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We’re preparing Ubuntu Budgie 17.10, Artful Aardvark, for distribution in October 2017. With this first and final alpha you will see the beginnings of what the next version will contain. We have some interesting things happening, so read on for highlights and information.

NOTE: This is the Alpha 2 pre-release. Ubuntu Budgie Pre-releases are NOT recommended for:

Ubuntu Budgie Alpha 2 pre-releases ARE recommended for:

Getting Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 Alpha 2

The full listing of available images is here. You must check both the download and then the check install media on 1st boot before attempting an install. Instructions for burning the image to a CD / DVD or copying to a USB flash drive can be found on the Burning ISO Howto.

Upgrading from Previous Versions

We need feedback as to upgrading from Ubuntu Budgie 17.04.

Alpha 2 Highlights

Known Problems

Ubuntu Budgie Applications

This is our list of known bugs affecting applications that Ubuntu Budgie uses but relies on others to maintain.

Ubuntu Budgie-specific Bugs

These are maintained by the Ubuntu Budgie team.

Ubuntu Budgie Desktop Installer

All Desktop images require a DVD or USB.


Development of Ubuntu Budgie 17.10, the Artful Aaardvark, is ongoing and bugs are fixed every day. Before reporting bugs, please ensure your system is up-to-date. For verifying installation related bugs, updated disk images are available from Daily created images for standard PCs, laptops and netbooks.

Please feel free to join our testers and give us your feedback.

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