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For developers

Add a new entry in the "Request list" below, and link to the bug in Launchpad. If you want to provide a more in depth design spec, create a new wiki page where you specify the type of graphic you need and any details (design suggestions, url to project website etc), and contact info (email and irc are good) so an artist/designer can get in contact with you if there's any information they need to create the graphics.

For artists

Pick a request you want to work on, add your name to it and change the status from Open to Work in progress. When the task is done you can mark it as done.

More opportunities

Additional artwork requests can be found by searching the "needs-artwork" tag in Launchpad:

Requests for artwork on upstream projects can be found on the GNOMW wiki:




Launchpad Bug #

more mime-type icons in default theme


LP: #80229

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