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 * pulseaudio crash on startup resulting in no devices showing (Bug:1716092)
Possible workaround: editing /etc/pulse/default.pa and commenting the last 3 lines:
== pulseaudio - devices not showing/pulseaudio crash ==

 * (Bug:1720519) KDE/Kubuntu: pulseaudio module "module-switch-on-connect" should be loaded once at most. Refusing to load
 * (Bug:1716092) Enabling Auto switching streams on new active output causes pulseaudio to crash
__Possible workaround__

editing /etc/pulse/default.pa and commenting the last 3 lines:
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 #.ifexists module-switch-on-connect.so <<BR>>
 #load-module module-switch-on-connect <<BR>>
 #.ifexists module-switch-on-connect.so
 #load-module module-switch-on-connect
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[[https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&assignee_option=any&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.bug_commenter=&field.subscriber=&field.structural_subscriber=&field.milestone%3Alist=81696&field.milestone%3Alist=81697&field.milestone%3Alist=81698&field.milestone%3Alist=81699&field.milestone%3Alist=81700&field.milestone%3Alist=82022&field.component-empty-marker=1&field.tag=kubuntu&field.tags_combinator=ANY&field.status_upstream-empty-marker=1&field.has_cve.used=&field.omit_dupes.used=&field.omit_dupes=on&field.affects_me.used=&field.has_no_package.used=&field.has_patch.used=&field.has_branches.used=&field.has_branches=on&field.has_no_branches.used=&field.has_no_branches=on&field.has_blueprints.used=&field.has_blueprints=on&field.has_no_blueprints.used=&field.has_no_blueprints=on&search=Search|Bugs tagged Kubuntu 17.10]] == Other bugs tagged Kubuntu 17.10 ==

[[https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&assignee_option=any&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.bug_commenter=&field.subscriber=&field.structural_subscriber=&field.milestone%3Alist=81696&field.milestone%3Alist=81697&field.milestone%3Alist=81698&field.milestone%3Alist=81699&field.milestone%3Alist=81700&field.milestone%3Alist=82022&field.component-empty-marker=1&field.tag=kubuntu&field.tags_combinator=ANY&field.status_upstream-empty-marker=1&field.has_cve.used=&field.omit_dupes.used=&field.omit_dupes=on&field.affects_me.used=&field.has_no_package.used=&field.has_patch.used=&field.has_branches.used=&field.has_branches=on&field.has_no_branches.used=&field.has_no_branches=on&field.has_blueprints.used=&field.has_blueprints=on&field.has_no_blueprints.used=&field.has_no_blueprints=on&search=Search|Bugsearch results link]]


These release notes for Kubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) provide an overview of the release and document the known issues with Kubuntu 17.10.

Support lifespan

Kubuntu 17.10 will be supported for 9 months.

Getting Kubuntu 17.10

Upgrading from 16.10

Download a Disk Image

To upgrade to Kubuntu 17.10 from 17.04:

- Open Discover or optionally Muon Package Manager
- Ensure that your current system is up to date by installing available updates

If for some reason Discover does not then offer you the upgrade to 17.10, but you know it is available, you can do one of the following:

- Launch the graphical release upgrade by opening Krunner, or Konsole (or other terminal), and run:

kdesudo do-release-upgrade -m desktop -f DistUpgradeViewKDE

- Search for and run update-manager from the K menu or Krunner if you have this installed.

- Or if you want to upgrade purely via the console, run do-release-upgrade at your prompt.

- Download a Bootable image. Direct downloads, torrents, and zysnc are available as options.
- The following link contains some tips to put the image onto a DVD or USB Drive

Designed to be a Breeze, Plasma 5.10 is simple by default, powerful when needed


Plasma 5, the new generation of KDE's desktop has been developed to make it smoother to use while retaining the familiar setup. The latest bugfix release 5.10.5 of the Plasma 5.10 series is the default in this version of Kubuntu.

KDE Applications 17.04.3


Kubuntu comes with KDE Applications 17.04.3 containing all your favorite apps from KDE. This is the 17.04.3 update with bugfixes and translation updates. Most applications have been ported to KDE Frameworks 5 but those which aren't should fit in seamlessly.

Non-KDE applications include LibreOffice 5.4.1 and Firefox 56.0.

Other highlights/notes

  • VLC now replaces Dragonplayer as our default media player.
  • Muon package manager is now shipped by default once again, as an alternative to Plasma Discover.
  • KTorrent has been updated to version 5.1, built against the new Qt 5.9.1 release.
  • Cantata Qt5 music player replaces the unmaintained KDE4 based Amarok as our default for this release. Please test this change. This is a Music Player Daemon frontend, so configuration & usage may be unfamiliar. Most users will want to select the 'basic single user setup' in the first run wizard.

  • Telepathy instant messaging client has been dropped from our defaults as it is no longer maintained upstream, and it has numerous issues. This is still available in the archive to install.
  • Many other updated applications, such as new versions of Krita, Digikam, Kdevelop.....

Known Problems

pulseaudio - devices not showing/pulseaudio crash

  • (1720519) KDE/Kubuntu: pulseaudio module "module-switch-on-connect" should be loaded once at most. Refusing to load

  • (1716092) Enabling Auto switching streams on new active output causes pulseaudio to crash

Possible workaround

editing /etc/pulse/default.pa and commenting the last 3 lines:

 #.ifexists module-switch-on-connect.so
 #load-module module-switch-on-connect

seems to solve the issue in some cases.

Other bugs tagged Kubuntu 17.10

Older bugs:

  • (1442512) Apport-kde crash when reporting bugs

  • (1449265) accounts kcm can not change user's password because kdepasswd is missing

  • (1451728) kde-config-telepathy-accounts package install error

  • (1514491) kubuntu desktop inconsistency and integration issues: scrollbars. gtk3 button placement also not integrated

  • (1561745) OEM config fails to remove itself

  • (1638473) Blank screen after running oem-config


Development of Kubuntu 17.10, Artful Aardvark, is ongoing and bugs are fixed every day. Before reporting bugs, please ensure your system is up to date. For verifying installation related bugs, updated disk images are available from Daily bootable images for standard PCs and laptops.

You can give us feedback on Google + or Facebook or Twitter.

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