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=== Thumbnailer === == Thumbnailer ==

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Two scripts to help you to manage the images on your wiki pages.

They both require imagemagick, the ui requires zenity. sudo apt-get install imagemagick zenity

How to use the scripts

Download the attached script, anywhere you like. If you want to you can place it into your $PATH. Otherwise, just keep it in a handy location. Once you've saved it: right click on the file, and select properties. Navigate to the file permissions tab, and allow executing the file as a program.

Example thumbnail of montage.


Full Size Montage

Montage Maker

Download Montage Maker

To use this script, point it at a directory with the images you wish to collate into one image. After this, choose a filename and location to save your montage.

  • If you have problems with your svg thumbnailing in the montage, prerender a raster (pixel-based) version to place in the directory instead.
  • The script will try to thumbnail everything in the directory, so prepare it properly first.

  • The CLI mode requires first a directory and then the output filename.
  • If you've saved it to the default location with Firefox, you could also run chmod +x ~/Desktop/montagemaker to make it executable


Download Thumbnailer

This script will thumbnail all the files you select, appending _thumb to them. There is a configuration section where you can change height, width, appended name, etc, as well as instructions for commenting and uncommenting some features.

  • Be aware that the script by default will render a raster version of the svg with the same name.
  • This will overwrite any prerendered version of the same name.

  • It supports raster and svg images, svg support requires Inkscape

  • To select multiple files, hold the control button while you select them.
  • By default it automatically appends _thumb to the filename.
  • If you've saved it to the default location with Firefox, you could also run chmod +x ~/Desktop/thumbnail to make it executable


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