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About Me

I'm 33 years old man from Denmark. I have been using Linux since 2000, exclusive only Linux since 2004. The first Linux distro I used back in 2000 was Corel Linux. From 2002 I moved to Mandrake (Mandriva). When the beta version of Ubuntu 4.10 became public in 2004 I was hooked ever since.

I have been a member of since day one and became a moderator in 2005 and have been active on the boards ever since. Several guides/howto I have been written, though they are obsolete today.

How to install AVG (2006) - 500.000 views

Howto setup desktop eyecandy (2005) - 250.00 views

All my guides on the forums

Most of the guides I have written are not related to, but part of project (which is dead now). Where more than +200 game installation guides I wrote, plus an enormous list of game list of Linux/Ubuntu.

Then I have written a bunch of How to install Window Games on Ubuntu: Ubuntu Evolution

My passion is gaming on Linux, so I read all the threads (and moderating) in our Gaming forum and Wine Forum everyday. I have been fighting for a new structure of our game forum to split into native games forum and non-Linux/emulation games.

But a lot time goes with spambot hunting, which I have a keen nose to detect - even those who are actually good at mimicking as a person(s). What I want is a stronger spambot defense, as spam is a nuisance for our members and the spambots uses every loophole they can find.

Then we have the public service of, moving threads, solve a dispute, answer questions regarding the forums/rules, which is a part of the everyday job.

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