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Humanity icon theme is the default icon theme for Ubuntu , since Ubuntu 9.10 .


The last stable release is Humanity_0.5.3.2 [used in maveric]

Upstream PPA >

The PPA is a working directory. It is meant to give a snapshot of Humanity icons in development and should not be judged as a final product.

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Humanity is constantly evolving. If you want to contribute there are several ways you can contribute to Humanity , We welcome useful contributions from anyone, irrespective of your level of expertise or the area of expertise.


Found icons we dont have in Humanity ? Or do you think there is a better way the current icon can be improved? Check out the guidelines page and submit icons > Icon guidelines


During UDS-Lucid , the idea for symbolic icons was proposed and the code work in librsvg still remains to be done. For more details , check out > and . We need someone to make this a reality.


All technical discussion regarding this project is coordinated here:

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