ubuntu/Debian.

Specific Experiences of working together

Vincent Cheng (vincent-c)

General feedback

I have no formal developer/maintainer status in Ubuntu, but as an upstream Debian Maintainer, I have worked collaboratively on numerous packages with Aron. He's dedicated to all the work he's done for Debian and Ubuntu, is clearly knowledgable, and is easy to collaborate with. I would gladly recommend him as an Ubuntu developer.

Specific Experiences of working together

Joey Zheng (jzheng)

General feedback

Aron is not only a good contributor for Ubuntu, but also a very good contributor for local open source community. He has done a very nice job to help Ubuntu on Chinese localization area. In addition, it is very lucky for us to have him joined Canonical Desktop team recently. So I believe that with giving him the core-dev we will keep being benefit from his contribution.

Specific Experiences of working together

YunQiang Su (wzssyqa)

General feedback

Aron is a great coordinator for Chines locale packages between Debian and Ubuntu, such as input method. He is working very good for both Debian and Ubuntu. He make sure these packages can work with Ubuntu and sync them. Yes, he is a great bridge between Ubuntu and Debian. If he plays as a core developer, it will be much better for perfecting the quality of these packages in Ubuntu.

He has done a excellent contribution on the project to port Debian for MIPS64EL, so this project can make good progress. In this project, he shows his good coordinate ability beside technical ability.

Specific Experiences of working together

Liang Guo (

General feedback

Aron Xu have sponsor my package *sunpinyin and spice-protocol, and We have work together on push zfs on linux to Debian( and maybe ubuntu). Aron shows excellent knowledge on input method, file system and other area, it is always a pleasant thing to work with him.

Specific Experiences of working together

Osamu Aoki (

General feedback

He has been very technically capable and trusty developer to work with on the IM related packaging on Debian. His feed back to im-config really helped to debug complicated issues for wheezy. He joining Ubuntu side should strengthen Ubuntu-Debian collaboration.

Hios focus is more of fcitx while I take care ibus side.

He has lead establishment of IM packaging team.

Specific Experiences of working together

Sebastian Ramacher (

General feedback

I worked with Aron for the first time while adopting gecko-mediaplayer. He kindly sponsored me while I wasn't a DD myself. We've worked on getting gnome-mplayer and related packages back in shape.

He also invited me to join the Debian Multimedia Packaging Team and helped me to get started there.

Specific Experiences of working together

We worked together on the following packages:

Dmitry Smirnov (

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Aron Xu is competent Debian Developer who always pays attention
to details. He is a pleasure to work with and with his skills,
knowledge and work attitude he would be a great asset for any
team that he chose to work with. I know Aron from our work for
Debian where due to his willingness to share his expertise and
concerns I had an honour and opportunity to learn so much about
packaging from him. Aron Xu has professional attitude, great
working and social skills.
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